Autostraddle Reader Rewards: Hey Did You See That Comment Friday!

Per ushe a fantastic week in commenting. Sorry that we missed this feature last week, we will never miss it again.

We learned so much this week: we got to hear a lot of your fascinating takes on gender identity and personal stories of growing up queer on What Does a Lesbian Look Like?: The Autostraddle Roundtable, we got schooled about Liberal Christian environmentalists and the practice of “creation stewardship” on LGBT Adults Go Green, Believe in Global Warming, Know Children are Our Future and celebrated Tegan & Sara’s Lesbian Sainthood Day … together … on Tegan & Sara’s Sainthood: B-Side Track Reviews, Massive Photo Gallery & #Sainthood. And so much more. Luckily it’s the internet, so the conversation will really never end.

Did You See That Comment?We Love Your More Than Your Real Life Friends Do Award goes to Vikki on Sarah Warn Leaves Lesbian Website AfterEllen, Karman Kregloe Takes Over as Editor-in-Chief: “This is big news…that none of my friends in real life would know anything about because they don’t play on the internet.”

Deceptacon Fighter (AKA Megan Fox) Award to GirlyQ on Adam Lambert’s ‘For Your Entertainment’ Album Cover is the Most Terrible/AWESOME Thing Ever: “Dude, he looks like a hot lesbian! Is that even legal?? Gay boys, do not deceive me with your lesbian haircuts and cunning use of eyeliner! Tis unkind!”

Tasty Simile Award to mere84 on What Does a Lesbian Look Like?: The Autostraddle Roundtable: “i feel like autostraddle = ben+jerry’s cherry garcia. somewhat decadent but still nuance and refined; a little fruity but all-around appealing.”

The bcw Award For bcw goes to bcw on Autostraddle Behind the Scenes Video #2:  “autostraddle is like that liquid place between waking and dreaming, where carmen de la pica morales rubs your shoulders aboard an olivia cruise ship while kim stolz passes you a stiff mojito and erin foley gives you back-handed compliments … autostraddle is like coming IN.”

The Moonkiller/Semicolon Award for Intoxicated Commenting goes to Carmen on Dustin Lance Black Won’t Be Bringing His Homo-Hope to Hope College: “EVEN MORE OUT OF TOPIC: Carmen is drunk right now and totally confused by Estonian girls. WHAT? I know.” and then a few hours later: “is it weird that i’m replying to my own comment 1/2 h later? It’s 3:07 am here and I’m still in a wtf mood. This is mainly for me now. I’ll wake up in a while, read this comment and feel proud and embarrassed at the same time. loveit.”duty_calls

Nomenclature Award to laura on Maine’s Gay Marriage Advocates Need More Face Time, More Phillip, Less Wanton Fearmongering Distractions: “maybe we should make up a new word for every “kind” of marriage we can have. like if it’s a heterosexual union and the woman is more than 20 years older, we probably shouldn’t call it marriage, we should call it a “cougar/prey fusion” or if it’s a gay union and both the guys have beards that are longer than 5 inches, it’s called a “dumbledore alliance.” just an idea.”

No Lesbian Left Behind Award to Bren on LGBT Adults Go Green, Believe in Global Warming, Know Children are Our Future: “Thank god the only other lesbian in my high school was hot.”

Tee-and-Essing Award to southpaw on Tegan & Sara’s Sainthood: B-Side Track Reviews, Massive Photo Gallery & #Sainthood: “sainthoodaaaaaaaaahun. I’m pretty sure that’s the only noise that would come out if I opened my mouth right now.”

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  1. I feel like my life will be complete when a comment on the “comment friday” post becomes one of the chosen comments for the next week. But then we may enter a wormhole or something. That can’t be good.

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