It’s Bra Week On Autostraddle!

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Once upon a time, a glorious thing happened on Autostraddle called Underwear Week. We spent basically a month discussing our favorite underthings — Underwear For Your Masculine CenterBoyshorts & Girltrunks 102Plus-Size Underwear For All Gender PresentationsFemme-ish Underwear RealnessThongs 101 and so much more. We sewed and ate and drank our underpants to our heart’s content. We had such a good time without our pants off that many of you suggested we considered taking our shirts off, too, and give some attention to the other half of your bra-and-panties set. Although we did a fairly epic Bra Issue back in 2011, so many things have changed since then!

So: WELCOME TO BRA WEEK. This week and next, the Autostraddle writers and some special guests will be giving you the scoop on over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders and otherwise-inclined chest-covering situations — fashion, history, feelings and so much more.

Let’s kick off with a gallery, eh?

Header by Rory Midhani

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  1. I don’t know about anyone else, but my Monday just got 108x better.

    • JP

      Now I’m REALLY glad my boss allowed me to work from home this afternoon…

  2. MT

    I’m looking forward to hopefully reading a piece on sports bras and maybe how to find a bra that isn’t all pushy and lifty and covered with lace.

  3. Sam

    Maybe this is a long shot, but I’d love to see some tips on finding good bras if you lean towards masculine-of-centre but also have a seriously big chest. It’s something I haven’t really figured out yet…


    okay i’m sorry i just. uh. what were we talking about again? (now that i’ve made myself totally silly. eheh)

    i’ve worn sports bras– like only sports bras– my whole bra-needing life, with the exception of sometimes “real” bras being needed, but i kind of want to try having more “real” bras… so, i’m sure Bra Week will be very educational/helpful. c:

    • oh no i found another picture that’s making me make inhuman noises

      let it be known this gallery hath slain me. aaaaa

      • Stuff like this is why you’re one of my favourite commenters. You remind me of one of my best friends <3

  5. Not gonna lie, even though I was enjoying all of the beautiful images in this gallery, I spent a fair amount of the time I was going through it hoping for a Sarah Shahi shot…

    Autostraddle, you always deliver!

  6. yay yay yay! so much yay. i find bras baffling and lovely and often uncomfortable. this is going to be a good week!

  7. Also: this photo gallery is so dope. Huge props to whoever made it, I will come back as often as possible to worship and admire

  8. I was pleased to see that Evan Rachel Wood Bisexual was in this gallery, but saddened to see that her picture was not captioned with her full moniker.

    Long live ERWB.*

    *Oh my god, I just noticed that that’s an anagram of “brew.”

  9. Okay, so now I’ve got “Otto Titsling” stuck in my head even though it’s totes inappropes.

  10. i’ve never been more excited for an autostraddle themed week. BRAS FOREVER!

  11. So glad I waited until I got home from work to read this – though I was seriously tempted to take a peek on my work computer. This seriously improved my week

  12. AT

    The photo gallery proves Bra Week is awesome (swoon)! I am curious, however, whether binding for gender non conforming, trans*, genderqueer identifying people will be talked about? I guess maybe thats not the point of Bra week as it is celebrating bras and what comes inside but as a gender non conforming identified lesbian, I still have boobs and have to deal with them!

    • “! I am curious, however, whether binding for gender non conforming, trans*, genderqueer identifying people will be talked about? “

      Yes, it will be!

  13. So I recently and accidentally discovered the HOTTEST bra I have seen in a while, the maternity bra. All dykes should know about this, and it shoudl be marketed as “smokin hot” versus “maternity.” I never wanted kids and will never but darn it everyone should know about this type of bra.

    This is how it went down. I hate bras but have to wear them for “support” so I get pull it together about once a year to make a bog box store trip and all the bras were expensive, push up and padded, and just gross for me personally. Then I stumbled across one soft cotton non-padded, non push-up and while in the dressing room I accidentally found out it flipped down for the easiest access ever. Once my partners discovered this we had months of fun, it has still not worn off yet.

    Get a maternity bra today.

  14. This has stopped me working all evening……. And given me all kinds of ideas.

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