Try Your Liquid Luck With This Harry Potter Trivia Quiz

The only thing I love more than talking about Harry Potter is answering questions about Harry Potter to show-off how smart I am and then asking other people questions about Harry Potter so they can show-off how smart they are and then talking to a bunch of show-offs about Harry Potter. I like testing and being tested as much as Hermione Granger, you could say. This quiz is adapted from a full game of Harry Potter Jeopardy I created; I just pulled medium-level questions from all the categories. If you ever want to play the full game, bring some Butterbeer to my house and I will dazzle you.

Harry Potter Trivia

Please let me know your score along with your Hogwarts house in the comments.

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Heather Hogan

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  1. 93% which is probably a shame for Ravenclaw but in my defence I’ve only read Harry Potter in my tongue language so some of the original names are super tricky

  2. A 93%, Griffindor

    Should’ve remembered how many points a golden snitch is worth. But also, hot take, but why the hell does anyone bother to play the rest of the game when the snitch is fucking 150 points?? The rest of the team should just help the seeker in a bizarre aerial scavenger hunt instead of bludgeoning each other to death

    • I imagine that the Seeker is the only one allowed to catch the Snitch. Otherwise you would hear in the stories of occasionally someone else doing that.

    • I have thought about this a lot and also agree! They talk a lot about how they have to win by a certain margin in order to surpass x other house, so I think it’s about that. I have always wondered, though, if there’s ever a team that has great chasers and a bad or unlucky/injured seeker that has managed to win despite not catching the snitch? Do they ever mention this?

  3. Ooh does this mean you like sortinghatchats?! I’m a Ravenclaw Primary and Gryffindor Secondary!

    • There is a tumblr called sortinghatchats devoted to a sorting where everyone has two houses- your primary is why you do things, and your secondary is how. (But the mods also incorporate the importance of choice.) I really love the theory, you should check it out!

  4. 87% – the shame! This is why I can’t call myself a Ravenclaw! (I’ve done multiple tests multiple times and they’re all like, ‘maybe you’re in Ravenclaw but IDK you also could be in Gryffindor, no further questions’)

      • Same exactly too! Are either of you reluctant Hufflepuffs? Three separate sources have confirmed my house as Hufflepuff but I always thought I was a Ravenclaw </3

        • I’m the opposite. I feel like a Hufflepuff but tend to get put in Ravenclaw. (I only scored 53% so I’m Harry Potter is not a subject that would make me a Ravenclaw anyway!)

  5. 93% as a newly accepted Slytherin (I closed pottermore for a while after I was sorted.. I was expecting Ravenclaw) I think I did pretty well. I always over read each time when Ollivander mentioned wands, so.. it’s Holly and phoenix feather.. holly, holly.. holly

  6. 100%! Irl I’m the most Hufflepuff Hufflepuff, but I play a Harry Potter RPG with friends where my character turned out to be a Gryffindor.

  7. 100%! Pleased but not really surprised, seeing as me and my brother once won a Harry Potter table quiz (it was awesome, also it was on halloween and hosted in this super old building with a very hogwarts vibe, and most people came in costume, so it was like the coolest evening ever and basically just a highlight of my childhood!). But it’s good to know I’ve still got it!

    (also I’m a proud hufflepuff with some slightly ravenpuff-y tendencies)

  8. 87% (shame, shame, although I haven’t read or watched any of it in at least two years) and Slytherin! And Gemini and INFJ, since AS seems to be on the personality test train recently, and I feel like the combination of these three things really gives some profound insight into my character

  9. I’m a proud Slytherin, but I should have scored higher than this.

    Quiz Grade: B
    Score: 12
    Percentage: 80%

      • About the score!

        BUT since you asked, haha, I always thought in my lil heart I was a slytherin, but then came pottermore e BAM I’m a gryffindor (what?), then late last year I did a Cambridge University test about hogwarts houses and it put me in ravenclaw (whaaat?) so last night I did both tests again (pottermore 7 years later and Cambridge), same answers!!
        I guess it’s a safe choice to say I’m in ravenclaw since I’m a med student mainly driven by my academic life, but will I ever be sure? Nope.

