30 Days of Carol: Day 24 – The Carolhead Trivia Quiz

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Piggybacking off of yesterday’s Carol trivia post, we have for you the first ever Carolhead trivia quiz. Helping ease us into Trivia Meet-Ups Month, it’s the second quiz in the long line of Autostraddle quizzes that await you next month, and follows Riese’s “Total ‘90s Lesbian” quiz that bested us all. Joke’s now of her, though, because according to her, she got a whopping two right on this quiz. She may be the Ultimate 90’s Lesbian, but she’s got a ways to go as a Carolhead even though she’s “seen the movie” and “reads my posts.”

Maybe you’ll also falter. Or maybe you’ll breeze right through. Whatever the outcome, I’d love to hear about it in the comments. ~* stares from across the Oak Room with bated breath *~

Carol Trivia

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  1. Quiz Grade: D
    Score: 9
    Percentage: 60%

    As someone who identifies as primarily Carolhead-adjacent / a Carolheadhead I’m actually pretty pleased with that.

    • this is certainly the first D you’ve ever gotten in your life and i have to say i’m honored being a part of it

    • also sally i had a dream last night where a detail that you thought i should stop talking about carol and talk about black panther for the rest of this challenge snuck its way in and i’ve gotta say: big fan of this idea

      • Glad I’m harassing you in your dreams.

        Don’t think for a second you can get away with skipping the last six days of carol.

  2. Quiz grade: E
    Score: 8
    Percentage: 53%
    Shame: infinite

    In my defence, though, during the 7945824.3 times I watched Carol (2015), I was profoundly distracted by Cate Blanchett’s mouth twitches and invitemerounds.

  3. Quiz Grade: A
    Score: 15
    Percentage: 100%

    *brushes shoulder off

    I guessed on two of them though, the actress and Clovers. Off to fail the 90s quiz.

      • Those are some HUGE sensible pumps to fill…but I’ll take it. I got a picture of k.d. lang in a black suit with a white carnation boutonniere on the 90s quiz. Do I now become some sort of hybrid? Let me know.

  4. You’d think after 23 days of Carol prior to this I would have every answer, but no. Clearly 30 Days of Carol isn’t enough.

  5. Therese baby, wait under the tree for me,
    Be a little good girl,
    Therese baby, we’ll make love tonight

    Therese baby, I’ll wear my gloves too, of light blue,
    I’ll wait up for you, dear,
    Therese baby, we’ll make love tonight

    Think of all the fun we’ve missed,
    Think of all the times that we could’ve kissed,
    For me you better be good,
    Just let me bind your wrists

  6. Thanks to the horror trailer you posted yesterday I got the meeting time question right.

    In total, though, I only got 9 questions right. Obviously I need to watch the movie a dozen more times.

  7. Quiz Grade: A
    Score: 14
    Percentage: 93%

    Just missed that first question about the restaurant. Having read the book was was a big advantage, especially on the actress question, since Carrie Brownstein looks nothing like a glamorous 50s actress (reason #967 why she was miscast in the part).

    • ha yes the actress thing is WILD 2 me. also to be fair for the few several times i noticed the restaurant i assumed it said SPARE TIRE so

  8. 9/15, 60%

    I read all the comments before I took it though and used them as context clues. I’ve only seen the movie once though sooooo….

    • this is a solid result for one viewing. you’ve got an eye for carol and i can’t wait to see where this goes

  9. I got 10 right. TEN. I’m so ashamed. This should be the one thing I’m good at after avoiding all other responsibilities to watch Carol for the 7,000th time

  10. I can’t believe you made me take a test on my birthday. Luckily, I just happened to watch Carol again this morning to celebrate said birthday.

    Quiz Grade: A
    Score: 14
    Percentage: 93%

    The only one I missed was that Genevieve was an actress. What?! I said bartender.

    Another thing I did to celebrate was to go back and re-read your article where you dug a small ditch in your yard and laid face down in it because it is one of my favorite things.

  11. erin i got a 93% this time!

    (full disclosure to the class: i personally programmed this quiz [put all the questions and answers into the form plug-in since you need admin level wordpress permissions to make forms in wordpress] so it’s sort of sad that i didn’t get 100%, i literally had access to all the answers ahead of time)

    (when i was originally putting the questions in i only knew three of the answers)

  12. This is really thanks to the One Mint Julep post, which is how I knew The Clovers.
    But still, v proud.

    Thanks for taking the 30 Days of Carol Challenge!
    Quiz Grade: A
    Score: 15
    Percentage: 100%

  13. 100!! But I don’t remember the movie saying Genevieve is an actress, that’s definitely in the book, I guess I need to watch it again? (“Again.”)

  14. My score was atrocious but I just now realized that (book) Therese is 19, which makes her the epitome of the classic Tegan and Sara song, “Nineteen.” I am floored.

  15. Aced it! (although I too guessed Genevieve’s profession). Loving Erin’s 30 Days of Carol and learning there are still some diehard Carolheads like me 2 years after the movie’s release. Thinking the correct answer to Question 3 should be Jeanette aka Jasmine.

  16. Commenting literal months late, but I am compelled, so here goes…

    Back in 2015, I was studying abroad in Tanzania and completely missed the release of Carol and Carol-fever, etc. Well, I FINALLY watched it this Pride weekend. I had remembered avoiding 30 Days of Carol since I hadn’t watched the film yet, so now it was time for me to go back. In the past couple of days, I have fully watched the movie twice, read almost all of the 30 Days of Carol posts and all of Erin’s other posts and Heather’s review, and watched press interviews on YouTube. This trip has been quite a ride.

    Thanks for your obsession, Erin, and I now present a score pretty worthy of the cramming I did:

    Quiz Grade: B
    Score: 13
    Percentage: 87%

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