Kristen Stewart’s Lesbian Talk Is Surprisingly Subversive

KRISTEN STEWART:would no more admit to being a lesbian than admit that she’s dating Robert Pattinson, who I guess is the dude from that abstinence-propaganda vampire movie that everyone is talking about … when pressed to reveal her romantic status, Kristen snapped: “I’ve thought about this a lot. There’s no answer that’s not going to tip you one way or the other. Think about every hypothetical situation: OK, we are. We aren’t. I’m a lesbian. I’m just trying to keep something.”

That works for us, b/c she’s one of our Top Ten Tomboys ever. But seriously, we often bitch about how when a closeted actress refuses to discuss her sexuality, intentions are irrelevant b/c we live in a heteronormative society and anyone who doesn’t claim to be gay isn’t actually seen as sexually ambiguous as they claim to be, they will be seen as the default — hetero. And they know this. But by refusing to comment on Robert and throwing homosexuality out there as an equally viable option, Kristen Stewart is subverting this paradigm and we like it! Or maybe we just wanted an excuse to make a Kristen Stewart is cute and we expected her to grow up into a lesbian and are sad that she (maybe) didn’t graphic:


LOHAN: Lindsay makes more announcements on twitter about how she is going to sue her Dad and that they haven’t had a relationship in years. It blows my mind that people on ONTD are actually believing that ‘reaching out’ to Lindsay by selling her old voice mails to a tabloid is the only way to get through to her and perhaps ‘the best thing.’ We can make “trusting a criminal, a lawyer and an all-around dirtbag dad” item #100 on “things about the world I don’t understand this week.” Just like as a general rule? Announcing someone’s issues to a tabloid or really any magazine is never, ever, never under any circumstances, the best way to do anything.

Picture 2

BETH DITTO: In a new interview, The Gossip lead singer, Beth Ditto, talks about breaking all the rules in terms of fashion. She explains why she wears horizontal stripes, floral patterns and clown-ish ensembles. She also talked about being butch in high school and how punk would have been nothing without fashion. (@style)

SJP & OBAMA: Obama has recruited Sarah Jessica Parker, Ed Norton, Forest Whittaker and Vogue editor Anna Wintour, among others, to advise him on the arts. They have been given the task to bring attention to education, cultural diplomacy and economical development through the arts. (@latimes)

kathy_santaKATHY GRIFFIN: In celebration of  her 49th birthday and release of  Suckin’ It for the Holidays, Kathy G. partied with the West Hollywood gays at The Abbey. (@x17)

THE LYNCH STILL DOING NO WRONG: Jane Lynch rockin’ Fresh Air on NPR.  In this 24 minute interview she walks us through her own internal homophobia as a teen, why she wrote a letter coming out to her parents at 31, coming out in Hollywood, Ellen DeGeneres, and improvisation in her film and TV roles. (@npr)

NATALIE PORTMAN: In a cover story for V Magazine, Natalie Portman describes her sex scene with Mila Kunis in the upcoming film Black Swan: “it’s not raunchy – it’s extreme.” She says she waited this long to do a sex scene because “I was figuring out my own sexual identity, likes and dislikes and all that stuff, and it’s weird to be doing stuff on film as you’re figuring it out.” (@afterellen)

SAMANTHA RONSON: Good thing we didn’t lose an hour of our lives watching 90210 this week: Samantha Ronson was only on for a few seconds. (@afterellen)

JENNIFER BEALS: Wherefore art thou Bette Porter? JB has been cast in Hallmark Channel’s original movie “The Night Before the Night Before Christmas.” (@hollywoodreporter)

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  1. I remember watching Panic Room in the theatre and being completely distracted over whether Jodie Foster’s kid was a boy or girl. Kristen Stewart dating boys really confuses my sixth sense.

    • Being the same age as Kristen Stewart, I remember seeing Panic Room in the theaters and then instantly wanting to be BEST FRIENDS FOREVER with her. #swoon

    • Luckily she has plenty of practice reading trite melodramatic dialogue … if anyone can make a Hallmark Movie shine, it’s JB. Seasons 3 and 6 are cases in point!

    • God, she’s awesome. I can’t believe an actress as multi-dimensional as she is has to be reduced to this. Somebody should write a great part for her. Why aren’t there more parts for lades like JB? Huh world? Answer me you sick crazy world!?!!

