The Comment Awards Are Eating Creamed Spinach in Waterloo


Hi, loves. What a week! Let’s eat some chocolate.

This week, Molly interviewed Emily Danforth about the upcoming Miseducation of Cameron Post movie, and growing up as a Montanan baby gay.

Looking for holigay gifts for your favorite queer types? We’ve got you covered, whether they’re sporty, super scary, into photography, into flannel, all about hot takes, kind of dirty, or raising a feminist baby. Whew!

From Alyssa: This is a perfect comic for anyone who’s tried to survive kindergarten.

I’m definitely making these dark chocolate candy cane brownies tonight, because I need something sweet and powerful in my life. Thanks, Reneice!

90’s kids will remember this — Sally wrote about Tonya Harding, camping in front of the tv watching figure skating as a child, and the narrative that asked us to condemn her as we celebrated Nancy Kerrigan.

READ THIS RIGHT NOW, because Heather is wise and we must be kinder to ourselves: You Need Help: What Should You Do With Your One Wild and Precious Life?

Rosa Diaz Bisexual!

And then there were your comments!

On Femme Brûlée: Dark Chocolate Candy Cane Brownies:

The Paul’s Not Invited Award to Porsupah and Jay:

If I were only a quiet billionaire, I’d ensure A-Camps had incredible in-field kitchens, such that attendees could show off their perhaps hitherto undiscovered talents to an enthusiastically receptive audience. ^_^ Is that really so much to ask? / Jay: Oh I wish! Great A Camp Bake Off!!! I feel like Heather would make a great stand in for Mary!!!!

On The Definitive List of Places Carol and Therese Ate in “The Price of Salt”:

The Does A Body Good Award to Caitlin:

…It did not occur to me when I read it to wonder at all the milk. Milk is not a sexy beverage to me! This list is making my freaking day, though.

On Self-Acceptance & Butt Cover-Ups: 8 Queer Women’s Tattoo Stories:

The Gay As An Arrow Award to Shea:

My first tattoo is an arrow on my rib cage If you ask me about it I’ll say “It’s a long story

On Emily Danforth Is Drawn Back to Montana and We’re Drawn Back to “The Miseducation of Cameron Post” (the Movie!):

The Representation Matters Award to Eli, and the Isn’t That a TV Show, Not a Movie? Award to Molly:

I’m really grateful for this interview- the miseducation of cameron post was my first real experience of queerness in literature. I used to go to the local library on fridays and they had absolutely no gay books at the time, so when i found that book i was over the moon. i had to hide it from my family and read it only when there was no one in the room. i was only barely out to myself at the time so how much the book means me really can’t be underestimated. can’t wait for the movie / Molly: That was me, but with the movie Lost and Delirious.

On Holigay Gift Guide: Advice for My Mother on What Flannel to Buy My Butch Fiancée:

The L.L. (Les)Bian Award to amidola:

Ten years ago, for Christmas, I visited my mom and grandma. After unwrapping yet another tank top, another flannel shirt, I laughed and asked whether they had shopped directly from The Lesbian Catalogue, to which my mom, aghast, replied, “But honey, we only bought what you like!

And the Flannel of Lesbians Award to Carmen SanDiego:

Which is why the collective noun for lesbians is a flannel of lesbians

On No Filter: Cara Delevingne Meets Lesbian Lion, Sparks Fly:

The Looks Like Everything To Me Award to Even Rachel Would:

Only Evan Rachel Wood can wear a bald cap, a trash bag, and 15 layers of latex, and still make me want to quit school and follow her into the sexy robot rebellion

And on You Need Help: What Should You Do With Your One Wild and Precious Life?

The Great Unknown Award to lmhendrix:

I mean, this was gorgeous advice before Heather used the phrase “queer time,

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  1. But yes, go read Heather’s advice. If you already read it then go read it again. It’s that good

  2. Oh wow, thanks for the award.
    I’m literally on the way (traveling up the east coast of Florida)to see my mom for Christmas. The first time I’m spending it with her in ten years!
    I’ll keep you updated.
    Although this year I sense a lot of denim entering my life in the very near future.And possibly cargo pants.

  3. Thanks, guys! Best Hanukkah gift ever :) Also, I just wrapped up finals, so it turns out I don’t need to drop out to enlist in the robot army, after all!

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