VIDEO: AutoNatic Does GLAAD 2010 in LA – Glambert, The Lynch & More!

DSC_1018Relative to the entire timespan of human history, the Los Angeles GLAAD Awards occurred pretty much an hour ago. You already know who won, and you already know how cute everyone looked, but until you see Nat Garcia for AutoNatic at the GLAAD Awards 2010 in Los Angeles, you have no idea.

Watch Nat give a lot of high fives and interview our favorite people in the entire world including Adam Lambert, Constance McMillen, Wanda Sykes, JANE LYNCH BECAUSE THE LYNCH CAN DO NO WRONG, the ladies of The Real L Word, Bryan Batt aka Sal from Mad MenNicol Paone and more! Also, she gets Johnny Weir to pretty much come out on Autostraddle today, which is, coincidentally, on Cinco de Gayo!

Thanks to Rocco and the Team from Wingspan Pictures for filming this AutoNatic experience.

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  1. I think / am positive that I prefer Nat’s version of the L Word theme song to the real deal. #suckitBetty

  2. The sheer amazingness of that video was worth the 6 years it’s been since the actual event. Or the hour or whatever.

  3. I would buy an Autostraddle microphone if they were for sale.

    I was most jealous of Nat when I saw Jason Lewis AKA Smith Jerrod kiss her hand (I am a terrible lesbian, I know that) because seriously he’s so adorable and lovely.

    The editing work and like video graphics (is that a thing? is that what it’s called? i don’t know, i just read books) on this is superb. SUPERB.

    “Michelle Obama, Michelle Obama is here,” “are you going on tour?,” “your eyes are makeup?,” Nat is so funny.

    Jayne Lynch oh em gee.

  4. rad video kelsey! i’m coming to visit weekend of May 20-23. i’ll buy you belated bday shots, how abt that?

  5. Look at the Real L Word girl trying to be all trendy and cool by wearing sunglasses inside at night time and not smiling ever, doesnt work, it never does, it just makes people seem pretentious! Anyway, that was a great video, I was wishing Nicol Paone would start on another ramble but alas it was not to be. Thanks for recording this!


    one time, nat garcia gave me a tshirt. i wore it the other day.

  7. The “Real L Word” theme song makes the entire video for me! Positively amazing. I’m still laughing!

  8. I didn’t think anything could be cuter than Johnny Weir, and then there was Nat Garcia.

    Thumbs up editing, Kelsey.

  9. I don’t recommend watching this in the library. It was, however, quite excellent.

    • now i have enough happiness to study for another 10ish hours! jealousy of/pining for all the extreme cuteness might knock it down to 8 though. gosh!

  10. omg Nat, you made me laugh out loud (and type omg) because you are so adorable and hysterical. Too bad Wanda turned down that motorboating offer.

  11. She’s adorable and I really want to touch Johnny Weir’s hyper-mystical cheekbone. Also, I hate Nat for getting a Jane Lynch hair touch. JAYWORDS.

  12. Thank you for all the great comments! Kelsey you rock my socks off with your editing skills!!!

    • girl y’all got so many mad skillz. i rode my lollerskates through this whole vid. I SAID IT.

      • and Rocco’s directing/filming also is per ushe the icing on this fantastic cake of hilarious delight. yay for nat & kelsey & rocco & also for that random puppy. and the fact that “adam lambert” and the word “autostraddle” appeared in the same dimension for about three minutes pretty much made my head explode

  13. What Jane Lynch really meant by that was “Oh, that’s so exiting for me, because you’re incredibly cute. And hot.”

    Or I’m projecting. Either was, I love gay people.

    • this was just like when we went to the NYC GLAAD red carpet, right robin? right?

  14. Great shooting, great editing, great reporting. Well done ladies! Hilarious stuff!

  15. johnny weir is fabulous. (i just typed johnny weird?)

    also: jane fucking lynch.

    sweet video!

  16. great video! Nat is so cute/funny, loved the theme song. Johnny Weir is adorable.

  17. Nat is just the best interviewer! This was so funny. Super vid through and through, so thanks to all those involved!

  18. Aww that video is awesome!! Nat is super funny!!
    The part where she smells the back of the woman… hilarious!!
    And the Real L Word theme song…. wow!!
    Great interviews with interesting people!
    And good job on editing the video. Graphically appealing!

  19. Omg, this was so good. I love that microphone, and Nat (especially in green), and that puppy, and JANE LYNCH OMG, and Kelsey’s editing skillz, and so many other things!

  20. I’m sitting backstage at an Opera and I just LOLED. Oops- can’t take that one back.

  21. Oh Adam. <3

    Also, I think I have a humor crush on Nat. This video had me laughing out loud numerous times. :)

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