        • Ha, super fair! I tend to think the self-sorting is the truest, since after all you can ask the house to put you in a specific house and that would be taken into account. Also, you know yourself better than some online test!

          I will say that a bit of my motivation for wanting to be in Ravenclaw (if we were actually at Hogwarts) is that it seems so obviously to be the best house from a social AND academic perspective — like, it would be great to be in class with other Ravenclaws, because they’d have such interesting things to say, but also you could talk to and become friends with people from all the different houses. At least in the books, it seems like Ravenclaws can kind of move freely and be respected by/interact with all the other houses, and sort of remain above the fray when the dumb prejudiced fighting gets going. Maybe this is a very Slytherin-y reason to want to be in Ravenclaw (if you see if as social climbing), or a very Hufflepuff-y reason (if you see it as just wanting to be friends with everyone). But I can’t imagine it not being a factor in my decision if I were in the Great Hall and the sorting hat were plopped onto my head. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

          • Oops, that second sentence should read “you can ask the sorting hat to put you in a specific house.”

          • You made an excellent point! I guess I would only feel at home in ravenclaw; like I’m too shy and introvert to be friendly and easy going as a hufflepuff, and there is too much self doubt in this body to call myself slytherin or gryffindor!
            I feel like I could spend days talking about scientific things and theories, like I can’t do small talk at all, but I can explain anything if needed.
            I wasn’t feeling sure about ravenclaw but yeah, I already recognized you as a house mate! Cheers!

  10. 100% and I’m for sure a Hufflepuff, the house JK was the laziest in creating. I’m convinced the only reason we are the hard working house is because toil was the only thing she could think of to rhyme with loyal(we are “unafraid of toil” according to the sorting hat). Not to mention the one song where that damn hat says Hufflepuff would take “the rest”, this cementing us in the minds of most as the house of the others. Not entirely wrong in that I think we would clearly be the house for anybody who feels like they don’t belong elsewhere but still, poorly developed and with the most prominent Hufflepuffs in the original series besides Cedric Diggory being very un-Hufflepuff(I’m looking at you Zacharias Smith and Ernie Macmillan). I have a lot of Harry Potter related thoughts and feelings.

    • You sound like my girlfriend and so I love everything about your comment (this isn’t sarcasm I promise)

      A Slytherin

    • Ravenclaw who loves a lot of Hufflepuffs here. I totally agree that there should have been more great Hufflepuffs in the books! A lot of the best things about Hufflepuff ~lore~ I think have come from great/dedicated fans trying to fill in the gaps.

      That said, I totally get why taking “the rest” sounds bad, BUT I do think that inclusiveness & acceptance of all kinds of different people IS a key Hufflepuff trait and one of their best qualities. I (like to) think that JK ultimately made the point that all other houses’ senses of superiority and ~merit-based selection processes that focused on one specific trait were unfounded at best and creepy/elitist/supremacist at worst. I wish she went into this more, and I wish that she let characters from all the houses explicitly realize the problems with sorting period (as opposed to just “sorting too young”) and with prioritizing one quality/characteristic over all others.

      • I identify as a Hufflepuff despite lots of quizzes saying I am Ravenclaw. I agree inclusiveness is a positive thing, so is loyalty. I always feel like Hufflepuff is the kindest house.

        I would like to have Gryffindor traits but I don’t think I’m brave at all.

      • Oh I absolutely agree that inclusiveness is a GREAT quality and one that makes me proud to be a Hufflepuff, but because I feel like the primary Hufflepuff quality(loyalty) isn’t emphasized enough in the books a lot of people latch on to that as there being no main thing that makes you a Hufflepuff. Mind you that resulted in a hilarious Second City sketch among other things, but just a pet peeve. I think it’s just something that, because Hufflepuffs got such a bad rap early on, isn’t understood by most folks which is a shame.

        I feel you though, I think JK could have really further explored the problems with sorting and all the elitist shit that exists in the wizarding world.

