No Filter: Cara Delevingne Meets Lesbian Lion, Sparks Fly

Welcome back to No Filter, our weekly stroll through the garden of queer celebrity Instagram. This week in News We Honestly Cannot Use:

This very nice lion went to an animal sanctuary and got to interact with a wild Cara Delevingne.

What mysteries do you possess, Sarah Paulson? Speak to me.
Sometimes I like to think about the terrible lion tattoo Demi Lovato has on her hand. She got it to commemorate the time she and this lion went to a wildlife preserve together.

I like to put these two in every No Filter to remind myself that somewhere, someone is actually having a goddamn great time.

Oh, what’s Sara Ramirez up to? Beaming while doing something real gay? Beaming while doing something real gay.

Laura posted a bunch of photos from this, but thought you’d enjoy the video – Laura performing with Cyndi goddamn Lauper.

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Just another day at the office. 🤖#westworld

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I have no idea what this means for Westworld season 2, or if Evan is just doing this to pass the time on a Tuesday afternoon or whatever.

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“A little sad and a little hungry.”

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I went and saw St. Vincent play the other week and am now infinitely more in love with her than I was before. Here she is thinking about a sandwich.
I can’t caption this better than they did.
No matter what you do, don’t give Gaby Dunn more power.

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headed into 2018 like..

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Last but not least, please enjoy Kehlani wearing very comfortable pajamas that probably cost more than my rent.

Join us next week; we will continue to follow the Beyoncé shapeshifting beat wherever it may take us.

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  1. You can plug the iPad mini to the aux because it has a headphone jack. Yes I’m still mad about that, Apple. And no I don’t want to use an adapter. It’s just more stuff to carry and to lose.

    • For a second I thought she was going to sing Taffy Butt, a song she did for Bob’s Burger, as it sounded a bit like that. Her and Laura Jane would make a great duet album!

  2. You really need to start including pix from Bex Taylor-Klaus’s IG. She’s beyond adorable. Just sayin’.

  3. Sara Ramirez: *looks at herself in her bathroom mirror, sceptically scanning her bi flag tee, combat boots, leather jacket, haircut that screams ‘queer’ so loudly it can be heard from 10 kilometres away, and possibly a pocket chain not visible in pic above* I wonder if there is a way to look, idk… queerer? … Ahhh, wait a second *ties flannel around waist* PERFECT.

  4. Only Evan Rachel Wood can wear a bald cap, a trash bag, and 15 layers of latex, and still make me want to quit school and follow her into the sexy robot rebellion

  5. Oh Cara and Demi, terrible lion tattoo twins. At least their IRL lion/lion-poster encounters are aesthetically pleasing!

    • Also I am currently in the Atlanta airport and I saw a man with a VERY realistic plush lion head backpack and now we know what to get those two for holiday presents.

  6. Flaming Raging Poisoning Sword of Doom!!! Is it just me or does it seem like the McElroy brothers have a super strong queer lady fanbase?

    • i wrote my honours thesis on LGBTQIA people seeking online community for support and the VAST majority of my study participants came from a MBMBAM fan group on FB.

      • That’s so cool!! Do you have any opinions about why? My girlfriend and I saw them live and looked around like, “wow it’s super queer in heeeeere!!!!”

        • I went to PodCon last weekend and it was EXTREMELY QUEER. The lineup for the all gender bathroom was a VISION.

          I also had never got around to learning who Gaby Dunn was until this weekend and now I am COMPLETELY in love with her.

  7. yayy I am so here for the kehlani coverage!!!

    also idk if this is the right place to say this but autostraddle should look at kehlani’s new mv for honey, it is so lovely and extremely queer

  8. i love how much younger no filter is getting. so many young celebrities out at the height of their career

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