The Comment Awards Are Celebrating You, and Also These Butches

Hello, my beloved flowers and shrubs! Are you having a hard week? I am having a hard week. Let’s all do something in the next few days to celebrate ourselves! Even if it’s just like…turning off all the lights, lighting a candle, and whispering, “I celebrate myself.” I know it sounds silly, but you are so deliciously perfect and singularly amazing and your body and your brain deserve a little of the kindness that I know you’ve been showing to others on a regular basis! This is your homework! I love you! Go be amazing!

Also I want to re-pot a peace lily this weekend, does anyone have any tips on how not to kill it? Thanks, babes.

This week, Grease Bats reminded every single one of us that “keeping things casual” entails more than just saying the word “casual” over and over and over again.

Kayla dove straight in to The Bold Type’s season 3 big gay heartbreak! Ow!

Kayla also did…this.

This was so lovely, from Samantha: How I Let Queer Literature Come Out to my Middle School Students for Me.

This is a meditation practice disguised as a comic. Please believe me when I tell you that you need it in your life.

Riese is still doing the dirty work, breaking down the data from the Survey of Lesbian Stereotypes, and oh look! We’re hippies! I personally spent a majority of the ten years I lived in Santa Cruz wearing a purple woven grocery bag printed with an eggplant as a purse, so I am…not surprised. (People outside of Santa Cruz had a really hard time understanding my fashion choices at the time, I must say.)

Crushes: they’re real! They’re lovely and scary and delicious and awful, all in one big shiny package. Thank goodness for Vanessa, who wants to help you celebrate your feelings and manage your expectations!

Big things happened in The Magicians season finale, and Valerie Anne’s here to help you make sense of them.

And then there were your comments!

On 5 Unofficial Lesbian Relationship Milestones:

The True Love Lube Award to Caitlin:

buying a two pack of coconut oil to make vegan gingerbread for her, then never hanging out again so you’re left with 1.8 containers of coconut oil that you will likely never use because butter

On The 18 Best Lesbian Knifeplay Scenes in TV History:

The 10/10 Clones Agree Award to kourei, Michelle and amidola:

I feel like Helena doing anything on Orphan Black belongs on this list

On Pop Culture Fix: Kristen Stewart’s Charlie’s Angels Are Here, Surely One Is Queer:

The Root^3 Award to Holly:

New Charlie’s Angels sounds like it might actually be good??? But personally, it will never be gayer than when bitty me became obsessed with a fairly subpar trilogy of films because of Lucy Liu.

On No Filter: Maybe Rachel Maddow Will Go Fishing With Melissa Etheridge!

The Fisting Trip Award to Carmen L:

I’m at work reading autostraddle in secret and I read fishing as fisting and legit fell out of my desk chair and now I’m bruised and embarrassed my coworkers heard me squeal and fall. Worth it.

And the America Runs on Dinkin Award to Blackmar and AnnieStinkle:

Radar called Kristen Stewart’s girlfriend Sara Dunkin. It’s Dinkin, you donks!

On How I Let Queer Literature Come Out to my Middle School Students for Me:

The Librarians Award to Ray:

Queer books are super powerful, and queer teachers even more so. I wish I had a queer teacher in middle or high school, your students are lucky and you are awesome.

On Look At These Butch Heroes:

The Heroes We Deserve Award to leep:

extremely imagining this as a picture book

And the Gentleperson Award to lex:

So sweet, cute, andddd I initially miss-read the first one as like “the butch who smiles at you and literally hold the door open for you

And on Also.Also.Also: Tegan and Sara are Ready to Take You Back to High School:

The Who Run The World Award to Mathilde:

Michelle Obama (profiled by Beyoncé)

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  1. If you want more Michelle Obama and Beyonce magic, look up Beyonce singing ‘At Last’ (at an inauguration ball I think?) They are just beaming & thanking each other and it’s SO GREAAAATTT!!!

  2. With regards to the comment “I wish I had a queer teacher”… you probably did. I mean, it depends on where you went to school (smaller schools with fewer teachers would diminish your chances). I grew up in suburban California. I estimate that I had 6 elementary school teachers, 21 middle school teachers, and 28 high school teachers. That’s 55 teachers (not even counting the once a week music teachers, coaches, aids, student teachers, etc.). Odds are, a few of them were (even if it was conservative Orange County). Definitely, none of them could be out at the time, but I did find out later (after he died) that my government teacher (whom I loved for his acerbic wit) was gay.

    • It took me an embarrassing amount of years to realize that the two older ladies who taught music in my elementary school were not just friends living together because they were single…
      Now when it came to the flamboyant art history teacher who ran the drama club, that guy we all knew about….

    • Totally, AnnieStinkle! Although I must say, having an OUT queer teacher, instead of just a female PE teacher that the kids spread horrible rumors about, would’ve made a real difference for me. 💙

      • Oh yeah, I’m definitely not arguing with that. I think the author of the article we are responding to does a really nice job of finding the balance between signaling/being out to the kids who need it, without putting a bullseye on her own back.

  3. aw QG i’m flattered as always to be recognized for my dumbassery as shared in the comments section!

      • I appreciate the faith! However as my life is an actual sitcom, a certain degree of Bad Decisions or Foolish Things are expected

        For example I have stepped on a rake and broken my glasses by getting hit with the handle: kinda dumb

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