Let’s Get Weird: Meet Your New Fashion and Beauty Editor!

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Hello and welcome to the first installment of Let’s Get Weird, a judgement-free place to talk about fashion and feelings! I’m Nora, Autostraddle‘s new Fashion and Beauty Editor, and I thought I’d start my tenure here by talking about my personal style and its function in my life before opening up the floor so you can talk about yours. Sound good? Great, let’s do it.

As you may have guessed from the photo above, my personal take on fashion is a bit all over the place; early and enduring inspirations include the fur bikini from Lil Kim’s “Crush on You” video, Bjork’s infamous swan dress (one of the best red carpet looks ever, and I will not budge on that), and most things Dolly Parton has ever worn. I tend toward extremes: solids or sizable graphic prints, black or super saturated colors, avant-garde or new money gaudy, etc.

Personal style photo

This outfit felt like the perfect way to introduce myself as someone who draws from all sorts of aesthetics: the punk in my creeper-esque boots, the rockabilly elements of my skirt, the humor in my “cringe” top (which acknowledges both how I imagine most people feel when they see me, and how I generally feel in public). You’ll notice more strange and disparate influences in future editions of this column, but a common thread is exercising my pretty high femme-ness while attempting to maintain distance from the patriarchal gaze.

Which brings me to the role fashion plays in my life. While I respect — and often envy — folks who view getting dressed simply as a method of avoiding an indecent exposure summons, I personally view it as an accessible, everyday mode of self-expression, a way to find one’s people (both friends and sex partners), and a tool for weeding out the wrong company (creepy dudes; I mean creepy dudes). The truth is, as a shy, awkward person of 5’2″, I feel safer and more powerful in pieces that are somehow alienating. As labels go, “off-putting femme” seems about right.

Personal style photo

Fellow over-the-top fashion weirdos can find similar pieces to my own below, but I also recognize my style isn’t for everyone — which is totally fine, and kind of the point! I’m looking forward to bringing you a variety of fashion and style pieces from writers who identify all over the gender presentation and overall-style spectrum, as well as writing about all different types of fashion myself.

Either way, tell me about your own style and to what ends you use it, and I’ll see you in the comments section.

Nora is a writer and shoot producer living in Brooklyn. Send her links to weird clothing and dog videos to nora [at] autostraddle [dot] com.

Nora has written 53 articles for us.


  1. Damn, this sounds really cool and I can’t wait to read your posts. I would say I’m a minimalist femme with no time for frills, polka dots or patriarchal standards. Most often found wearing over the knee skirts which earned me the title of the longest skirt wearer in my school.

  2. I’m definitely somewhere between “Off-putting femme” (if I don’t see that on a tshirt in the autostraddle store asap, I’m gonna be raging) and lazy femme. My current favourite thing is doing amazing, super-femme makeup and then just wearing massive, baggy, form-hiding clothes. I look like a sexy, comfy lump and I love it. The male gaze doesn’t know how to feel.


    I wear dresses and lipstick 99% of the time so I think I would probably just be called femme by others but my style is mainly a result of lack of options. Finding anything that fits me right is such a chore that I almost have a uniform by now that I rarely venture out of. I would love to dress more androgynously. But when you break it down the looks available for my body type are unfailingly either matronly, or sexy, neither which I feel particularly comfortable in. Fml

  4. This column is so exciting! I do tomboy femme for work, with old navy slacks and second hand tops (buttondown plain or with interesting structural details, boys ts and sweaters), tshirts and comfy boys shorts or jeans with pockets that fit everything on the weekends, and sometimes dontmesswithmewannabepriestess – long skirts, high collars, and sleeves. I’m getting to a point where I have fewer and fewer clothing items, but I love what I’m wearing more and more, and that’s really nice.

  5. I jokingly called myself a glam rock lesbian to someone who asked, and it seems strangely apt. I wear a lot of vintage and not vintage wide legged palazzo pants, with really bold print button ups from the 60s-80s. I’ll also wear skinny jeans with a band t shirt with a fancy or velvety blazer on top. I’m also really into rompers/jumpers- facebook ads keep showing me a really expensive white jumpsuit with wide legs and a deep v neckline from anthropologie because I had showed it to a friend as an option of what I’d wear if I ever got married, haha.

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