The Comment Awards Are Counting Down to Midnight


Hi loves! In just a few shorts days we’ll be counting down at midnight, and this whole weird trip of a year will be over. How was your year? At least some of mine was good — after all, I got to spend it with you! All of you Straddlers are my silver lining for 2017, so thank you from the bottom of my heart. Let’s save 2018 (and the world!) with more puns, memes, and the only civil, caring comment section on the internet!

I’m really feeling Baopu #41 this week. Feelings truly do make us strong.

One Day At A Time and Runaways star Ariela Barer is out!  Congratulations, kiddo!

Some of us still had perfect moments in 2017.

Also, also, also: Laneia is a perfect gem, and other stories for your face!

It’s hard to be a person, but Alyssa is a really good one.

Love is NOT a lie, Stef, no matter how many times you say it might be.

This was really good: What It Means To Call Ourselves Non-Binary: An Autostraddle Roundtable

And then there were your comments!

On FRIDAY OPEN THREAD: Impossible Things:

The True Directions Award to Lauren:

I’m late but I did such a good impossible thing for myself this year, I left a man who I’d been with for nine years, who I married when I was 20 and he was 30 and we were living in North Carolina. This morning I’m in my own bed in my own apartment and the most beautiful person with the softest skin and the cutest smile is sleeping right next to me and the world is magic aaaahhhh (also I come during sex now).

On The 24 Most Honest and Self-Righteous Also.Also.Also Headlines of 2017:

The Artistic License Award to Carmen SanDiego:

2017 sure is almost over graphics are much nicer than this year deserves

On Monday Roundtable: Our Personal Perfect Perfect Moments in 2017:

The 100% This Award to katiek:

This post is beautiful and much needed. I have to say that being there at camp for Mey’s quincenaera was one of my favourite days of the year. Just seeing all that love in the room filled my heart.

On No Filter: Of Course Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli Had Matching Christmas Pajamas:

The Evan Rachel Does Award to Chloe and thatottergirl:

Chloe: I know it's a tired joke, but Evan Rachel WOULD / thatottergirl: I mean, The Little Evan Rachel that Would is my favorite children's book (She perserveres and brings good bisexual representation to the people)

And the High Art Award to Chandra:

I feel like hanging out with Mallory Ortberg would be like a slo-mo acid trip at the Getty Museum

On 26 Celebrity Gal Pals Who Made Us Swoon In 2017:

The Puppy Episode Award to Gaby Dunn:

Thank you for my inclusion and for your continued support of Ellen’s place as the best looking person I’ve ever seen. PS: I would also like to recommend Orion Carloto and Brittenelle. Go look them up!

And on What It Means To Call Ourselves Non-Binary: An Autostraddle Roundtable:

The Your Damn Turn Award to Amanda ling:

My bod and I just kinda misunderstood our assignment, ya know? Part of the reason I keep my very gendered name, though, is I need that valuable shorthand for how wrapped up my identity is with other people accusing me of being a man(duh) since I was literally a child. That I’m still mad as hell about it. Everytime anyone looks suddenly confused or embarrassed (or occasionally way, way, way too excited) about my whole… Self, I mostly want to melt into the floor, but I’m also a little like “Confused?? Scared?? Well, it’s your fuckin turn!!

Happy New Year, my pals! See you in 2018.

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  1. Ahh I’m honored! I’d like to thank my mother for reading me lots of picture books, and Chloe & ERWB for being awesome

  2. Little Evan Rachel that would made me snort in my office. Good thing there’s no one here but me because it’s freaking Friday before new year’s. Does no one else work around here? (Clearly not)

  3. Hot dog! A comment award for a comment I rewrote three times in my pajamas because I kept getting unproductively angry :D

  4. Real talk queer quinceañeras are possibly my crying happy tears but at the same time tears of envy not 100% ok button.

    2 for 2 is not enough data for it be official but vibe official-ish.

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