The Comment Awards Are Open-Hearted


Hi kittens! While I hope the upvote button comes back soon, it’s been oddly freeing not knowing what people thought of my comments. Live your lives! Let your hair blow in the wind! Know that you always get a Like from me, even when it’s only in my heart.

From Mey: Drawn to Comics: Carly Usdin’s “Hi-Fi Fight Club” Is “Baby-Sitters Club” Meets “Empire Records,” But So Much Gayer. I had to include the whole headline because that is the pop culture of my childhood from start to finish and I don’t quite know what to do with myself right now.

Cameron Esposito has a new podcast!

Riese made this for us and I hope every single person in Hollywood reads it: 55 Trans Women Actresses You Should Know and Also Love.

THERE IS ONLY ONE EPISODE OF ORPHAN BLACK LEFT AND I HAVE FEELINGS. In related news, here’s Valerie Anne’s recap of the second to last episode, which was all about Helena!

Here’s a roundtable of TV characters who helped our QTPOC team members feel seen, and it’s perfect.

Speaking of perfect, did you know Strawberry Shortcake in Big Apple City is a queer romcom?

And then there were your comments!

On Baopu #36: Baggage Claim:

The Wide Open Spaces Award to Alexis:

I wasn’t prepared for my heart to explode after this and I am surprised and open and so so thankful.

On AM/PM: Early to Rise:

The Grandpa Carrie Award to Marnicus:

you have the routine of an old man and I love it

On Drawn to Comics: Carly Usdin’s “Hi-Fi Fight Club” Is “Baby-Sitters Club” Meets “Empire Records,” But So Much Gayer:

The Kristy’s Krushers Award to Saga:

A gay babysitter’s club? TAKE MY MONEY!

On “The L Word” Reboot May Ignore Season Six Altogether, Just Like I Already Do:

The R.I.P. Sounder Award to Al and Kris H:

AL: So, does that mean I still have a chance with Jenny? She seems like a nice Jewish girl to take home to mom. :=p Kris H: Keep an eye on your pets, BB.

On Notes From A Queer Engineer: Messed Up Middle-earth Mountains, Building Demolition And More:

The You Know Nothing, Bilbo Baggins Award to Faustine:

I honestly thought “Messed Up Middle-Earth

And the One Chaiken to Rule Them All Award to Carmen SanDiego:

I looked at the map of middle earth, noticed that the mountains form an IC and thought “so Ilene Chaiken runs Mordor? Hmmm

On No Filter: Cara Delevingne Would Love To Sketch You Sometime:

The Not Dunn Yet Award to Catherine_The_Ok:This article severely underestimates how much I want to know about Gaby Dunn’s new haircut.

On Pop Culture Fix: Look Out World, There’s Lesbian Stories on “Doc McStuffins” and “The Young and The Restless” Now:

The Mom’s Rotten Tomatoes Award to snowvsasphalt and SecretName:

Also, One Million Moms hates it.

On I’m a Submissive Brat and No, That’s Not a Contradiction:

The Yes Brats Award to Alaina, Chloe and Maddie:

Alaina: this is so good and fun yes to brats! Chloe: I sense a button crafting opportunity (“yes to brats

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  1. I’m rewatching The L Word right now (Does it count as a rewatch if I had never watched seasons 4-6 in the first place?) Anyway, I just got to the Sounder part and that cemented my dislike of Jenny. I wanted to be more sympathetic this time around (because I’m older and wiser, haha), but nope.

    • I can’t stand animals being mistreated in anyway or killed in movies/tv.
      Drives me insane.
      That’s the reason I still haven’t seen House of Cards, it starts with a dog being run over by a car. I never got past that first scene.

      • I never got past the first episode of The Walking Dead, where the stalker guy from Love Actually gets on a horse and the horse is scared and he LITERALLY PROMISES THE HORSE THAT NOTHING WILL HAPPEN TO IT IF IT RIDES INTO THE CITY and then it gets eaten by zombies.

      • This is probably because of the You Know Nothing, Bilbo Baggins Award, but I read ‘That’s the reason I still haven’t seen GAME OF TRHONES, it starts with a dog being run over by a car’, and I was like, huh, I must have missed that part.

