The Comment Awards Are Pondering The Meaning of Juicy Fruit

Hi-hi! Hello! It’s Friday, and it’s December, and it’s the day after a very hard election in the UK, and I think I might not be wrong in saying that many of us are going THROUGH IT right now! Here is what I know: you are a miracle. I am a miracle. Together we are miracles. We will get through today, and tomorrow, and we will do it together, and that! Is! That!

This week, Sally was back with even more Lesbian and Bisexual Women of History Who Were Obsessed with Their Dogs, which just might be the thing to rescue our moods today!

Reneice baked absolutely perfect chocolate chip cookies, which can’t hurt either.

Riese recapped the season premiere of The L Word: Generation Q, which I…loved! I loved it. And then she and Carly got to do a LIVE PODCAST WITH THE CAST, is this real life?

Ari was here with some some queer Hanukkah prep, including instructions for RAINBOW LATKES.

Jehan had a captivating conversation with writer Staceyann Chin.

The team brought us some VERY helpful holigay gift guides – for long distance relationships, seasonal sex toys, wilderness survival, queer hikers, baby gays, and more!

Ever helpful, they also brought us a roundtable for when it might be time to break up.

Heather, Meg, and a bunch of NYC Straddlers showed up to #OptOutside with REI!

And then there were your comments.

On Bette Porter 2020? The Final Vote!

The Easy As 1, 2, 3 Award to Carmen SanDiego:

Alpha Bette let’s go

On L Word Generation Q Episode 101 Recap: Let’s Do It Again:

The What’s In A Name Award to Felicity:

I started this autostraddle account to talk about my feelings after breaking up with my ex who had distinctly Alice hair. I am now dating a Bette. So for them to name the woman Bette slept with after my autostraddle name was weird af but I am very thrilled!!

The Way That We Live Award to Analyssa:

As a gay who did not come out until long after the original L Word stopped airing can I just say how exciting it is to get to live through recaps from Riese in real time!!!! Look around look around at how luck we are to be alive right now

The Sounder My Heart Award to Stef:

i’m sure alice alluding to some personal skeletons bette has on national television won’t in any way result in anything terrible happening!!!! also it was very sad when a bottle of pills pushed jenny into the pool :( i for one would like to know what became of sounder 2.

And the Make New Friends, and Keep The Old Award to Carmen SanDiego:

I just want to take a moment to say I’m so happy we get to do this again. There’s no one else I’d rather do this with

On CW Crossover “Crisis on Infinite Earths” Part One: The Crisis Begins:

The All In The Family Award to Lisa:

I loved that cutaway to Alex when Batwoman took off her cowl. The look on Alex’s face was like that lesbian nod we used to do in the South when we wanted to acknowledge one another without outing anyone. It was a look that said, “I see you lesbian-type superqueero over there. You are among your people.

On Holigays: Sexy, Sweet Gifts for Long Distance Relationships:

The Lost and Found Award to Lex:

Those ID chains look like recycled hardware parts making them found object jewelry and therefore even cuter to give to your sweetie or fuck buddy. Cause y’all found each other in this wide wild world.

And on 10 Non-Confrontational Gifts For Your Girlfriend’s Other Partner:

The Juicy Fruit Award to Chandra and Snow:

Wait is there some kind of non-monog fruit flagging system that I should be aware of?

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    • I’ve been doing that the last 3 progressively worse Tory scum ”leaders”. Oh and Brexit, and the following xenophobic shitshow. And Trump. And Brazil…

  1. Okay dunno why but I am rather “moved” as they say by this award.

    Everybody else dealing with political hellscapes it’s perfectly okay to give into the urge to stockpile canned beans. You personally end up not needing them that’s ok because someone else will and you can donate it to them.

  2. Awww thank you!!

    The coincidences in my current relationship have been wild (one example of many – the (2011, never got major radio play) song I associate with my ex played in the bar on our second date), but this was probably my favorite one so far! Depending on how things work out for Bette and that Felicity 😬

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