The Comment Awards Are a Soft Safe Space to Land


Hi, muppets! I know this week has been hard, but I’m so very glad we have each other. Did I ever tell you that my dog does trust falls backwards on my bed so that I’ll rub his tummy? There is so much good in the world, every day. Also, there is ice cream.

This week we met Autostraddle’s new fashion and beauty editor, Nora!

Cami wrote about how Twitter is the new black church.

Carolyn picked up The Toast’s mantle for this journey into the world of stock BDSM photography.

Valerie Anne wrote a recap of the best Supergirl episode ever, and then Chyler Leigh quote tweeted it!!! What a day, what a day.

Molly danced for the resistance. Dance forever, all of you.

Erin’s a playwright now.

And then there were your comments!

On Enjoy This 10 Second Play About Lesbians:

The 2 Fast 2 Furious Award to Sally:

Does this mean there is at least one hatless and topless lesbian somewhere in the house?

On Anonymous Sex Toy Review: The Bück Dich:

The Three’s Company Award to amidola:

I wish they would make a TV show centering around this circle of friends. Everyone sounds absolutely awesome. It could be called “Bück Dich!

On “Below Her Mouth” Predicts Six More Weeks of Shane:

The Below Her Beak Award to dufrau:

When I watched the trailer for this, Budgie was taking a nap on my shoulder. She woke up and turned herself around so she was no longer facing the screen and then went back to sleep. It was a strong statement and one I think I agree with.

On No Filter: Samira Wiley Remains An Adorable Life Ruiner:

The 4H Award to Chloe:

I’d rather focus on the tender gaze (initially misspelled by me as “gays”, ha!) of Stephanie Beatriz. Damn.

On Satellite of Love: Queer Horoscopes for May 2017:

The April Flowers Award to LiamTheChampion:

On 55 Lesbians Having A Bad Time In BDSM Stock Photos:

The Osteopath’s Next Top Model Award to Chandra:

This is why my chiropractor is on speed dial

On “Supergirl” Episode 219 Recap: Hope Floats:

The Captain Underpants Award to emmapet:

ALSO OH MY GOD HER GAY ASS UNDERPANTS. After 2×06 we were all like, okay, when is a baby gay no longer too shiny to date, you know? How will we know when a person is a full grown gay? UH I GUESS WHEN THOSE ARE THEIR UNDERPANTS, CONGRATULATIONS ALEXANDRA ON YOUR GAY BAT MITZVAH

The Double Entendre Award to Heather D:

goes to visit Lena through her Supergirl door

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  1. Great selection this week. You were very inspired with the awards names QG. Would love to see a video of your dog doing trust Falls

    • Thank you, Carmen!

      Ooh, that’s a good idea. We need all the joy we can get :-D

    • Hard second on the video request.

      My cat does a similar cute thing where, if I flop down on my side on “his” rug, he will come running over and flop down beside me in similar fashion. I would try to film this but he has a knack for doing the opposite of what I want him to anytime a camera is around.

  2. what what what what what Valerie Anne that tweet!!!!!!!!!! (!!!!!!!!!!) what!

    • Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh

      My deepest apologies to Budgie. I thought she was a budgie named Budgie.

      • that is a completely reasonable assumption. she is a cat named Budgie who spends a lot of time on my shoulder!

  3. I want to thank Queer Girl, on behalf of all procrastinators, for the commitment she must have to the comment sections since it was technically already Friday (in my state) when I made that comment. :)

  4. I have to thank @punkystarshine for setting me each week for supergirl related snark.

    Also sweet lesbian jesus, when she tweeted your article I was deeply concerned for your heart health, hope you’re doing okay

  5. Thank you kindly. I should point out that Erin eventually only confirmed there were no shirtless lesbians in the house, so it’s very likely there was a nest of writhing, hatless lesbians in the vicinity, probably in the woodwork.

  6. Oh wow, I got a comment award for a sex toy review. That’s like watching a good movie at a porn festival and not being able to tell anyone about it.
    Only better.
    P.S.: This could totally work as a web series. Every episode could focus on one of the friends’ ordinary daily lives with the “Bück Dich” circle framing the beginning and end.

  7. Nothing is more romantic then the words Ist liben Dich. I love you in German.

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