        • *Thrones. What’s with my reading/spelling abilities today? I guess I’m still baba-shook over the fact that Schecter might be resurrected.

        • what happens in Game of Thrones happens because Bran didn’t listen to his mother and went climbing the tower anyway.

      • I came close to walking out of Fierce Creatures for that reason, with one of Rollo’s acts early in the proceedings.

        Of course, I ought to’ve known the Pythons wouldn’t go down that route..

  2. The comment awards are open hearted, with you, queer girl, as the heart surgeon
    (sometimes it gets bloody messy, but you patch us up and give us life, every time!).

  3. Also, is it time for a drink yet?
    I’ll have an entire lime squeezed in mine, but no ice because that is an American aberration.

    Or a cold almond-milk horchata (yes, NO ice!).

    • Yes! I’ve been dying to ask someone who still reads newspapers, is there a way you fold it so it’s more…manageable?

      • Right down the middle vertically if I’m on the train and need to take up less space. Otherwise I read it spread out on my kitchen table, so it’s not a problem, haha. Cheating, I know.

  4. It’s my birthday in a few days and I will have this as my “cake”
    You guys should make it too so we can all have one slice together.
    (fine, it’s not a cake, it’s a flan. So what? Technicality.)

  5. HI FRIENDS. I just got back from camping and I have so much catching up to do. But good news: I was able to reserve a copy of Fried Green Tomatoes on DVD from my local library (how quaint). So I totally think we should do this viewing party thing! What do you think? Pick a day and time, and then use some kind of platform (maybe make an AS group?) where we can watch and chat about it in real time? Who’s in??

    • Welcome back Chandra! How was camping? Did you breathe lots of fresh air?

      A Fried Green Tomatoes watch party sounds awesome. Maybe using Whatsapp?

      • Thank you! It was so good to be out in the woods. I’d like to say I breathed lots of fresh air, but it’s extremely smoky here right now due to wildfires, so mostly I breathed lots of smoke. :/

    • I’m in! I’ll either need to buy the dvd first, though, or rent it from Comcast.

      I have Whatsapp and Skype, though am not sure how you do group stuff on Skype (I haven’t used it in yeeeears).

    • I’m In for any day except Saturday 8-11pm on Saturday and during game of thrones Sunday.

    • Also that reminds me of the golden days of ASS Chat, when everyone had a camera but me so they joked I was an old straight man posing as a lesbian. (I’m not)
      But yeah, whatspp or something sounds good!

          • Wow, I don’t remember that either. I always wished there was a more active social media aspect of this site, but I think it would only take off if there were a notification function.

          • Honestly, ASS is pretty great. I wish people used it more. I used to be there all the time, created several groups and stuff then I stopped checking for updates and kinda forgot about it. So I guess I’m to blame too.

    • Ok, Sunday, Monday or Tuesday would work for me. I have WhatsApp but have only used it once for video chat with one person, so I’m not sure how a group chat would work? We would all have to send each other our cell numbers? Somebody pls explain to this #OlderStraddler

      • Monday or Tuesday work for me! We could message our ASSes with the phone number I guess
        Also we could do it on Facebook messager.

        • That’s true, if we use Facebook we wouldn’t have to give out phone numbers. I was surprised to learn that facebook owns whatsapp, so it’s practically the same messaging service.

      • I only use Whatsapp to text, so I’m assuming it would be group text rather than video chat. I could be wrong, though, I’ve only had it for 6 months and only text two people!

        If we opt for a weekday, it would have to be after 6:30 PST for me. Currently my parents are using my house to cook dinner since their kitchen is being remodeled. They usually go home between 6 and 6:30 :) This probably goes for Sunday, as well…

  6. I was not expecting an award. First off, I’d like to thank Jenny for taking the pets I never had. Also to Shane for being more than just Jenny’s friend, but her Gal Pal™.

      • Shenny sounds like what happens when soon to be parents couldn’t decide on Jenny or Shelly and one of the wine aunts suggested that name jokingly. It got serious real quick and now little Shenny is turning 5 and having a big birthday party at Color Me Mine.

