The 24 Most Honest and Self-Righteous Also.Also.Also Headlines of 2017

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Today we’re looking back on a glorious year of accurate and honest Also.Also.Also headlines. It’s been 12 months of so much insanity, it was hard to figure out what to highlight, what to slowly back away from, and what to cry about. Sometimes — especially early in the year, as I wasn’t as practiced and slightly numbed — it was impossible to pull out just one story or even one cohesive thought beyond AAAAAAAAAAAAAYYAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHH??! But damn it, I sure did try.

Here are the 24 headlines I felt most passionately about this year!


Also.Also.Also: Fuck Donald Trump and Other Stories for Your Week

We started the year strong.


Also.Also.Also: Donald Trump Still the Worst, Ugliest President Ever; Here’s a Link Roundup

This remains true, and I especially loved my feature image.

Also.Also.Also: Wow Vermont You Are So Gay and Other Stories for Your Face

A happy little number!


Also.Also.Also: Ah, Behold the First Signed Anti-LGBTQ Law of 2017 and Other Stories for Your Week

Another beautiful feature image from yours truly.


Also.Also.Also: A Lesbian Is In Charge of the Grand Canyon, More or Less, and Other Stories for Your Week

This Grand Canyon story got me through the week. I just held onto it for dear life.

Also.Also.Also: Making You Think of “Chasing Amy” On a Monday and Other Stories for Your Week

Hahahahahahahaha hahaaa ha ha ahhh hahaha !


Also.Also.Also: Good Things Constantly Being Unraveled by Stupid Straight White Men and Other Stories for Your Week


Also.Also.Also: Center Women of Color Or Get the Fuck Out of the Way and Other Stories for Your Week

Also still extremely true.


Also.Also.Also: Robin Wright’s Antiope Is Your Retroactive Root and Other Stories for Your Wacko Week

Mmmmm remember the first 31 minutes of Wonder Woman? Let’s go back there.

Also.Also.Also: Pretty Uneventful Week, Not Much Going On.

Oh wow remember Anthony Scaramucci??


Also.Also.Also: But Seriously, a Hetero-Free Nation Would Be So Chill and Other Stories for Your Week

Includes a lovely anecdote about Megan trying to save the neighborhood flora and fauna.


Also.Also.Also: Throw All Your Homophobic Bulleit Bourbon in a River I Guess and Other Stories You Can’t Miss

Heather made this feature image, bless her.

Also.Also.Also: Queer Affection Still Makes Straights Uneasy; Maybe They Should Stare at the Eclipse Instead?

The eclipse! What a time to be alive.

Also.Also.Also: Wait I Think Elvira Might Be My Root and Other Stories for Your Soul

I try to be honest with you.


Also.Also.Also: This Headline Is Trying to Avoid Apocalyptic Hyperbole but Damn, and Other Stories

You can see here that I’d slightly given up on life.

Also.Also.Also: You Don’t Know How Long I’ve Waited to Talk About Recliners and the Patriarchy

When I was little, I had to get up out of so many fucking chairs because a man had walked into the room, and I promised myself that when I was an adult, I’d have the best recliner money could buy and never let a single man sit in it once. Now most of those men are dead and I still don’t own a recliner, but don’t think I’ve ever gotten over that because I sure have not.

Also.Also.Also: Your Vibe About Gaby Hoffmann Was Correct and Other Stories from the Week

Lots of self-satisfaction here.

Also.Also.Also: Just Leave Gaydar to the Experts (Us) and Other Stories for Your Day

I stand by this demand.


Also.Also.Also: Stop Me If You’ve Heard the One About White Men Committing More Mass Shootings Than Any Other Group

This was a terrible fucking day.

Also.Also.Also: Three Grown Women Touch a Silky Chicken and Other Stories



Also.Also.Also: I’ve Decided There’s No Hellmouth Today and Other Stories for Your Reasonably Fine Week

We just needed a break. This one also has a good Saw This, Thought of You section.

Also.Also.Also: Starbucks Continues Its War on Xmas, Now with LESBIANS! And Other Stories for Your Day

Love a good war on Xmas.

Also.Also.Also: Lesbians and Bisexuals Blamed By Geriatric Pedophile For His Unrelated Comeuppance and Other Stories from Your Week

Riese helped me word this one so it made more sense, because Riese is better at this than I am.


Also.Also.Also: 1983 Called and Wishes You Had the Gay Areas Telephone Directory

Yvonne came up with this headline and it was so perfect we were all stunned into silence for several minutes. Like, it’s perfect.

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