    • I see what you mean, in that Hufflepuff is a bit of an afterthought. Hufflepuff characters should have gotten more to do. But I still think the Hufflepuff book characters are written with more complexity than the Slytherin ones. There is no Slytherin version of Cedric Diggory.

      There isn’t a single admirable Slytherin student at Hogwarts during Harry’s entire time there. Crabbe and Goyle aren’t especially cunning, ambitious, or resourceful. Pansy Parkinson, Blaise Zabini, Malfoy, the Quidditch team- none of these people demonstrate the good Slytherin qualities we are told about. Slughorn isn’t evil, but he’s also an elitist who revels in his ties to the 1%. And Snape… well, Dumbledore even suggests that Snape was ‘sorted too soon.’ Andromeda Tonks’s decision to marry a muggle-born seems more exceptional, like Pettigrew’s cowardice.

      Yes, I know that some of the descriptors of Slytherin house are about ambition, leadership etc, but the actual Slytherin characters in the books don’t conform to those ideals any more than the Soviet Union conformed to actual Marxist theory. If anything, it’s the fandom who have rehabilitated Slytherin house into what it could have been if Rowling had depicted the house with nuance. Good Slytherins are sort of like Gay Dumbledore: Rowling told us about them instead of showing them to us in the books themselves.

      • This is very true, especially about fandom doing a lot of the legwork in rehabilitating the Slytherin image. I always think of Malfoy as a “good” Slytherin character (Draco and also Narcissa, to some extent), but a lot of that is extrapolating from the very last minute good-ish stuff in the books, as opposed to actually in the text. The best thing you really can say for book-Malfoy is that he was too weak to actually go through with being a full death eater, but not that he didn’t try or want to. I guess there’s also Regulus Black, and of course Snape, but it would be nice to have not-a-Nazi as well as reformed-former-Nazi as an example of your house’s best, wouldn’t it?

        • Oh, I guess technically the “best” Slytherin ever would have been Merlin? Lol. Your point about there not being a Cedric Diggory in Slytherin/no admirable students in the house during Harry’s time there def still stands.

        • The Malfoys’ best actions were motivated by cowardice and the desire to save themselves, not by having a conscience. Would they have behaved the same way if Voldemort hadn’t humiliated and abused them so much? I suspect not. They’re the Melania Trumps of the story; being marginally less evil than their friends isn’t much of a victory.

          I would argue that Slughorn is the best Slytherin in the books, but the bar is so low that his lack of Nazi sympathies is remarkable. As a teacher, Slughorn does encourage students who are naturally skilled (along with those who enjoy the unearned privilege of being connected to famous people), but he has no desire to really engage with the rest of the class. His treatment of Ron shows us his true character and it’s not especially admirable.

          • Yeah, also I feel like Slughorn would get “sympathizer” at least? Like in the truest sense of finding death eaters at least somewhat sympathetic characters. And yeah, he seems like the type of benignly racist old man who is like “wow, you’re really smart for a mudblood!!” as if that is the ultimate compliment. But yeah, definitely still good compared to other Slytherins.

            I do have a bit of a soft spot for the Malfoys — I feel like Narcissa at least is definitely motivated by motherly love. Which normally I would say is only one step up from saving your own skin, but considering it’s sort of the foundation for the whole mythology in HP/set up as ~the purest thing/something that can defeat evil~, I suspect JK means for us to sympathize with. And as far as the Melania Trump comparison goes, I think that’s super apt, and not least because I do *not* get the sense that Lucius treats Narcissa well.

            I think I definitely ascribe motivations/morals to Draco that may or may not actually be there. Part of that is because he’s 16, and trying to follow orders and clearly going through complicated and belated “is my dad actually…..bad???” and “wow, killing a teacher you sort of begrudgingly respect is…hard??” realizations, but, idk, if we forgive everything Ron and Harry did and said at the same age, I’m sort of inclined to be gentle on Draco as well? Of course it depends how much you take the epilogue into account, but I do get the sense that he’s at least semi-reformed at that point.

            All that said, I definitely still agree with your main point! We shouldn’t have to be splitting hairs on which character is slightly less evil, lol.

