Join Us This April For TRIVIAL CAHOOTS: Autostraddle Queer Trivia Meet-Up Month!

Have you ever been hanging out at a trivia event, trying to enjoy a rousing round of good natured competitive fun with pals, when you realize…this would be so much better if it was a lot more queer? Same. All trivia lovers have been there – your local trivia night is rad, it really is (or hey, maybe it really isn’t) but like, where are the entirely queer trivia rounds of our dreams?!

It is in fact such a universal feeling that when Autostraddle readers Nico and Abbey tweeted the suggestion that Autostraddle host regular Trivia Nights and I put out a very casual temperature check to The Twitter Masses to see if folks would be interested, the response blew me away. It was immediately clear: we’ve gotta get together and host some very gay trivia nights.

As community editor, I live to give the people what they want. And thus, thanks to a brilliant idea from two loyal readers, enthusiastic excitement from the community, and our fearless leader Riese’s deep love for all things trivia, our latest Meet-Up was born. Welcome to TRIVIAL CAHOOTS, Autostraddle’s April Meet-Up Month! We are SO EXCITED to get nerdy with you in a variety of ways!

So here’s the deal about how this is gonna go down: April is Trivial Cahoots Meet-Up Month! Insert wild cheering from the crowd here! We’re counting on YOU to host a trivia event in your respective city / town / neighborhood / commune! If your local Autostraddle Meet-Up group loves the event, perhaps you can work on making it a regular series! Also! Along with the IRL meet-ups, we’ll be publishing an original queer trivia series on this very website, Autostraddle dot com, with topics ranging from Sex Toy History to Basketball to Lesbian Herstory to Carol! That’s right! You will be able to take actual multiple choice quizzes written by Autostraddle staff members all through the month of April! We’re even going to publish two quizzes this month in March, as a little teaser for what’s to come, because we love you! Good goddess, life is good.

Let’s Talk About Logistics

Check out the post we published today, written by Lesbian Trivia Master Riese Bernard, about how to host a successful trivia night! It will answer all your burning questions like “should I pick a theme for trivia?” and “what makes a good host?” and “how do I make sure the contestants stay engaged?”

One other thing to consider is location. Where should you host your trivia event? Traditional “trivia nights” often happen in bars, but don’t be intimidated if you don’t want to ask a bar owner if they’ll host your trivia event. We’ve successfully hosted many trivia events at A-Camp in a large empty room and they were very fun. If you do want to partner with a bar, emphasize to them that you’ll be bringing in a lot of people and that if it goes well it could become a regular monthly event (which means regular customers for them!).

As always, reaching out to queer business owners is highly encouraged; if you have a local queer-owned restaurant, coffeeshop, community center, or bookstore in your town, they are great places to reach out to when organizing events like this. But don’t feel bad if you end up hosting trivia in your backyard – as long as you all have a surface to write your answers on and the ability to hear the host, your event will be great.

I also want you to know that if you’re nervous about writing trivia questions even after we publish our Very Helpful Post later today, you should reach out to each other in the comments for tips and advice! More than a few of y’all emailed me after the initial tweets that birthed this idea to say how much you love hosting trivia and how excited you’d be to help out with such an event for Autostraddle, so please use our incredible community resources and connect with one another! Seeing y’all chat and share and connect in the comments is literally the number one best part of my job – I can’t wait to hear what y’all come up with!

Oh, and one last thing…if you post on social media about this, keep us in the loop! #TrivialCahoots, duh. <3

Are You Ready To Participate In Trivial Cahoots: Autostraddle Meet-Up Month? Submit Your Meet-Up Plans Here!

Meet-Up Schedule, TBA

(As events are submitted, we will update this post to reflect all the IRL Queer Trivia Events happening in April!)

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  1. THIS IS THE BEST IDEA EVER I LOVE TRIVIA. my friends and i go to geeks who drink every week during the summer and literally the only thing that could make it better would be making it gayer. ask and ye shall receive!

  2. SO EXCITED for this!! We have a pretty active Seattle ‘Straddlers meetup group (sometimes meeting for local trivia nights), so this is perfect! Yay! ?

  3. DC has a trivia team called “The Straddlers”. They post about it on the For Capital Straddlers FB group!

  4. “how do I make sure the contestants stay engaged?”

    Don’t worry, if your attendees are queer women, it would be a surprise if at least two don’t meet/engage/marry over the course of the night.

  5. There was a lesbian bar called Cahoots in my hometown back in the 90’s. I have a lot of trivia about that place.

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