Live-Blogging Dinah Shore Weekend Part IV: Sunday, Bloody Sunday

Hello lesbos and lesbo allies! Welcome to the 2010 Autostraddle Dinah Shore Weekend LIVEBLOG, taking place in Palm Springs from April 1st to April 5th.

We’re splitting our live-blogging up by days:
Here’s what happened Thursday April 1st, DAY ONE and Friday, April 2nd and then yesterday when Julie & Brandy came and conquered. We’re having wordpress issues which prevent us from editing the old posts, so sorry that not everything is in perfect order. Please give us some money so we can afford a $200 a month upgrade to a dedicated server, thank you.

Check back here often, as we’ll be constantly updating this page with plenty of pictures, reportage, tweets, and general nonsense from the Auto-Team here in Palm Springs: Riese, Alex, Brooke, Nat Garcia, Laneia, Sarah, Jess, Tess, Taylor and Kelsey.

We did this last year, but it was only Alex by her lonesome self creaming her pants over lesbians and Lady Gaga. Check out our Official “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Dinah Shore” Guide for more on the weesaltkend.

THIS JUST IN – From Saturday Morning – Autostraddle’s Chance Encounter with Miley Cyrus at the Coffee Bean in Palm Springs:

Video Assistant Kelsey, Miley Cyrus & Editorial Assistant Jess - Dinah Shore 2010


Monday, April 5th, Morning:

Hello everyone! I have sad news for you, this is officially the end of the liveblog as of Monday morning in Palm Springs when everyone is hungover and heading home. It’s like when you were in the fourth grade and had an awesome slumber party but then your parents came to pick you up at 9 am the next day and you were so mad and tried to hide under your friend’s bed so they couldn’t make you go home. Or was I the only one who did that? Anyways I hope you all had fun, and we have a few extra-special photo treats that just came in! Enjoy!

I like this one a lot because it is like The Most Lesbian Photo of all time. Spooning? Check. Evidence of texting? Check. Tinkerbell? Check. This shit is so gay.

One word: cutecity!

The next time someone is all “I don’t get the name of your site, what does “autostraddle” mean?” I’m just going to direct them to this photo. This is what autostraddling is, kids. Write it down.

Omg supergays! This was taken outside the Lucky Dog Leather booth. What does that mean? I don’t know. Hi Suzanne Westenhoefer and Meredith Baxter! Hi Jess and Nat! Lookin’ good!



Sunday April 4, 2010 at Dinah Shore Weekend:

Ok ok ok going to bed now, I assume the rest of the team has also gone to bed in one giant spooning lesbian mass. I’d like to thank the show “River Monsters” for all its help tonight, seriously guys it’s a great show about giant killer fish that is inexplicably 2 hours long. Like it’s still not even over. GOODNIGHT I LOVE YOU MORE TOMORROW PROBS


2:01 AM Hiiiiii it’s late but I just wanted to share that it took me til this long to notice that Queerty linked this liveblog! That was nice of them. They describe us as “the actual lesbian coverage of Dinah,” which I think is funny. Brb I’m going to go add “Queerty confirmed me as an “actual lesbian”‘ on my resumé


1:05 AM I think we’re not going to hear much more from them tonight because I suspect they’re all holding hands and gazing into each others’ eyes and making out with the shark and singing “Power of Two” in perfect harmony, but I have to stay up until I finish this daily fix SO I’ll stick around a while longer. Tiger show is over and now there’s actually a really awesome show about a huge killer catfish that eats people in a river in northern India. It’s really working for me, I recommend it.


+12:51 AM PRAISE JESUS we heard from them! They were not trampled to death under a herd of dykes headed towards Sarah Shahi after all.

Sarah: Everyone went to the pool and now Kelsey and Taylor are still down there. Now we’re just chilling and trying to make time slow down. :(


12:43 AM OMG Meredith Baxter is on my TV right now doing an ad for cell phones? She is a #totallesbo


12:39 AM Ok Chelsea Lately is over, was forced to switch to a documentary about maneating tigers. For some reason all the commercials are for fish oil.