  2. I was strangely attracted to kristen stewart when i thought she was a little boy in The Safety of Objects. I don’t think I’m just holding onto hope, but that quote didn’t say she’s straight…. necessarily… did it?

  3. um, Kristen Stewart is gay. there is no way that this many gay girls are wrong. it’s the law of averages, or something. it’s the law of gaydar. she’s gay. I knew she was gay before I knew I was gay. gay.

  4. OMG! I was thinking about how I was totally obsessed with the girl in ‘The Horse Whisperer’ when I was a kid and I probably thought about that movie for a long long time after I saw it, simply because of the girl in it. And then I read this and saw those pictures of Kristen Stewart here and thought to myself, ‘Oh that was the girl I was in love with!’. But no – it was Scarlett Johanson! Why did I get the two confused? Oh well.

    I am constantly amazed by how gay I was as a kid, but somehow I didn’t started questioning my sexuality until 18/19!

    Also, NO that article does not say she is straight, in fact she obviously brings up the word lesbian! Which is what I do when I want my friends to suspect something but not actually tell them!

    • I did the same thing ;) I’d bring up queer movies, ask about going to the pride parade, make them watch every Angelina Jolie movie… only one friend really caught on. My friend Steve was like, ‘Why do you have all these bad Angelina Jolie movies?’ And my friend Kristen answered, ‘Because Elli is in love with her, duh!’ It was pretty funny. Like two years later, Steve still had no idea. Boys are so dense.

      • Haha! I told my friend the other day that I had made out for three hours with a girl at a GAY club and that she was now stalking me (really I’m kind of and her only response was to laugh, REALLY hard and then say ‘Have you told her you’re not gay?!’. WTF??

          • Isn’t that the most ridiculous thing you’ve heard?
            I didn’t say anything I just kind of laughed nervously and changed the subject…
            I’m going to have to grow a pair and approach the subject again though. I think it’s time…

    • Kristen is one of those actresses I’ve watched grow up and always like…until twilight
      but I always liked Evan Rachel wood more.
      and yes sometimes I look back on my childhood and go ‘how did I not know before?

    • I think the KS/RP junk is just one big huge Twilight promotion. I don’t think there is anything to it. I bet they are somehow contractually obligated to not ruin the dreams of the pubescent masses or something, but secretly they are getting a big laugh about it.

      • I kind of really like this idea. I prefer to think that they’re not dating but are good friends who think this is all hilarious. And that KStew makes out with his sister or something. (Does he have a sister? I don’t even know.)

        • well,in the movies he does, apparently the two of them hang out a lot with one of them? I think there is more than one.

      • I heard somewhere that she was actually dating a female costar? But the two of them and Robert hung out together as a threesome a lot. Probably to throw people off the scent.

        • They should know better than to think they can throw us off the scent. When is comes to fresh possibly available pretty lady meat, lesbians are like bloodhounds.

  5. I kinda wish she was with him cuz I’m obsessed with Twilight.

    yes, I said it.

    But then I would want her to come out later as a bisexual and go to girls exclusively. Like me.

    • I’m not sure about the whole Robert Pattinson bit but I could definitely live with her being a girls-only bisexual.

  6. I love Kristen Steward and would very much love to makeout with her, followed by talking about our feelings. But i don’t think she would appreciate being emotionally accosted like that.

    also Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman? Can we all please take this as a sign that God exists?

  7. Quick! I vote an intern should jump her bones and report back. And by her, I mean Kristen Stewart, clearly. Actually… any of the women in this post would be fine.

  8. my gaydar says that kristen stewert is bisexual it will be good if she was so we could have more celebrites come out of the closet just like ellen degenerous and tila tequila etc *lgbt pride*

  9. Kristen has to be bisexual. I know many many many women attracted to her. More girls are attracted to her than guys. What’s up with that? I’m not talking just lesbians. I’m talking straight girls, too. She looks like a damn boy. A beautiful boy but a boy nonetheless.

  10. “um, Kristen Stewart is gay. there is no way that this many gay girls are wrong. it’s the law of averages, or something. it’s the law of gaydar. she’s gay. I knew she was gay before I knew I was gay. gay.”

    That comment made me laugh. Its sooo true.

    My gaydar goes off like crazy, I totally crush on her. I hope she comes out of the closet, or at least comes and stays in mine. ;)

  11. Talkin about Snow White, she seems to have an amazing sexual tension with Charlize Theron.

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