Golden Globes 2010: Lots of Glee, Some Gay, But No Lady Gaga

GOLDEN GLOBES: Rounding out our assertion that 2009 was The Year of the Weirdo, Glee won a Golden Globe for Best Comedy/Musical Series and dedicated it to “everybody and anybody who got a wedgie in high school,” and then said something sweet about arts education. Even though Jane Lynch didn’t win a Golden Globe, she can still do no wrong and therefore that must’ve been just how Zeus wanted it to be. Look we have a gallery for you with captions!

Ricky Gervais began the program by using the word “penis” and giving an award to Mo’Nique for Precious Based on the Novel “Push” by a Lesbian. Paul McCartney spoke the truth by revealing that animated films are for children and for adults who do drugs. Like Yellow Submarine! An usher [I initially thought it was Usher, which would’ve been hot] almost ripped off Chloe Sevigny’s dress, which would’ve been awesome. Meryl Streep became the most winningest actress ever ever.

There weren’t any musical performances, which was confusing/boring. Luckily Ricky Gervias is really funny, and sometimes the camera would cut to someone from Glee looking cute like they were all hanging out in the cafeteria or something. Also several queers were in attendance, including Jane Lynch, Neil Patrick Harris & boyfriend and Jillian Michaels. We were there and took a lot of photos JK we didn’t.

Also there were many reminders to not get all caught up in the madness and forget about Haiti.

The best coverage from the Golden Globes came from Amanda Palmer and her FIANCE Neil Gaiman.

NO H8: The guys of The Real World: DC were part of the NOH8 photoshoot campaign! They look real good y’all.

LESBIAN SEX SCENE: Eva Green wishes her lesbian love scene in ‘Cracks’ had been raunchier. I had no idea what Cracks was so I googled it, which on second thought sounds like a stupid idea, but according to imdb it’s an Irish movie set in the 1930s where “a clique students participate on the swim team not only to pass the time, but to be close to their swimming instructor, the enigmatic, yet charismatic, Miss G.” A bunch of girls in swimsuits? With a guaranteed lesbian love scene? Sounds like fun! (@bosh)

FASHION: Fashion, Art, Photography, Studology101 Intervention- Randomness for a Lesbian Sunday. (@lezbhonest)

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  1. Listen Autostraddle, I know you are a fan of Glee and I am going to let you all finish celebrating and appreciating but I just want to say that MODERN FAMILY WAS ROBBED! ROBBED!!

    • i agree, i actually said “modern family is going to win” as the nominees were announced, but then obvs I was immediately proven wrong.

      Honestly I think The Office is the best show ever, but that would’ve been boring for them to win. But Modern Family is quite frankly a better show than Glee. But Glee winning was so much fun!

      • I have never seen the office. I might have to check it out. However, I saw one episode of 30 rock on a plane and didn’t like it. Then I watch a couple episodes of parks and recreation and didn’t like it. So I know that humor and style is similar (and not my thing). So IDK but I will give it a try because you said so..

  2. Oh my, Mike and Josh look yummy.

    Cameras are sex.
    Hot girl w/ camera/poetry/paintbrush = MARRY ME.

  3. loved @amandapalmer’s coverage, followed it rather than watching the actual show… but Neil Gaiman’s a guy, not a girl, so he is not her FIANCÉE he is her FIANCÉ. She, on the other hand, is HIS fiancée.

    • I followed the GG’s via twitter/twitpic, esp Amanda Palmer and Neil Patrick Harris. Seemed much more interesting that way…

      • Same same! I was at work when it was was airing so all I had was Twitter. Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler (Modern Family) were my favs, they were so excited to be there.

    • her-soon-to-be-husband Neil Gailman wrote the story of Coraline. She was his +1. Even though it lost to UP, fantastic fox deserved that award.

  4. “Point Break” is the “Official Headquarters of the Lady GaGa concert appearances in New York City.” “Point Break” will be having promos, giveaways, drink specials, free merchandise and all the Lady Gaga you can handle. And also register for New York’s first and only Lady GaGa lookalike contest on Feb 5th. Go to Point Break NYC website or Facebook page for details.

    • oh i hadn’t seen those, the one with Dianna in the big jumper is especially suspect. i hope its true, they would be adorable! Although its a bit worrying how thin they’ve both got since glee, bad times.

      • And I just found those within like 2 minutes of browsing. They’re alwayslikethis. That close.

        And yeah, I wish they hadn’t lost so much weight :(

  5. I think Jodie Foster is aging really well. I think I saw Jennifer Anniston’s vaj in that dress… and I liked it. And yes, she has still got it. I did not like Olivia Wilde’s dress but I liked her face/breasts/hair extensions. Tina Fey looked so adorable I could spread her on a cracker and eat her for brunch (not in a dirty way… that’s why I said brunch because Britishy sounding things cancel out dirty innuendos). Jillian Michaels looked good. I liked that she was holding her own umbrella. p.s. Where can I sign up/ go to school to become a celebrity umbrella holder? Cher looked like an Adams family member/dominatrix/fancy tennis shoe. Jane Lynch’s dress was beautiful, as was she, but it didn’t look right to me. I guess I wanted her in a snappy pant suit or something. The Lynch in a dress is just like a wolf in a sheep’s dress or something. Also, I want to know what kind of magical potion Halle Berry drink’s to keep her looking so young/hot/similar to melted chocolate from the Gods. That is all.

    • i totally understand the feeling of the The Lynch in a dress but apparently it has pockets so it is sensible attire. I am going to guess what was in her pockets 1) her wallet 2) awesome fairygaydust 3) chapstick

  6. The idea of finishing what the usher started and ripping Cloe Sevigny’s dress off of her ruffle after unnecessary ruffle clouded my ability to remember the rest of the Golden Globes, so thank you for the re-cap.

  7. I’d really like to see Portia deRossi aka, the most under-rated comedic actress in hollywood, get some love from these stupid award shows. If only to see her ball and chain forced into acting like the supportive gf. I’m sure Ellen would cry if the cameras weren’t constantly on her.

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