12:17 AM OK this is officially a TV liveblog until someone f*cking texts me. So! A Smirnoff commercial just came on telling me to “drink responsibly – pace myself with water.” See, there’s a company that really gets its audience. They know that I, at 3 AM EST on a Sunday night/Monday morning watching E!, need to be reminded to down a bottle of Dasani after all these shots. Thanks for that, Smirnoff. It means a lot.


12:08 AM Ok whatever guys. You know what, whatever. Chelsea Lately is on, and Johnny Weir is going to e the guest, I don’t need you. I tried to watch Queer As Folk b/c I felt it was more appropriate to the theme of this liveblog but it turns out I don’t get LOGO? How ironic is that? It’s like ten thousand spoons, seriously.


12:00 AM WHERE IS EVERYONE Jesus Christ, help a girl out and text her something for the liveblog


11:13 PM Oh boy I’m excited about tonight y’all


10:45 PM I’m on my second Iron Chef rerun of the night and still no word from the outside world. My theory is that they are all hopped up on over-the-counter medication and alcohol and have passed out. Way to go, guys. Anyways here is a picture Riese posted for me like three hours ago, it is extra special just for you:


10:14 PM
Kelsey: I’m reading the liveblog.
Taylor: But you’re living it!


9:54 PM Sarah: Alex just yelled down the hall “Does anyone in this hotel have a fucking tampon?”

GIRL. I love you.


9:06 PM I hope that Midol/gin combo worked out


8:38 PM Laneia: I never ever want to be without these people.


8:32 PM


8:27 PM Alex: This is like the last supper. Our last dinner all together = nachos obvs!


8:19 PM Sarah: We are all at dinner at this place called Shakers!


8:06 PM Looks like she gets to hang out in bed with Tess and a beer though and let’s be honest, things could be worse


8:03 PM Guys I think Laneia hurt her foot for real, bad news!


8:00 PM Ooh! Two and a Half Men is on, I could just liveblog that. Actually Riese already recapped it once, it was completely terrible/AWESOME


7:52 PM Have very little idea what is going on. Jess and Brooke have definitely left, and I think Sarah and Laneia went to get their rental car which suggests they are leaving, I don’t know, soon? Maybe I’ll check the DinahGuide and see what lies in our future. Oh the DinahGuide like an internet crystal ball of my weekend: what will I be typing about next? Drunk lesbians? Wet lesbians? Lesbians dressed in white? The possibilities are just overwhelming!


7:20 PM My number one feeling is WHAT IS HAPPENING I DON’T KNOW


7:01 PM Sarah: Do you think it’s ironic that we chose “Sunday Bloody Sunday” as the title? Cause I mean, we’re bleeding a lot. As a team. #teambleeding

I think they’re probs all set though b/c there’s no better cure for cramps than Franzia and Midol. Take it from a college student with a lot of feelings. In her uterus.


6:53 PM

6:41 PM Time to speculate about what the team is doing b/c I haven’t heard anything from them! My vote is that they’re eating tacos. Delicious tacos sopping wet. With taco sauce. Meanwhile, I am on maybe my seventeenth Peep. Chances are roughly 80% I will vomit before the end of the night. Julie Goldman just emailed me because she wants to show her beautiful poetry video to her grandma at bridge night. I’m going to start putting whiskey in my tea. ANYWAYS how are you all doing?


6:18 PM Jess: Oh! I forgot to mention something important that happened last night. I had a close encounter backstage at the fashion show with a real live REAL L WORD cast member. Her name is Tracy Ryerson and she’s probably the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever seen in my life. Or maybe just at Dinah this weekend. Ilene Chaiken’s minions were following her around doing minutiae trying to make boring backstage stuff look interesting but she was sweet as hell and really lovely. I assume Tracy will become the breakout star of this reality show?

She is talking about this lady! Hrm, what do you guys think? That could probs be a breakout star vest/waistcoat she’s got going on there.

6:03 PM Jess: I am back in the New York City now! Apparently the EARTH SHOOK when I was mid air – wtf!? Anyway, I spent most of last night arm in arm with one Miss Nat Garcia getting tons of interviews for you pretty people. Stay tuned for interviews with Elizabeth Keener (DAWN DENBO to you), Thea Gill (Lindsay from Queer as Folk to you), Erin Foley & Nicol Paone (giving Jill & Cathy a run for their money in the cuteness dept), and more!


