8 Books Featuring Bi+ People in Longterm Relationships

Given that identities are often assumed based on the gender of a person’s current partner(s), how do bi+ folks navigate longterm relationships? What effect does being in a longterm relationship have on a bi+ person’s understanding of self? How does their bi+ identity interact with intersecting identities and those of their partner(s)? How do poly and monogamous relationships differ for bi+ people? All those questions and more are explored in these fiction and non-fiction books about bi+ people!

Queer Comfort Reads for Tough Times

Comfort reads with queer characters to soothe you in today’s rough times! I’ve specifically picked books that are available in ebook format so that you can get a hold of them from the comfort of wherever your shelter in place is.

8 Great Books About Queer Monstrous Women

“Books about *monstrous women* of all varieties. Softhearted giantesses, feral shapeshifters, malicious sea creatures, lonely gorgons. Women with the strength of gods, women with fangs and fur, women formed of craggy rock or ice or fire.”