No Filter: Samira Wiley Rocks Autostraddle’s Gal Pal T-shirt on Her Honeymoon

Welcome back to No Filter, your weekly foray into the fascinating world of celesbians and the things they feel compelled to share on social media. This week, we’re trying to figure out if Paris Jackson is one of us and someone with the username “ur mom” thinks we’re dumb for even asking. In the meantime, a bunch of other weirdos are posting videos of goldfish, so we may as well get right to it.

These fish are representing allll of my daily feelings

A post shared by Sarah Paulson (@mssarahcatharinepaulson) on

Sarah Paulson met these fish who are able to convey the entire spectrum of human emotion.

I love watching other people experience VR because they always look like such dorks, but at least when Jasika does it it’s adorable.

Love everybody, but never sell your sword. #paulocoelho Trainer: @lijing_wushu #aquaman

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Perhaps you would like to join Amber Heard on her journey into the wild world of swordplay.

My wife took this picture, I didn't put a filter on it, and we're on our honeymoon in Italy ??. Happy Birthday to me. #30

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Samira Wiley represented Autostraddle on her birthday/honeymoon and looked so good I didn’t even notice the sunset until just now.


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This is how Stella Maxwell celebrates Easter.

"We look like athletes!" @anastasiafolorunso photo cred: @juliehenderson32

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(The Final Countdown)

Adults at child's birthday. Los Angeles. 4.16.17.

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This party Carrie Brownstein is attending looks better than 99% of the adult parties I’ve ever been to.

oh hello, small scrappy pup. brown af tee via @htxpplproject #brownboi #puppylove

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Last week it was Gabby Rivera and a baby, this week it’s Gabby Rivera and a pup. My heart can’t take it.

This is mine.

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Girl, I can assure you this is not true.

Your new phone background is ready.

Uploading time. Booking it. Inspired. Thanks again @bookingcom! #DominicanRepublic #bookingyeah

A post shared by Janelle Monáe (@janellemonae) on

This looks photoshopped as hell but I’m pretty sure Janelle Monáe just radiates this luminescent glow.

What adorable creature will Gabby Rivera cuddle with next?!?! Join us next week to find out.

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  1. Re: Janelle Monae, did anyone else see this in the recent NYT piece on lesbian bars by Krista Burton of Effing Dykes?

    Queen Latifah and Janelle Monae are openly queer and, gasp!, they still have careers.

    Um? I was very confused, and I think this is righr space to seek help. Plz help.

  2. So when you do a nasa birthday party, do you get an astronaut, cosmonaut or an astronomer to come to the party to entertain the kids.

    Neil DeGrasse would be awesome.

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