5:48 PM You guys Taylor is such a good friend! She really is going to get me a hooker you guys, I can feel it



Sarah: Ok, so four of us have now gotten out periods early. Like, WEEKS early. This must be from all the fucking estrogen. Apparently this happens when you put thousands of women in a very small space, I HATE THE WORLD.


5:30 PM This is not earthquake-related but still seems v. important




5:22 PM In other news HI WHAT THE FUCK THERE WAS JUST AN EARTHQUAKE more to come in a minute


5:20 PM Riese: We just did an interview with OurSceneTV! Then Kelsey and I got lost in the desert. Don’t worry we have it on video! [The interview or getting lost? I’m excited to find out!]


5:14 PM WHOA OKAY Firefox was really OOC for a while there but I think we have it back under control now. Update from Team #desertstraddle2010 Gold Leader Sarah: “We’re all down at our booth by the pool. There are more people here than there were yesterday, surprisingly!” Probs because of the tacos/prostitutes.


4:26 PM WOOO I went away for a while but I’m back now and magic is still in the air in Palm Springs, it’s like a fairy tale


3:39 PM Taylor: I am just not at all maintaining today. I’m fairly sure this combination of elements will pull me through, though.


3:30 PM Sarah: We’re picking up our car! Everyone else is probably worshipping the sun! We’re getting tacos for everyone!


3:11 PM It’s a little late to institute drinking game rules, but if we were to make one up retroactively, I think I would go with “drink when you see a wet lesbian.” SEE WHAT I DID THERE anyways there are a fucking ton of them in this picture, pool parties get you hammered!


2:49 PM I hope someone is getting photographed now! Last I heard everyone was “outside and passed out on the grass.” The hashtag #teamhangover may have been used. Don’t worry guys, everyone looks good with duct tape over their mouths, that’s what I always say


2:27 PM “”Everyone has lost their goddamn mind.” — Kelsey


2:10 PMBrooke just sent me a picture of her luggage with the ominous caption “Goodbye Palm Springs,” and at that point I realized I have no idea when anyone is actually leaving. Slash when this liveblog is over. I guess we’ll find out! I’m excited.


2:02 PM Brooke:Valerie and Rachel manning the Autostraddle booth.

I honestly don’t know who Valerie and Rachel are, but they look like champs to me. Round of applause, people. Put your hands together. They’re pretty.


1:48 PM Alex says sorry for that long period where nothing happened, that was because they were working on getting the April calendar girl post up for you. Are you hearing this? Do you know what that means? This team took like two hours out of a day filled with drunk topless lesbians just so you could look at a pretty lady with dreads. If that’s not love I don’t know what is. Also um just sayin’ I already checked out the post and DAY-UM. I would tell you what I want to do to that girl but I’m pretty sure I’d get fired because it might be illegal in this country.


1:15 PM Taylor: Wow, stuff is still zany today. They’re giving out the wrong color bracelets or something and then ripping them off people forcibly. These lesbian enforcer are ferocious.


1:12 PM Taylor just sent me this photo and labeled it mysteriously as “Sunday.” I don’t know what that’s about but it looks very artistic and pretty, right? It looks like something you would find on tumblr, like someone tumbled it. Do you guys do tumblr? I have one, I like it a lot, once I found a picture of Lady Gaga when she was in a high school play on there, that was great


1:04 PM Sarah: We’re having a laptop party because websites don’t update themselves! And then we’re going to the pool and then we’re getting NoH8 photos taken!

Ugh jealousssssssss. Also I’m kind of hoping the pool party and NoH8 photos are conflated b/c the only thing better than pretty pictures that fight injustice is having those pictures be of girls in bikinis, amirite? God I could probably solve this marriage equality problem all by myself, someone give me the reins on that shit


12:59 PM I’m glad I work for people who “get” me. It makes it all worth it, you know?


12:29 PM Did you watch that video yet? Why would you do anything ever besides watch that video. Anyways here is a Kelsey update, I think Kelsey should get her own liveblog but I think someone else should write it, probs Laneia


12:17 PM OH SHIT SON. Are you sitting down? I hope you’re sitting down. And also wearing a diaper. Remember yesterday when I was all “Oh there’s video of the Battle of the Lesbian Webseries coming soon!” and you were like “Oh no, another one of Rachel’s heartless lies, like when she said there was a picture of Miley Cyrus, or that she would come to our young son’s birthday party” WELL YOU WERE WRONG. This is a VIDEO motherfuckers. It has been tentatively titled by Riese “THE BEST VIDEO OF ALL TIME FOR THE LIVE-BLOG.”