      • When does Shane and Jenny happen? I’m nearly finished with season 4 and I’m not exactly looking forward to it.

  7. I just want to say that I went to Target and got popcorn for Monday Movie Night. That is all.


      I’ll start: Popcorn is kind of overrated. Unless it’s doused in butter, Braggs and nutritional yeast.

      • hehehe

        Ok Chandra! I’ve never understood: what’s the deal with nutritional yeast? Is it a taste thing or a nutrition thing? Or both? What does it taste like? Why do so many vegans eat it?

        • Both! It contains B vitamins which are hard to get on a vegan diet. I started eating it on salads and popcorn etc. when I tried to go vegan a few years back, but then actually developed a taste for it so I still use it sometimes.

          • Oh, and as for what it tastes like, I’d say kind of nutty and somewhat like the dried cheese flavour of cheese crackers. It’s often used as a flavouring for vegan cheese.

          • ohhh. neat! maybe i’ll buy some.

            I LOVE my stovetop popcorn popper and never use microwave popcorn anymore!

          • Some people don’t like it right away so maybe buy a small amount and give it a couple of tries before you decide. And if you like it it’s also really good with Braggs, brushed onto raw almonds and then baked in the oven. SO YUMMY

      • I’m a plain Jane. I like plain popcorn, plain potato chips, plain yogurt and frozen yogurt…

      • My wife is incensed that UK cinemas don’t do buttered popcorn, although the way she describes it sounds fairly gross.

        I am 100% dismissive of the pre-made popcorn in bags which largely seems to be a way to sell air.

        • American movie theatre buttered popcorn is not a dairy product the way tofu is not beef. But tofu probably has less additives, cholesterol and sodium.

          Most of it is unless you’re talking novelty kettle corn type stuff.

        • Pre-made popcorn in a bag is exactly what I bought. I am not fond of microwave popcorn and I don’t have an air popper

      • Salt, fine salt, legit popcorn salt is enough but paprika and turmeric are good too.

        From scientific-ish perspective I can understand why people are so obsessed with butter and other dairy products as we need fat on a cellular level to survive, but from the perspective of my inner child it’s so icky and will never make sense. Blehhhhhhhh.

        • I think I’m one of those rare people who does not like butter. I put it on toast and corn on the cob, but that’s it. I’d rather have an actual flavor on my popcorn that melted butter.

  8. My dog decided to walk underneath some benches in the park and now she has a face full of spiderwebs. Now I have to pull all of this stuff off her beard.
    Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

  9. My second comment award ever ^____^ I just might frame it. It would look good next to the rainbow this really loud kid drew me this morning.

          • We’re all just getting along too well, I’m telling you. We need a good controversy to fire people up and then the count will go way up.

          • Team Dog! Lifetime membership!
            My first word wasn’t mom or dad, it was the dog’s name. I was calling the dog.
            Dogs give you Loyalty, compassion, forgiveness, unconditional love and expect nothing in return. Well, maybe some belly rubs.
            Go K9!

          • Team cat! Nothing beats their curiosity and experiments with gravity. You don’t have to bathe them and you can leave them alone for a while without needing someone to look after them. My cat is extremely loyal and follows me everywhere. But she’s not overly needy. She likes to be near me, or have one paw on me, but she’s not stifling. She knows the names of her toys and plays fetch. Who needs a dog when you can have a catdog :)

            BTW, I love dogs, I just don’t want to own one.

          • From my profile photo you can probably guess which team I’m on.

            YES CATS


            (Actually my cat drools too though. You know what he did the other day? He drooled on his paw and then licked it up. Gross. I still love him though ?)

        • Last week was particularly impressive! Though once we reach 200ish comments it takes so long to load the page :(

  10. Any tech-savvy Straddlers know how to fix “resolving host” issue in google chrome? I’ve cleaned out my temp files, cookies, cache and used CCleaner (as recommended by the IT guy at my work) to wipe everything else, but it’s still not working. I’m getting frustrated now :(

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