Trivial Cahoots: How Well Do You Know The Disney Channel Original Movies That Made Us Gay?

Not only do many of us have fond memories of watching Disney Channel Original Movies, but many of us have just as strong memories of those movies awakening something deep within us. DCOMS are some of the best made-for-tv movies of all time. They feature talented young actors, great songs and fun stories. Plus, these movies usually starred teen Disney actresses and featured themes of being true to yourself, girl power and self love, so it’s really no wonder that a whole generation of teen girls watched them and became gay.

You probably already know what the gayest DCOMs are, but do you think you know everything there is to know about these movies?

Disney Comedy Trivia

  • 5. What wildly lesbian name does Selena Gomez’s character have in Princess Protection Program alongside Demi Lovato’s Princess Sophia?

  • 7. Who is the Disney actress that plays tough-as-nails Cadet Captain Jenny Stone, the officer who whips Hillary Duff’s character into shape in Cadet Kelly?

  • 8. Which Shakespeare play is the basis for Motocrossed, a DCOM about a girl disguising herself as her twin brother so that she can race motocross and look like a butch?

  • 12. We all know that Ron and Kim kiss in Kim Possible Movie: So the Drama, but which sexy villain should Kim have really kissed?

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  1. Haha the Kim Possible one xD

    What could it be?


    • Missgo could technically be acceptable since Shego goes by the name Miss Go in the episode “Stop Team Go” when Electronique turns Shego good and her brothers evil.

  2. I’m way out of my depth in these extremely detailed questions but I love the format! Looking forward to more of these ^_^

  3. Metal band named Girls on the Hunt with a lesbian Robin Hood concept album: something I would buy.

  4. Not enough of the classics, what is this Lemonade Mouth, Princess Protection program stuff lol

    Oh Motorcrossed <3

  5. 73% which is pretty good considering I have not had cable since 2007 so anything released after that I only know by cultural osmosis.

  6. Quiz Grade: C
    Score: 11
    Percentage: 73%

    But that’s only actually having seen one of these movies, “Motorcrossed”.

    • I think I’ve only seen 3 of these—Mottocrossed, Double Team, and Get a Clue. I got the same score as you, though, and never even heard of some of the rest.

  7. I got 80%. Considering I only remember watching “PPP,” “Motocrossed” and “Cadet Kelly,” I feel pretty good about.
    Also: “alongside Demi Lovato’s Princess Sophia” MEY I know you didn’t forget Princess Rosalinda Maria Montoya Fioré’s full and legal title! Isn’t Sophia her mom’s name? :p

  8. My sister and I taped Motocrossed (like on an actual VHS tape…) and watched it so many times that the VHS broke and we were devastated!

    Also, it should be noted that my sister and I are both queer so OF COURSE we watched that movie until the tape broke.

  9. I’ve not seen any of these films! However, I can get one answer right, I’m betting, because the Motorcrossed one sounds like the plot to Twelfth Night, which I did for O-Level English Literature.

  10. 100%! Which is surprising because I’ve only seen 10/15.

    I love that you included Gotta Kick It Up! Such an underrated movie.

  11. Pretty sure Motocrossed is my butch root. That was my “Ring of Keys” moment. I taped it onto VHS from TV and watched it over and over again.

    Also I now have to rewatch as many DCOMs as I can today since I’m on bedrest for the day. *cracks knuckles* my time has come.

  12. This was amazing, I loved all the questions! I thought I might suck at this cause after the Zenon question because I watched most of the movies in the dubbed portuguese versions and had to guess that one, but I didn’t!


  13. To be fair, the twins in Double Teamed originally played Volleyball before they got scouted for Basketball.

    Also, like every millennial queer, Motocrossed was 100% my sexual awakening.

  14. E/3/20

    I got one question right because it was a Shakespeare reference. The other two I just guessed. I have never seen any of these Disney shows or movies. They were way after my time. I grew up watching John Wayne movie reruns on TV, which may be a gay origin story in and of itself.

  15. It’s a wonder I got the 33% that I did considering I’ve never seen a single DCOM; I should have called my 30 year old sister for some hints. Enjoying these quizzes!

  16. Man, you do quizes around here that I look at and I’m like, Wow that’s before my time… then you do this one and I’m like I’m an ancient old thing. I don’t know what any of this stuff is.

  17. 14/15 – 93% (A)

    Pretty happy with this for only seeing maybe 10 on the list? Stopped keeping up with DCOM somewhere around Cheetah Girls I think.

  18. No mention of Gabriella from Brink?! Peruvian tomboy who brings a spare outfit to the first day of school after her mom makes her wear a dress?! Who gives her spare sneakers to her friend after his get tossed on a wire by Val?!

  19. Double Teamed was maybe the worst name ever for a children’s movie???

    (but as a twin, i appreciated the representation.)

  20. B (87%) I stopped watching around Lemonade Mouth and Geek Charming so the rest were guesses

  21. 87% I don’t know if I should be amused or embarrassed that I know that much about DCOMS at 32!

  22. this is the only quiz so far i have done well on thank you mey i have something to gloat about this month

  23. B/13/87%

    “Good job cadet! We salute your DCOM knowledge!”
    Loved the note of encouragement. I will definitely remember it in my life as one of my favorites (and one of the gayest).

    I think that’s an excellent score, considering that only 6 of the 18 DCOMs that I’ve watched were part of this quiz (I counted). But I really have to thank Mey for exponentially increasing my knowledge of all of the DCOMs with her informative article from last summer ranking each of them by lesbianism.

  24. A/14/93%, pretty proud of that

    I watched Lemonade Mouth with a kid I was babysitting like 5 years ago and distinctly remember thinking that the main actress came across as super gay to me. Flash forward a few years, tumblr introduced me to a new artist named Hayley Kiyoko who I promptly googled, then congratulated myself on my excellent gaydar.

  25. 100%. I’d like to thank my sheltered upbringing and big huge crush on Christy Carlson Romano. I think I’ve just peaked?

  26. 60%. Guess I couldn’t Bop to the Top but it’s ok because we’re All In This Together.

  27. Quiz Grade: B
    Score: 13
    Percentage: 87%

    Sidenote: Cadet Kelly was such an important movie for this baby queer.

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