Girl-on-Greece: The Incredibly True Adventures of a Gay History Nerd in Love with Mount Olympus

“I wanted to stay there forever and start from scratch. I wanted us to go back and live like these people did because it was just so much cooler. Everyone around me was shifting — people got a little quieter, some slowly broke from their group to sit on the hill, and some people walked to the center of the field and just stood motionless. I think it also helped that a few hundred feet away stood Mount Olympus. You guys, History!!

Rosie’s Cruise: My Week in Fantasyland

Rosie’s Cruise is 5 parts amazing famous people, 3 parts costumes parties, 1 part vom, and 97 parts gay gay gay. Here’s a day-by-day breakdown of what happens when you’re on a [motherf*cking] boat.

By | March 1, 2009

2007 RFamily Vacations Gay Cruise Blog, Part #1

“Around five in the afternoon (I think), Janet (an actress-friend of Haviland’s) purchased me something large and mostly vodka. Somewhere between then and the next three hours, Heather and I did a shot or more, which for some sadistic reason beyond our control, were served to us in plastic cups and probs were more like 10 shots. We stole a picture of Ariel to color in and some chocolates and a shuffle-puck and some crayons.”