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Glee Guide: Glee Returns With Extra Gay, Gaga, Madonna and Britanna

Tomorrow GLEE premieres and we have everything you need to prepare: photoshoots, air-dates, guest stars, episode summaries, musical numbers, sneak peeks, interviews about our favorite bi-curious duo Brittany & Santana, a rundown of exactly how gay GLEE is and photos of the Lady Gaga bubble dress. Rachael Hip-Flores of Anyone But Me picks up a Streamy Award, Oprah’s unauthorized bio & Coronation Street’s first lesbian kiss draws big audiences.

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What If This Headline Made Something Up About Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Breaking Up

So many events this weekend, like SAG Awards, Hope for Haiti & Sundance! An arrest has been made in the Buffalo hate crime case against a young lesbian! We say goodbye to Conan & Kim Stolz’s hair and hello to civil unions in Hawaii! Porn stars are maybe lesbians, Salute Your Shorts is somewhere now, the NOH8 guys on MSNBC and LADY GAGA COOKIES EXIST.


Glee Recap – Episode 109: Wheels

Carlytron wants to be happy that Glee is back on but is conflicted because this episode isn’t very good. Luckily, this show has a cute gay named Kurt and the Lynch (who can do no wrong) to pull it out of the gutter and keep our spirits alive amongst bad plot devices and worse writing.