Look At These Butch Heroes

Let’s take some time to celebrate the butches that make this world better.

F. Sanger is a comedienne in NY. She now has more in common with E.L. James than she is willing to admit.

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  1. I love this. Thank you. I have had many co-op butches in my life :D

    For other people who loved this (seemingly a lot!) I want to recommend:

    100 Butches by Elisha Lim (it’s an out of print book but you can find images from it on google image)
    “Butch Heroes” by Ria Brodell, which profiles historic butches. There’s a book and also little trading cards of the butches.

    Butch appreciation 4ever

  2. So sweet, cute, andddd I initially miss-read the first one as like “the butch who smiles at you and literally hold the door open for you” and not metaphorically leaves the door of romance/sex/mentorship to baby gays and shy queermos…cuz my Southern non-binary sometimes masculine presenting self has functioned as the gentlemanly escort of my mother and grandmother for many years combined with Southern manners to hold doors open for people and was like “oooh that’s me” before re-reading.


  3. I was having a very bad day yesterday when I first saw this and it gave me a little warm feeling. Today was another bad day so I came back to read it again. Thank you. Thank you celestial butch.

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