Your Best Autostraddle Moments: Hey Did You See That Comment Friday!

OMG Autostraddle exploded with comments this past week! Everybody and their homophobic neighbor had feelings to share during our Maine & Washington Gay Marriage Election Day “Live-Blog”! (We may have lost some civil rights, but we totally came out on top in terms of OH SNAP! comments.) While so many of you were heartfelt, and poignant, and amazing, and we love you… we’d like to bring a little levity this Friday, since we’re all still reeling from the election results (and the World Series).

There were many joyous things worth celebrating this week, like the helpful lesbian hints/humor offered in How To Pick Up Chicks: A Lesbian Guide to Getting Girl-on-Girl Action, and the lucky Autostraddlers named in Tegan & Sara ‘Sainthood’ Winners Announced! (Even those who didn’t win can appreciate the adorable announcement video by Intern Hot Laura.) This was also The Week The World Discovered the Awesomeness of Gay Halloween, and I finally got to reveal a girlcrush I’ve held onto for 10 years. You take the good; you take the bad; you take them both, and there you have… this week’s Commenter Awards.

Did You See That Comment?Your Life Is Now Complete Award goes to nosidam on Autostraddle Reader Rewards: Hey Did You See That Comment Friday!: “I feel like my life will be complete when a comment on the “comment friday” post becomes one of the chosen comments for the next week.”

Silly Homophobe FTL Award to NoMoreHomos on Gay Marriage in Maine Loses; 53% Vote Yes on 1, Homos Remain Unpopular: “Stupid homos…dics are for chics”

Laniea FTW Award to laneia on Maine & Washington Gay Marriage Election Day “Live-Blog”!: “but here’s what i really need you to understand, Box — no matter how much you hate us, no matter how much you discriminate against us, no matter how many rights you scheme to take away from us or deny us, we still win. because we get to have lesbian sex. every. day.”Laneia

BONUS Laniea FTW Award to Rach on Maine & Washington Gay Marriage Election Day “Live-Blog”!: “You know, all of us would love to be stranded on an island with Laneia. I guess we’ve got something in common after all! I mean, when you take the away self-righteousness, bigotry, and small mindedness – we are able to find some common ground with each other at the end of it all: We all think Laneia is hot.”

The bcw Award for bcw on Gay Marriage in Maine Loses; 53% Vote Yes on 1, Homos Remain Unpopular: “remember guys: sarah shahi.”

Science Fail! Award to Natasha on Where Are All The Lesbian Sex Blogs? It’s NSFW Sexy Sunday, B*tches: “If only Shannyn Sossamon and Angelina Jolie could have a kid… I’ve always hated science”

Good Enough To Eat Award to Saphicsass on You Got 7 Hot (Openly) Gay Actors? We Got 9 Hot (Openly) Lesbian Actresses. BAM.: “They are like a little debbie twin pack of gay magic but instead of being filled with cream or chocolate they are filled with the dreams of millions of lesbians worldwide.”

True Life Confessions Award to southpaw on Yeah I’m Just Hanging Out At the Tegan & Sara Takeover: “I have never wanted an anonymous incestuous interracial threesome more in my life.”

We’ll Get Right On That Award to Alex! on Kristen Stewart’s Lesbian Talk Is Surprisingly Subversive: “Quick! I vote an intern should jump her bones and report back. And by her, I mean Kristen Stewart, clearly. Actually… any of the women in this post would be fine.”

Hands Full Award to Vikki on Gay Families Are So Special Yet SO Just Like Us, Aren’t They?: “Thanks to Autostraddle I have to add “Boob Vigilance” to my daily list of things to do.”

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  1. um Alex! – I will kindly oblige (pending my girlfriend’s approval)…

  2. wait a minute, there are going to be OTHER people on the island with me and laneia? whatever. i’ll cream all of you in the elimination rounds. bring your volleyballs, people, because y’all are gonna be lonely.

  3. Laniea (dear god i hope i spelled it right… i even said the letters out loud in attempt to remember) is so right. Whenever the Mormon blues are gettin’ me down, I think to myself: “Yeah, you may have your monogamy, but look at the 5 wives you’re stuck with.”

    • i just realized what a perfect halloween costume that would be — hot lesbian in drag w/ other hot lesbians dressed as mormon wives. even w/ the crazylong hair & skirts, they’d still be hot lesbians. HOT LESBIANS DRESSED AS MORMON FUNDAMENTALISTS.

  4. 1. i love all of these comments.

    2. we need to get bcw on twitter. i’ve been thinking this for some time now, but the time for thinking has passed. it’s time for action. it’s action time. GET ON IT, ‘dubs. [that’s my nickname-nickname for bcw. she probs <3’s it. yeah.]

    3. using the barter system and some quality walnut oil/dryer lint/chocolate cake, i would like to PAY SOMEONE to take another picture of me. please.

    • i don’t understand twitter and i fear things that i don’t understand. i recently voted to deny twitter its right to hashtags. sounds like wacky tobaccky to me.

      • listen to me, bcw — it’s imperative that i be able to read your most random/carefully crafted 140-character thoughts at all times. don’t resist. twitter will be dead soon anyway so you really have to get in on this while you still can.

        brb i’m going to sign you up.

    • The Box guy reminded me of the Berlin Wall…he represented so much evil in the world but it was fun to tear him down.

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