A little introduction: “So there was a contest and everyone had to perform a 30 second poem about their show. Julie Goldman took the stage for Julie & Brandy in Your Box Office and Autonatic and decided rather than prepare, let’s just do this shit , whip this shit up on the spot! Ours was obviously the best because we are the Punk Pirates of Dinah Shore, rock ‘n roll forever!”

I’m going to go back and put this in at the point where the webseries battle actually, um, happened, but I wanted to make sure you saw it first. Because I care. Don’t ever let anyone say I don’t treat you right.


12:00 PM I’m just going to go ahead and assume that we won every award for lesbian webseries ever, and that this photo was why. Sexy hot hot hotness and JULIE GOLDMAN BOOB GRAB. You’re welcome.

EDIT: Haha of course we did not actually win everything, actually the Lovers&Friends show did, which makes a lot of sense because they’re fantastic and incredibly talented. I don’t think they had Nat Garcia grab their tits though so really I would say we all walked away winners.


11:41 AM I am not 100% sure what’s going on right now, but let’s just assume that everyone is getting daytime drunk for Jesus. In the meantime I’m going to backpost some of the stuff that the team recorded yesterday but didn’t get to send me until now. Wheeee! This one is titled “Hi, why are you all still awake and in a hallway” by our photojournalist in the field.


11:31 AM Hey who was it in the comments that said they wanted to stalk Kelsey? I’m here for you girl.


11:28 AM Breaking news, we decided to go back and put all the times in Palm Spring time b/c um that makes a lot more sense for a liveblog. Also um I’m not sure how much longer the Starbucks is going to last. WOOOOO SPRING BREAK


11:23 AM Look here is the team! Go team! Brooke sent me this photo with the subject line “Easter brunch.” I think Easter brunch is just Starbucks? Yeah I know that feeling.


11:12 AM Hi everyone! Good morning! Happy Easter! Or end of Passover! Did that end last night? Either way, you’re probably eating chocolate right now. Sorry I am not 100% on the ball yet, I am finishing up “celebrating a religious holiday” or whatever. But the team is sending me PURE GOLD as far as Dinah stuff goes, and it will all be up very very soon! Probably with no real regard for what time it actually happened, because that’s what being punk rock means. Are you ready? I DON’T THINK YOU’RE READY


3:53 AM OK it’s Easter now. Like it’s wayyyyyyyy Easter, I will be expected to perform egg-related tasks in like six hours. This might be a good time to go to bed. I am pretty sure everyone else went to bed because no one I work for has answered my emails except Brooke but that’s because she’s probs still partying with the DJ in the gold lamé halter top in her hotel. Two thumbs up Brooke. Anyways this seems like a good note to end on no? We will be back soonsoonsoon with updates on Sunday’s activities. Hint: the activities will revolve around drunk lesbians, same as everything else this weekend. I love you all.


3:30 AM Brooke found a DJ in her hotel at 3:30 AM. How is Dinah real, you guys? Like how is it even a thing?


3 AM Awwww, you guys! Someone went out at bought a griddle at 3 am Palm Springs time and now they’re making biscuits and eggs. Brooke wants to make sure you know it’s a griddle and not a grill, because who the fuck grills eggs. I love everything.


2:30 AM Blame it on the al-a-a-al-a-alcohol baby


2:15 AM I feel like this is exactly what I pictured a club being when I was like fourteen. Do you know what I mean? I want to be there so badly. #whyaminotatdinah


2:00 AM I have really only a constant barrage of iPhone pictures with which to try to piece together what is happening tonight, but they are FULL OF BEAUTIFUL HALF-NAKED WOMEN like this one from the GirlBar party tonight, so maybe I just won’t complain


1:08 AM Look! It’s Brooke with Marta Alvarado of The Task Force, Meg Hall, and Christine Alloro of OurSceneTV!


12:58 AM Um Brooke really wanted me to put this in, is this about a “bracket” or something? I am not one of those sporty gay ladies.

