Glee Guide: Glee Returns With Extra Gay, Gaga, Madonna and Britanna

Glee‘s back nine premieres tomorrow night (Tuesday) at 9:38 pm on Fox with an episode entitled “Hell-O,” directly following Adam Lambert’s appearance on American Idol, making tomorrow night essentially the best night of television to happen since the 90210/Party of Five days, and really the gayest night of television since the last time we declared something the gayest night of television ever. ON FOX.

Will we need a new GLEE drinking game? Will Brittany & Santana ride the hobby horse? Will Sue Sylvester sing? How can Will Schuster have sex with someone who uses so much anti-bacterial hand sanitizer?

Early reviews are pretty glowing: “If you thought “Glee” was good before, get ready to be dazzled. Not since the heyday of “The Sopranos” has a series gone off the air for such a long time and returned with such energy and spectacle.”

The season opens following the Gleeks’ win at sectionals: “In the new spring season of Glee we find Glee club member, Rachel (Lea Michele) dating high school jock, Finn (Cory Monteith). Glee fans should expect plenty of fireworks from the unlikely couple this season as Finn becomes disgruntled with the rules of high school dating.

Guest Stars: Rachel will date a boy from the rival squad Vocal Adreneline, played by Jonathan Groff, one of Lea Michelle‘s best friends and her co-star from Broadway’s Spring Awakening, where they fully had sex on stage and it was smokin’ hot. (Groff is gay, P.S. FYI). Other Broadway stars slated to appear: Kristin Chenoweth will reprise her role in the April 27th episode “Home,” Neil Patrick Harris in the Joss Whedon-directed episode and Idina Menzel (Maureen, RENT) as Rachel Berry’s birth mother. You can catch interviews with these folks and more at

Here’s the HD trailer for tomorrow night’s Premiere:

Madonna Episode: April 20th’s episode, “The Power of Madonna, will feature covers including “Borderline,” “What it Feels Like For A Girl,” “Open Your Heart,” “Express Yourself” “Like a Prayer,” “Like a Virgin,” and “Vogue”.

Lady Gaga Episode: May’s Lady Gaga episode looks amazing, judging by these behind-the-scenes photos:

Brittana: Broadway World has a video of Rachel Berry (Lea Michelle) performing Give You Hell by the All-American Rejects from tomorrow night’s episode and there are lots of little moments between Brittany and Santana in this — actually if you pay attention to them too closely you’ll catch a sloppy cut in the middle but whatever — which brings us to this interview with the Executive Producers of Glee about a lot of stuff but most importantly, BRITTANA:

Can you talk about how the character of Brittany developed?
IB: “Heather Morris is just a total comic genius. Occasionally we would just kind of toss her a few lines, and then they ended up being so shockingly hilarious. And then randomly being able to pair her with this twosome in Heather’s character and then Nya’s character, Santana. They’re like this kind of weird, wonderful, brilliant, comedic duo that we stumbled upon. They’re absolutely my favorite stuff to write now.”

Are you writing more towards them in the back nine?
BF: “Definitely. They have some stories. I know Nya gets to sing in the back nine. We have such an incredibly talented cast that a lot of stuff comes out of just sort of being with them and seeing what they do, what they’re good at and what makes them laugh.”

GLEE is also promoting the show by staging more dancing flash mobs, like this one where over 800 dancers performed in Westlake Park, Pioneer Square and Seattle Center on Saturday, April 10, 2010:

To recap, this is how gay Glee is:

– Two openly gay lead actors, Jane Lynch & Chris Colfer.
– Guest stars include openly gay actors Neil Patrick Harris & Jonathan Groff as well as major gay allies Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel (who played gay in RENT, the movie and the Broadway show) (furthermore Kristin & Idina accidentally became gay icons via their lead roles in WICKED, in which they did not play lesbian lovers, but many young gay Broadway geeks like to think that they did.)
– Gay characters include lead role Kurt as well as Rachel’s Two Dads (who we haven’t met yet). Lesbionic undertones abound between Brittany & Santana.
– An entire episode will be devoted to the music of out bisexual and gay rights activist Lady Gaga and another to queer icon Madonna.
– This is all probs related to the fact that the show’s creator, Ryan Murphy, is also openly gay.

Rachael Hip-Flores took home the “streamy” award last night for Best Female Actor in a Drama Web Series for her portrayal of Vivian in lesbian-themed series Anyone But Me, in a category that also included Crystal Chappell in weberies Venice.

Other winners of interest include Gamer goddess Felicia Day for Best Female Actor and Best Directing for a Comedy Web Series. Overall; the web’s opinion of the ceremony seems to be ‘it sucked’ and everyone wore terrible outfits.

Coronation Street‘s first ever lesbian kiss was seen by around seven million people! (@digital spy)

Kity Kelly’s new Oprah book is coming out soon, and already there’s speculation about Winfrey’s sexuality and her relationship with Gayle King. Except honestly there really isn’t. Quoting Rosie’s comment about Gayle & Oprah is lame, and the quote from Erica Jong is as non-committal as it gets: “I would not be surprised if Oprah is gay. If she is, she is. It certainly fits.” (@usa today)

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  1. Well, I think Ryan Murphy is just having fun with taking the touchy-feely-BFF-cheerleader-thing to the next level, because, really? Few girls are gayer on TV than straight girls and their best friends. It will probably just go on in the background for the duration of the show (which, surprisingly, is totally okay with me).

