Total ’90s Lesbian Trivia Quiz

In April we’ll be kicking off our Trivia Meet-Ups month, in which Autostraddlers from all around the world will host local meet-ups that involve some kind of trivia game! Because trivia is fun, and guided activities are nature’s best water-based lubricant for otherwise potentially awkward social intercourse.

But, even if you can’t go or meet-ups aren’t your thing, good news: you can play trivia games on the internet right here! We’ll have a few in March, and a bunch in April.

Today’s topic? ’90s lesbian arts & pop culture. So go ahead and pop Swamp Ophelia into your discman and let’s get this party started! In the comments, please let me know: 1. your score, 2. what year you were born. For the record, my score is “100” and I was born in 1981.

If you cheat and look stuff up then you’re going to have to live with that for the rest of your life, so think about that long and hard before you do it.

Total '90s Lesbian Trivia

  • 2. What is the name of this then-identified "all-dyke" punk queercore band from San Francisco that was notorious for its wild stage shows (including 1994's "Tits & Tofu Tour") during which lead singer Lynn Breedlove would often perform topless while wearing a strap-on?

  • 6. The lesbian erotic magazine pictured here, described as "Entertainment for the Adventurous Lesbian," launched in the mid-'80s and went bankrupt in 1995 before getting a second life from 1998-2006. What was it called?

  • 9. This musician won a 1997 Grammy for "Give Me One Reason" but her first nomination was in 1989, for "Fast Car."

  • 11. Who is getting married in this picture?

  • 15. This legendary lesbian writer and activist was named New York's Poet Laureate in 1991.

  • 21. The lesbian photographer who took these pictures, well-known for her photographs of LA freeways, the leather-dyke community, queer families, and high school football players; was commissioned by LACMA in 1995 to make a "Dyke Deck," a deck of playing cards with pictures of LGBT "queens" and "kings." What's her name?

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