Brooke: Please include this in the liveblog. Duke, Duke, motherf*cker!!


12:39 AM Ahahaha Laneia: For your safety.


12:28 AM Oh um did we mention that there was a fashion show? B/c there was and Nat was in it because she is v. stylish, this is hard to see but it’s totally her


12:26 AM


12:22 AM You guys I think if there were one thing I had to be MOST jealous about missing it would be Club Skirts’ Salt n Pepa concert. I mean LOOK:


12:15 AM Brooke had to trek all the way through the drunk lesbian crowd to get that photo though, here is the view for everyone else:


12:05 AM Brooke: Is this Salt or Pepper?


11:58 PM I think we’re inside now! #pretty


11:47 PM Um you guys the Club Skirts Hollywood Party is turning into like an actual red carpet. I am impressed! There’s Grace Chu in the white blazer!


11:42 PM Is someone getting interviewed? I think yes? Guys I think she’s getting something in her box office


11:38 PM Oh Brooke wants credit for her red carpet pictures. YOU GUYS ALL THE RED CARPET PICTURES WERE TAKEN BY BROOKE, I think they look fabulous for real


11:34 PM Um sorry for the really embarrassing WordPress disaster! Sometimes you go to Dinah with everyone with even a basic understanding of how to run an online magazine and leave some girl in charge who was an intern as of like two weeks ago, what can I say? We’re back now! I love you! Look I made you a drink! No I didn’t this is for me.


2:32 AM HI GUYS we’re having a lot of really special WordPress Moments over here, and the old post is um broken. Read this one for the rest of the night! I bet there will be more photos of Brandy looking pretty!

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Originally from Boston, MA, Rachel now lives in the Midwest. Topics dear to her heart include bisexuality, The X-Files and tacos. Her favorite Ciara video is probably "Ride," but if you're only going to watch one, she recommends "Like A Boy." You can follow her on twitter and instagram.

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  1. Since this post was empty an hour ago all I can say is wow! Good morning Rachel, do you ever sleep?!?

  2. I just read through all the live-blogs (it’s easter, it’s not like I have anything better to do alone in my grandmother’s living room. Except eating candy. Which I’m doing. Obvs), and I’ve developed a newfound love for second-hand experiences, iPhone pictures, scrolling upwards, and Rachel. Especially Rachel.
    In three years, people… (21. Really, USA? Really? In Denmark, you can drink at 16. Just sayin’)

    (Where’s Miley?)

    • I was looking for a like button for this comment & was too hungover and tired to realize this wasn’t facebook.
      Which means mojitos for breakfast.

  3. You know, Just Barely Not an Intern Anymore Rachel, you have done a marvelous job keeping the world turning this weekend. It’s not your fault WordPress is a total moody girl. She might be a little sketchy regarding your relationship…. But you’re my number one girl.

  4. Rachel, thank you for sacrificing your sleep for our entertainment. These have been hilarious… kind of remarkable how far you can stretch “We’re drunk! And there are lesbians!” and keep the laughs/jealousy coming.

    I also agree re: Salt n Pepa . The acts the year I eventually get to go (AND I WILL.) have a lot of expectations to live up to.

    And Brooke- my bracket was fucked by day two and I have no allegiances left. So I’ll be joining you in cheering for Duke.

    • Thank you, Rachel!

      Sadly, our live-blogger extraordinaire will not be live-blogging anymore so I can’t send her my feelings on the Duke game tonight to post for the masses. Though I may send her them regardless.

      • I imagine there are enough feelings to have live blogged the game itself, looking at the score. Congrats to Duke!

        This being 6hrs ahead of EST and France not caring about basketball/baseball/American football thing is really cramping my drink beer/eat junk and yell at the TV style.

    • To be fair, I feel like everyone should know staying up was maybe only 40% love for autostraddle and like 60% the fact that i watched The Fourth Kind last night and pretty much never wanted to sleep again. Just so you guys can give credit where it’s due.

  5. Hey, don’t forget to make the banner on the front page direct to this page instead of part III. Also, the date needs updating – still says Saturday.

    A question – is this liveblog happening throughout Dinah? The banner says you’re liveblogging April 1-4, I’m also reading that it’s going on from April 1-5.