      • I definitely wouldn’t argue about Slytherins getting a terrible reputation based on the books, with no redeeming qualities being evident, but I think there’s a reason a lot of people are self proclaimed Slytherins and fewer are Hufflepuffs. I think a lot of that comes back to people being unclear about what actually makes you a Hufflepuff and that most people recognize that ambition and cunning aren’t inherently bad things. Or people wanna be a badass or whatever. I had a discussion with a good friend who is a Slytherin who has had people accuse her of being selfish because she’s ambitious except her ambition is entirely rooted in being able to take care of the people she loves, not for her own ego.

        I’m mostly just bitter because it’s so fucking hard to find Hufflepuff swag in stores since so few people wanted to be a Hufflepuff for so long and so many still don’t. That’s really the reason I want to rehabilitate the house image, I want it to be easier and cheaper for me to display my big gay Hufflepuff nerd-ness :)

  11. wow, quite poor at 67%, just off the top of my head. but I’ll own up to it in the spirit of overcoming publication bias (i.e. full representation of scores in comments) and hence truly embodying both my Ravenclaw past (old test) and Gryffindor present (after the test changed a couple years back)

    • True enough that a lot of us participate in this community because we are less interested in wand details, but as the video for Pynk referenced with the baseball bat, some women _do_ have wands…just sayin’… ;)

  12. 73%. I am a bit disappointed in myself. Also I’m a Slytherclaw (because I like snakes and green, but also I love books, and also I am very contrary and resist the idea of being defined by a single hosue ?).

  13. Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!
    Quiz Grade: C
    Score: 11
    Percentage: 73%

    Buuuuuut on two the correct answer was my second choice. I’m not sure what house I’m in.

  14. B 12 80%…

    I can only offer that I had not had my full complement of tea this morning.

    Subversive Slytherin with a Hufflepuff heart.

  15. 93%. So embarrassing, honestly! It’s like I haven’t ever even read Hogwarts: A History.

    I’m a Ravenclaw BUT a very emotional/fragile one who has only read each death scene once, hence getting that question wrong. Also I was sort of thinking “Heather wouldn’t choose an actually tragic death for this fun/delightful quiz, it’s gotta be Bellatrix.” I forgot you love to make us cry!!

  16. 100%, Gryffindor! Heather, you are a gift to us all. I hope I get to play the full game someday.

    I used to play Harry Potter quiz time with some kids I nannied–we would take turns asking each other obscure HP trivia questions for hours. Which is to say: if I ever do get to play, I feel prepared to win.

  17. I just read everyone else’s scores and I am definitely not going to comment mine now.

    -Shamefaced Gryffindor

  18. 100% for this Ravenclaw! I’m honestly a bit surprised, I had to guess for a lot of these

  19. 60% – D

    I’m a self-diagnosed Ravenclaw with a Hufflepuff wing, but I’ve never done any of the formal tests.

    It’s a terrible quiz grade, but not too terrible considering how long it’s been since I read HP and that I didn’t study ahead of time.

  20. Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!
    Quiz Grade: D
    Score: 10
    Percentage: 67%

    I literally listen to these books every night while I’m trying to fall asleep, and I’ve read them at least five times each (except for the last couple), HOW ARE ALL THE AUTOSTRADDLE QUIZZES SO HARDDDD

  21. 87% and I’m a big ol’ Hufflepuff. Dropped the ball on the wands, as it seems a lot of people did! Also totally messed up whose last line that was, good craic though!

  22. 53%. So. I haven’t cracked a Harry Potter book in over a decade and I guess I once went on that one site and got my house, but I don’t remember what it is.

    … several minutes later…

    Turns out I never sorted myself and now I’m a Slytherin and I’m having FEELINGS.

    • Whew! I spoke with my fiance and she says she won’t break up with me, though she does say that I seem more like a Hufflepuff. Truer words were never spoken.

      • How ingenious, fellow Slytherin, disguising yourself as a Hufflepuff. She’ll never suspect a thing.

