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Happy Friday, buttercups! I hope all of you have weekends that are as gentle and perfect as that Youtube video of a grandma teaching a tiny baby ASL.

This week, Barb (well, Shannon Purser) really truly came out!

Alyssa melted my heart, and yours.

Siobhan asked that age-old question: How come when two human shapes made of petrified ash are assumed to be female, they’re just gal pals, but when it turns out they may be male, they’re automatically lovers?

Vanessa’s hiking the PCT — and taking us along for the journey!

From Heather: All I Want From Pretty Little Liars’ Final Season Is For a Man to Be Held Accountable For Literally Anything.

In her continued campaign to be my favorite celebrity in literally every way, Samira Wiley’s repping Autostraddle on her honeymoon.

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow, Molly’s marching.

And then there were your comments!

On Doctor Who’s First Queer Companion Echoes My Own Gay Journey Through Space and Time:

The What? My Name Is Award to Rous Rose:

I hadn’t yet noticed who was the author of this article, and for a sec I thought you had written it yourself and your comment was a display of the purest of self-love.

On How to Become a Deadly Misandrist Fairy Vampire:

The Vampire Wasp Award to Chandra and Max:

As appealing as this career change sounds, just think how much time you’d have to spend laundering man-blood out of your robes… ugh.

On Pompeii, the “Two Maidens,” and Thousands of Years of Precarious Masculinity:

The Charred Wit Award to Annie Stinkle, Chandra and Em:

My guess is they’re just a casual Cindr hookup.

On No Filter: Samira Wiley Rocks Autostraddle’s Gal Pal T-shirt on Her Honeymoon:

The Gal Pal-in Around Award to thatottergirl:

I have taken literal and figurative gal pals to that bridge in Florence! This is as close as I’ll ever get to being like Samira and Lauren.

The Collect All Four Award to Danielle:

So when you do a nasa birthday party, do you get an astronaut, cosmonaut or an astronomer to come to the party to entertain the kids. Neil DeGrasse would be awesome.

On Wondering Who’s Up: More Internet Haikus:

The Listen, Linda Award to Sophie and Charlotte:


On Shannon Purser Is Bisexual: Stranger Things’ Star Is Her Own Justice for Barb:

The Spidey Sense Award to Em:

Ahh yes, continuing my lifelong tradition of being like “hmm I don’t know why, I’m just really into this character for some random reas–OHHHH

And on “The Good Fight” Episode 110 Recap: Say Goodnight, America:

The What’s Your Name? I Never Had One Award to Carmen SanDiego:

Dorothy Snarker you are my Totino

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  1. Also yeah can we please TALK about the fact that all anthropologists or archeologists or whatever seem to think that the ash or lava caught the peeps in Pompeii in medias res instead of, oh I don’t know, in “holy shit it’s the end of the world” poses?

  2. I walked over the Ponte Vecchio with my ex who I still had feelings for at the time.
    Never realized the Lesbian potential of that bridge.

      • Which would be every other bridge out there, I guess?

        P.S.: Do you know this Aria?
        Lauretta’s father is not happy with her choice in lover, so she threatens to throw herself into the Arno off the Ponte Vecchio.
        Mio Babbino Caro is also a pretty beautiful and famous piece of music, btw.

  3. Oh my goodness!

    Last time I was this proud of myself was when I went to see Hidden Figures in the cinema and managed to refrain from aggressively screaming at Sheldon Cooper and upsetting the other viewers (who were all elderly people) (it was a daytime showing).

    Thank you, Queer Girl!

    • I laughed out loud at the image of Heather congratulating herself on that article. Well-deserved!

  4. I wish the comments from las week’s comment award post had gotten comment awards.

  5. Hah, I didn’t realize there were two people going by Em! Glad my contribution to the Pompeii thread sparked some laughs (I cannot stop with the fire-related puns) and kudos to the other Em for that excellent Barb comment. Perhaps I’ll change my display name to avoid confusion.

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