    Another important matter in the world of Glee: Well there be recaps? mini-recaps? Comments?

  2. I think that Idina is playing the coach of the rival glee club & not rachel’s birth mom. unless I missed something! But ahh I can’t wait even though I’m disgruntled it will be on the same time as LOST ( I can’t give up so close to the end )

  3. My love for Glee kind of freaks my family out, but as a recovering HS show choir performer, it’s not like I have a choice!

      • I haven’t got a chance to watch it yet, but I love the show’s mass appeal combined with gayness. One of my college friends who is very conservative in general but loves her some gays watches this show religiously and I love knowing that her uncomfortable with the gay boys husband will also be watching it and loving the gays in spite of his Baptist self.

        I also love that when I googled cornhole (bean bag toss where I grew up) I found sets you could buy with college logos on them. Though, before any of you run out and drop a hundred on the Arkansas one for me, I’d probably rather have one of these even if I am not likely to get mistaken for him ever anyway.

  4. omg neil patrick harris. i’ve only watched a few episodes of glee, but i’ll prob make sure to tune in a lot more so i don’t miss this.

  5. Some disturbing comments coming out how Murphy sees Brittana. It is important to remember that Murphy has always done an inept job with his portrayals of lesbian/bisexual female characters. Here is a question in an article and the answer can be found there in.
    “Q. There was a rumor going around that there would be a relationship between Santana and Brittany, any truth to that?”

    That’s lesbians and bisexual women for you. We just aren’t organic (but all the other over the top stuff that happens on Glee is). Anyways here is an answer which makes on wonder if Heather realizes it is 2010 and gives insight into Murphy’s mind. Geez, just what is needed. Another action that is just going to add to the generalization that gay men should be kept, at all costs, from writing anything involving same sex attraction between women.

    • You have to put some context to this before jumping to conclusions about how Murphy views girl-on-girl relationships.

      The question asked at PaleyFest was are they going to make out to which he replied “Yes, absolutely!” In the article you linked to Heather Morris says he told her he only said that because “I think it was just a dirty guy and I just said it to get a kick out of him.”

      What I think he means by it having to be organic and natural is that the relationships on the show have to develop because it feels right for the character and the storyline. He’s not going to put together a relationship or throw in a make out scene just to please some fans.

      It’s a pretty big jump to assume that he meant to say girl-on-girl relationship stories in general are not organic and natural when he was pretty clearly talking about the development of two specific characters.

      • RachelwasHere, It is not a big jump at all but fits in with Murphy’s somewhat infamous history. I have seen every episode of both Popular and Nip/Tuck and to say it would be best that this man not write lesbian or bisexual female characters is an understatement. Unless something has changed all of a sudden, his tokenistic and offensive representations of same sex relationships between women give little to look forward to in terms of how Glee depicts them. The very fact that he thinks it must be a dirty man who would be interested shows how he views them – as titillation for men. In Murphy’s depictions, same sex attraction between women is primarily shown to affirm the superiority of men in bed to women, as something done for men to watch and get off on, or treated as a joke. Heather’s comments only state what most fans of Glee were worried about the moment it was dropped that Brittany and Santana are having sex. You stated how he wants it to be organic. Well since they have already stated these two have been having sex, wouldn’t it be an organic development from that to ponder their relationship on a deeper level than as some crude joke (which is how Murphy seems to think it is).

          • What Riese said… If this is what an organic bisexual/lesbian relationship is like, I’m outta here. o_O

        • I’ve never seen either of those shows, so I’ll take your word that they provide more evidence than that article did. Fair points.

          Though, if some dude asks if two female characters are going to make out, I’m going to make the same assumption. It’s not like “Are they going to make out?” implies much interest in a relationship.

          I’m honestly surprised that anyone’s taken relationship prospects seriously after the initial we’re sleeping together line. It was such a passing reference (to the point where I’ve seen people arguing online about whether they are even sleeping together or it was referring to them dating other people) the point of which was that fucking someone didn’t always hold much meaning for them. Friends with benefits is a far more accurate description than bisexual or lesbian relationship.

  6. Re: the Kristin and Idina comment- I am sure a whole bunch of fans are wishing that they’ll be in the same episode together as a sort of reunion from Wicked back in ’03. There are a whole bunch of people who loved pretending (slash actually believed) they were together. Well, they are pretty freaking adorable together, but I also heard that they didn’t get along a lot of the time.

    Anyway, huge broadway geek shutting up now. Excited for the showwww.

  7. So so looking forward to watching Glee again. There is nothing gayer than two cheerleader best friends. Hello back spot.

  8. I was JUST thinking this morning that there had been a distinct lack of Gaga on Glee. Now I’ve read this and am very excited to watch this show again. Oh, BTW, FY!NPH.

  9. My partner and I marathoned Glee a couple weeks back so we could get up to date. And OMG I CAN’T WAIT FOR MORE. :D

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