  23. Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!
    Quiz Grade: D
    Score: 9
    Percentage: 60%

    Ravenclaw, thought i would do better. But then again i have read the books many times in swedish and only 6 of them one time in english so some of it must be because of that.

  24. 67%, Slytherin :/

    I guess being cunning and blindly ambitious didn’t come to my aid here…

  25. Easy 100%, and Ravenclaw with Hufflepuff as a close second. This is the only area where I will actually brag about how good I am. I know it’s insufferable but I’m really good. The series was really important to me growing up, and I needed something to be better at than my older brothers. I basically memorized the entire series.

  26. 100%, Slytherin/Ravenclaw.
    I had no friends as a child and spent most of my time memorizing Harry Potter trivia.

  27. 100% and happy Hufflepuff :) Spent most of my youth (8-16 I think) reading and re-reading Harry Potter, and now re-reading it again at 27. It’s making my commutes so much more enjoyable! I count myself as a huge HP buff and I nearly rage quit when my friend beat me at the HP travel trivial pursuit game…

  28. Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!
    Quiz Grade: C
    Score: 11
    Percentage: 73%

    I’m a Gryffindor, last I checked.

  29. I’m a Ravenclaw and got a B/13/87%. Definitely kicking myself for the ones I got wrong but very satisfied with how quickly I was able to answer most of them. I really want to reread the series now, I haven’t done it in years!!

  30. 100%!

    Honestly, as a ravenclaw who’s reread the entire series at least fifteen times, to get anything less would be a disgrace to both my house and like, my family. (My brother would never let me hear the end of it, that Gryffindor bastard.)

  31. 87% – i got stumped on the wood harry’s wand was made of and points for the golden snitch. im in ravenclaw but am not very detail oriented – im much more focused on the big picture

  32. 100%, Hufflepuff!! I now want to be tested on all of Heather’s hardest questions from her HP Jeopardy. I am generally awful at trivia and Harry Potter is one of the very few categories that I feel like I could hold my own.

  33. 100% Ravenclaw here.

    I once lost a HP trivia contest in the lightening round because I didn’t know the name of Argus Filch’s predecessor as Caretaker of Hogwarts.

    The other team did, so… you know… they deserved to win.

  34. 93% , Gryffindor with a touch of Ravenclaw.
    I‘m volunteering to organize a trivia/butterbeer event for Clexacon or whatever.

  35. How come we were graded in foolish muggle system? 100% and all I got was an A? Acceptable? That’s offending.
    Anyway, full Gryffindor, gotta find a fight.

  36. 100% and very Ravenclaw! I know far too much about the depths of the Harry Potter series. (Anyone else listen to Witch, Please? They name-dropped Autostraddle once!)

    • Oh Witch Please is one of my favourite podcasts! So much fun thinking about Harry Potter through a critical feminist lens.

  37. 100%, Ravenclaw. These questions do not even begin to test the limits of my Harry Potter knowledge.

  38. 100% – Hufflepuff! Not to brag, but I’ve always excelled at Harry Potter quizzes. I wish they came up more in day-to-day life. Although, I did have to guess what Harry’s wand was made of and had a moment of “oh god, Heather’s got me”. This was fun and I’m actually impressed that I was able to remember so many details as it’s been awhile since I’ve done a proper reread.

  39. Grade: B
    Score: 13
    Percentage: 87

    I’d like to think I’d be in Ravenclaw, but I’m more musically inclined than anything else and if I’m being honest I’m a Hufflepuff.

  40. I used my time turner to go back and try again so I could get a better score…10 points from Hufflepuff…but 5 back for confessing.

  41. B/12/80%

    i thought i was a slytherin but my mom insisted i was a gryffindor and she’s usually right about most things so i suppose i’m a gryffindor.

  42. A! Although, I embarrassingly forgot how many points a snitch was worth. It’s funny all the random fictional information I’ve retained over the years.

    Hufflepuff (but there’s probably a bit of Ravenclaw in there too)

  43. 100%! But shout out to my fiancee for an assist on the Yule Ball question when I was doubting myself. Proud Gryffindor here. (Hufflepuff fiancee)

  44. 87%, Slytherin
    Kind of bummed to get a B, but I’m giving myself kudos for knowing most of the answers based off of the HP fanfic I still read (as I haven’t done a reread of the books in over 10 years).

