Lesbians in the Wild: Do These Birds Look Gay Trivia Quiz

April was Trivia Meet-Up Month here at Autostraddle, and we tested your abilities to recall 90s trivia, celesbian gossipactivist herstory, and assorted plot points relating to four gay franchises (#<3LesbianJughead). We loved trivia so much and y’all had so much fun with it that we created a few more quizzes for you in May!

Now it’s time to turn our eyes away from the screen, pick our heads up out of our books, and look outside. Yes, today’s the day for the wildlife themed quiz you’ve been waiting for your whole entire life! Without even knowing it! Check out these lesbians in the wild.*

*Also includes some domesticated lesbians. 

Lesbians In The Wild

  • 2. Identify the following gay looking birds:

  • 10. Among the Laysan albatross population on the island of Oahu, 31% of couples are female-female pairs. Select their image from the choices below.

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Laura Mandanas

Laura Mandanas is a Filipina American living in Boston. By day, she works as an industrial engineer. By night, she is beautiful and terrible as the morn, treacherous as the seas, stronger than the foundations of the Earth. All shall love her and despair. Follow her: @LauraMWrites.

Laura has written 210 articles for us.


  1. D

    I’m amazed I got that many right. My Natural Hisitory knowledge sucks. I need to read more non fiction.

  2. Quiz Grade: E
    Score: 7
    Percentage: 50%

    I don’t even care that I got a terrible score, this was the best quiz ever!

    Also, I refute that the answer to Q8 is not scientific.

  3. KILLED IT, this is the first AS quiz I think I’ve ever passed. (C, 71%)

    Also the birds. So in love!

  4. Finally my quiz has come! Ok, I only got B/86%, but I was very close on one that I missed, and actually knew all the answers that I got right instead of guessing, which is a first!

    • Same here! Looks like watching all of those nature documentaries has finally paid off hahaha

  5. Not sharing my score because as a wildlife biologist, it’s hella embarassing.

    I’d like to point out that the pictured cockatiel has male plumage, and is probably not a lesbian, although, she could be trans. And then made me wonder… if you gave birds hormone replacement therapy, could their plumage change on next molt to display the typical pattern of other sex? Some cursory searching the literature makes it seem like no one has ever tried. Screw conservation science, I think I’m changing careers…

    Now I’m down a rabbit hole of: do some animal species have gender? I mean, it’s doubtful that we invented the concept all by ourselves without at least some proto-versions along the evolutionary way. And certainly animals do seem to ‘perform’ gender in specific social settings and when competing for mates. So, are there animals that perform gender in ways different than their biological sex (I’m talking about behaviours that could be construed as gender performativity that are non-sexual, not same-sex sexual activities), and what happens to them?


    Also any fellow of the 2% bird owners out here?

    • Urgh, I tried to say ‘could be a trans lesbian’, but failed, and now can’t edit my comment.

    • I don’t have any answers but you should totally keep researching and write a book! I promise to buy a copy!

    • Okay I made an account just so I could respond to this comment because ohmygosh yes.

      Do you remember this maned lion a few years ago? They grew a mane and roar like a male of the species to deter predictors. Are they trans? Who is to say they are not. Regardless, I love them.

      Also, I am fairly certain there are many instances of ‘female’ members of a species that take on ‘male’ roles and behaviors when no ‘males’ are present in a community.

      Check out clownfish (and like, a ton of other types of fish) that change sex based on breeding availability or age/maturity!

  6. Good job!
    Quiz Grade: A
    Score: 14
    Percentage: 100%

    Growing up the green cake was always the first slice I got in Trivial Pursuit (orange was always last).

    Also, I got more and more invested as I went along, and spent at least 5 minutes sipping tea and debating probabilities of AS pet ownership statistics.

  7. Great quiz overall, but why the hell were whiptail lizards and clownfish left out!?
    Also, I love seahorses even more now.

  8. Listen I never do well on these quizzes but IT DOESN’T EVEN MATTER THEY ARE SO FUN!

  9. I’m not surprised I got all the bird questions right since bird calls are how lesbians find each other in the wild.

  10. Good job!
    Quiz Grade: C
    Score: 11
    Percentage: 79%

    Perhaps my best showing yet!

  11. Good job!
    Quiz Grade: B
    Score: 12
    Percentage: 86%

    Best I’ve done on an AS quiz so far!

  12. Hi Laura, I’m just here to point out an inaccuracy in this quiz. On question 8, I chose “Dolphins are just gay sharks” and that was wrong for some reason??

    Dolphins are definitely, scientifically, one hundo p just gay sharks so I’m not sure why that answer was marked incorrect. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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