The Comment Awards Are Crying Happy Tears


Hello, friends! What did you do this week? I spent a few days by a lake, swimming and detoxing from Twitter and swatting mosquitoes, and oh boy did it help me feel better about the world, and my place in it. Need a bit of that peace for yourself? Here, have a dog in a kayak!

Cyrus contemplates the great unknown

This week, Laneia wrote something so perfect, I’m still not over it.

Heather talked about love.

Austen assembled an all-star team of queer comedy pros to talk about Hannah Gadsby’s Nanette, which I have been saving for this weekend and am absolutely dying to watch!

Reneice is a personification of the fire emoji, and oh, also there were swimsuits.

Well this was fantastic: You Need Help: Validating Womanhood as a Trans Lesbian Without Changing Your Appearance.

Autostraddle wants to hear about your bad behavior!

And then there were your comments.

On Grease Bats: Feeling The Gender Feels:

The Magic Dust Bunnies Award to Gilbert:

Lying on the ground is my favourite place to decompress! I don’t know why but its not like lying on a sofa or a bed, it’s some kind of magical other place where all you need to do is breathe deeply and exist. Does always remind me to hoover though.

On You Need Help: Is Love Really a Lie? Should You Even Try?

The Hello Fresh (Tears) Award to Amanda Ling:


On These Shirts Were a Choice:

The Time Traveler’s Blouse Award to Lee and Chandra:

Lee: Loved this whole dang thing. Also, I’m not sure whether it was intentional or a typo, but either way, I love that the date listed for the “timeless

On I Still Love That Heterosexual Show “GLOW”!

The Boffo! Socko! Award to Jay:

I really enjoyed the slighty gay parts in this season, but my favorite moment was absolutely Bash giving Debbie the run down of Muppets Take Manhattan! I mean BOFFO! SOCKO! it was GOOD!

On Find Your Fit: The Skater Boyfriend Who Wants Professional with an Edge:

The Tru Love Award to Laura and Cleo:

Laura: Honestly I read this and was about to comment “I! Love! This! Column!

On 20 Happy Lesbian and Bisexual Romantic TV Storylines That’ll Warm Your Heart Right Up:

The Gal Pal Award to Bex:

hahaha omg i cannot believe you finished this article with mel and sue! the only ones here who are ACTUALLY just gal pals lmao (but i do love them a lot and i highly recommend sue’s memoir, spectacles)

On No Filter: Hayley Kiyoko Says Thanks for All the Bras:

The Bravissimo Award to Snaelle, Kristana, Chandra and Al:

Snaelle: Hayley Kiyoko fans: their cups runneth over with the support being given to her. / Kristana: Those were some bra-zen puns. / Chandra: Did someone say puns? Oh, of corset would be you two. / Snaelle: Sorry but I’m going to have to nip this in the bud before we all make boobs of ourselves.

And on For a Movie That’s Not Gay, “Incredibles 2″ Sure Is Gay:

The Super Here, Super Queer, Super Excited Award to Mel and CD:

Mel: I HAVE LITERALLY BEEN REFRESHING AUTOSTRADDLE SINCE THIS MOVIE CAME OUT BC I WAS WAITING FOR THIS POST THIS IS MY GOSPEL / CD (in a separate comment just below): LISSEN,,,,everyone in this movie is queer. Bob and Lucious had a thing in college. Violet and Tony are bi. Voyd and Evelyn are lesbians. Winston is gay. Edna is ace. And Helen literally rides a motorcycle and used to have a mohawk and said “there’s a lot you don’t know about me”??? I rest my case.

Take care of yourselves this week, pals!

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  1. I’d like to remind you I said bravo to all the brazen bra comments. I feel slighted for not getting a nod with the bravissimo award. :+p

  2. I look forward to the column every damn week! It brings me so much joy to read this during lunch every Friday (or read it before eating lunch, even though my stomach is growling, depending on what kind of Friday I’m having).

    And today I get to add to my small but growing collection of screen shots of my comment awards (that’s not weird is it?).

    Thank you QG! And congratulations Laura. I knew you’d written a winning comment as soon as I read it.

    <3 <3 <3

  3. Oh gawd I was on vacation too ! So glad to be back in time for the Comment Awards. It’s also my favourite part of the week.

    Cheers to all, and thanks QG for pulling it all together so brilliantly.

  4. omg another comment award?! i am truly and deeply honoured <3 also i feel the need to say how much i loved the bra pun comment thread because every time i thought it was finished, i scrolled down to find MORE AMAZING BRA PUNS

  5. I would like to request more Cyrus. This website is cat heavy and needs to increase the dog content.

    • I would like to second this motion!

      P.S.:A Facebook friend of mine shared a literal picture of “puppies looking for a home” yesterday. And they were Pyrenean Shepherd dogs, and by that I mean Pyrenean Shepherd dog puppies(!) of course and pretty close to where I live and it was a struggle and not ok to post.
      I almost adopted a litter of Shepherd dogs yesterday is what I’m trying to say.

      • Why must you deny yourself??

        We went to a shelter Thursday to donate some of Tyloup’s things and we visited the doggies. There was a shepherd mutt who was adorable and cuddly and playful. Clearly a very good girl. And she’d been at the shelter for nearly 5 years. ?? her owners have her up because she “had too much energy”. ? I can’t understand how she hasn’t found a forever home. I can’t have a new dog right now because I will be moving across the ocean in the coming 2 years, but how had no one snatched her up in 5 years?

        Le sigh.

      • You guys are the best!
        But I’m a single doctor who lives in the middle of the city! I really must not have a dog! (It’s still my biggest wish, though.)
        I checked out of Grey’s Anstomy somewhere around season 5. Did anyone there ever manage to have a pet? Tipps?

        P.S.: So you can understand my genuine conflict:

        P.P.S.: I was drunk and had just gotten home from a club when I posted this last night. I’m afraid me posting drunkenly about my conflict of not being able to own a puppy says more about me than I’d ever admit willingly in real life.

        • There’s a poem in Dog Songs where Mary Oliver talks about how it was in her teaching contract that she could bring her dogs to work.

          I’m not saying you should change careers, but I am saying maybe you can find a roommate who has a dog?


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