  45. 100% and a Hufflepuff!

    I might not know my herstory or celesbian gossip, but I sure as hell know Harry Potter! :D

  46. Quiz Grade: B
    Score: 12
    Percentage: 80%

    I’m a Ravenclaw/Hufflepuff hybrid. Taking this quiz today helped me finally figure that out by encouraging me to do some research (so Ravenclaw) and self-reflection (so Hufflepuff). I think that I did very well on this quiz, considering that I read the books only once about 13 years ago and I watched the movies only a few times around the time when each one was newly released. This makes me realize that I’m long overdue for a reread and rewatch of the series, so that’s something to look forward to doing soon!

  47. I missed one and I am VERY disappointed in myself lol. I am a Hufflepuff. As a child I wanted to be Ravenclaw, but I am a ‘puff in nearly every way.

  48. 100%, obviously. I dunno, I’ve been sorted into every house on Pottermore because I’m fickle and a changeling. So, a bit of everything?

  49. I got a 27%. Oops. Dopey Gryffindor here. I’ve read all the books, but it was mostly when they were released, so the details have faded… also I’m pretty bad with details.

  50. Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!
    Quiz Grade: E
    Score: 7
    Percentage: 47%

    Here is a blasphemous Gryffindor who – deep breath – doesn’t really care about Harry Potter? My Slytherin wife finds this utterly unseemly, but I just never LOVED it the way other people love it, so I read the books a million years ago and have never gotten around to watching the final film. You may shame me as you see fit.

    (If I may win back a small bit of dignity, I did read the Welsh version of the first book; Hufflepuff is called Wfftipwff, which is pronounced “Oof-tea-poof” and I think is one of the best translations ever.)

  51. 100%, which is not surprising for anyone who has met my Ravenclaw-ass. Pottermore keeps trying to insist I’m Gryffindor or sometimes Slytherin???? Like. I have no ambition, I am not cunning, and I have the people/politicking skills of an avalanche, so why the eff are you thinking I belong in Slytherin???? Someone would slit my obnoxious often pedantic throat like three days in in my sleep just so they could have some peace in the dorm. I can GET why I get Gryffindor because like okay yes, sure, I do a fucking adventure sport as my main Thing, much daring so bravery wow. (But like really if you wanna throw in a potential second house that I MIGHT belong in it’d be Hufflepuff bc multiple people have described me as essentially a golden retriever in attitude and loyalty.)

  52. Score 13, 87%. Gryffindor and bits of Hufflepuff/Ravenclaw. I’m a hatstall!

    Forgot about Harry’s and Cho’s date and what band Dumbledore booked for the Yule ball. Have to read up on Goblet of Fire and Order of the Phoenix i see!

  53. Ravenclaw here, and I got an 87% which I was a little disappointed about! I picked the other wand wood that starts with an “H,” and then… did I completely black out because I don’t ever remember an ice cream shop in Diagon Alley…

  54. 93% for me. It’s been a while since I’ve read book 5 and Sirius’s last words.
    Hufflepuff, by the way.

  55. Quiz Grade: A
    Score: 14
    Percentage: 93%

    Disappointed in myself for not picking the Weird Sisters. I second guessed myself at the last minute.

  56. 100 % and Ravenclaw. And my favorite character is of course Albus Dumbledore, or Albus Humlesnurr as we call him in Norway. Had to name my dog after him, and I even think he is beginning to look a little bit like him. We’ll see when he turns hundred and fifteen !

  57. Quiz Grade: B
    Score: 13
    Percentage: 87%

    Gryffindor. I’m extremely disappointed in myself for forgetting where Harry took Cho on their first date and (more importantly) which wood Harry’s wand was made of. Come on, self! You can do better!

  58. 87%, a solid score from a reliable Hufflepuff who’s bad at sports, even magical ones. Amazing quiz, thank you HH!

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