No Filter: Cara Delevingne Would Love To Sketch You Sometime

Welcome back to No Filter, wherein we dissect the week in celesbian Instagram. For a week that involved #InternationalCatDay, this was a relatively slow news week! I can tell you that Amber Heard is single again and shout out to a lot of “news outlets” for saying her breakup with Elon Musk was due to “aspects of her behavior,” which seems to be a dog whistle for “can’t trust those greedy bisexuals, am I right?!!?!” I would really like for her to publicly date a woman next, so if you are reading this, Amber, please consider helping me out in my time of need. In other news, Cara Delevingne is getting into the arts:

Could go shorter tbh.

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Gaby Dunn got this haircut and really wants you to know about it.


Rhea nailed the national mood with a single text

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Everything’s fine at the Butcher/Esposito house, everybody’s doing great.

I just have a real soft spot for anthropomorphizing wigs, what do you want?

We're so small ?

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Amandla Stenberg experiencing some deep moments on a cliff, I guess.

psyching myself up to meet a literal baby

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I don’t think I will ever not post a Mallory Ortberg car lip sync video.


Here I am convincing people I'm fine

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Brittani Nichols is doing great, thanks for asking.

Happy #internationalcatday

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You don’t know how hard I struggled to keep this from being just pictures of everyone’s cats, but this post had to be included – look at all the emotions that this little dude experiences all at once!


Join us next week, if there even is a next week.

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