    Autostraddle Dinah Shore Weekend LIVEBLOG, taking place in Palm Springs from April 1st to April 5th

    • The date says Saturday because those were all things that happened on Saturday! The original Saturday post broke and it had to share space with Sunday. I think Alex is going to take care of banner stuff, thanks for checking!

      • Hey, if you think that it was Saturday at 7am this morning, then it was. I understand.

        Did you have any nightmares about aliens?

        • haha NO because to do that I would have had to sleep. I OUTSMARTED YOU evil sumerian overlords from space

  6. Rachel, it just occurred to me that your task for this weekend has been to stay awake for a lot of hours waiting for people to send you updates about how much fun they are having. then chronicling all that lesbiocity in a live-blog for the enjoyment of internet people. is this is how autostraddle hazes team members? you are a muthafuckinrockstar.

    • it’s true, rachel, you are a star. actually you are a special star. you are the sun. that’s how much of a star you are.

      • It was very nice – too bad I spent the day at work! But it was nice driving there and not having to be like hmmm, wonder if that road is still flooded…

  7. love love love this blog! thank you Rachel & everyone who’s sending pics/updates. since it’s Easter and i’m home alone i figured i might catch up on some webseries and i saw all of Anyone but me, Girltrash and another one whose name i forgot but it was really good. In your box office was the only one i didn’t have to catch up with coz i watch it here on Autostraddle.

    ps. i also want one of those tank tops

    pps. Julie Goldman rocks.

  8. I don’t really have anything to say other than that I wish I was at Dinah and I want to have Rachel’s babies.

    • maybe next year you can accomplish both. i feel like dinah could be baby-makin’ central

      • Just so you know, that “maybe” is a “definitely” in my head and Imma hold you to it.

  9. It isn’t over is it??? :( I’ve had an amazing weekend living through you guys!
    I was already playing that drinking game before anyone mentioned it. I have been drunk since Friday preparing for what my Dinah will be like next year 0_o
    Really it’s amazing I can still spell

  10. Rachel – I bow down to you! This liveblog has been absolutely amazing, I’ve been hooked since day 1. Your wit hasn’t wavered in the slightest, no matter what the time of day or early hours of the morning(you must be exhausted!), you’ve had me laughing my ass off continually with your fab updates, not to mention all the super sweet photos too that the team have sent! So, just wanted to say a huge ‘Thank you’ so much to you and the rest of Team Autostraddle (Btw,you’re ALL too cute for words!!) for what has been a totally awesome weekend. Cheers!!

    • Aww this is sweet. Sarah, thank YOU for reading and commenting. You don’t know how much that means to us for reals.

      • Hey A;lex!! I wouldn’t of missed it for the world!! Quake or no quake, you guys certainly rocked Dinah! I’m proud to say that Autostraddle is now part of my life, and I have to say, that part is my most happiest (my shell is showin signs of cracking tho) so you’re stuck with me I’m afraid! :)

  11. Rachel- is there any way you can email me a copy of that video? I really want to show it to my Nana, she has bridge club tonight and I know she’s gonna want to show it to her friends. Thank You!!!

    Your Dinah Live-Blogging has been legendary. VERY funny shit.

    I’m actually serious about the video. I’m going to email you now.

    My sweet Nana is actually dead. And so is my Bube.

  12. Great job, Rachel! I have just returned to the internet after days away and am glad to have so much live-blogging to catch up on.

  13. Can’t wait for the interview with Erin and Nicol. Love them.

    Also, girls, eat tons of fried food for those hangovers. fries fries fries. Or just drink a cup of olive oil.

  14. I’ve spent the last couple of hours catching up on the Dinah Live-Blogging and have been having a blast reading about all the fun. I seriously love love Julie Goldman, I just want to hang out with her so much.

  15. One day, I will tell you all the story of the origin of “terrible/AWESOME,” and your heads will explode.

  16. This has been amazing. Thank you Rachel!

    This made my weekend way more exciting than it actually was. I think I was the only one left on my college campus who didn’t go home for Easter.

  17. cheering for Duke? no bueno, kids… As a Butler student, I feel as though it is my responsibility to represent my small, but incredibly awesome school :)
    not to mention, ESPN’s poll shows that nationwide, the country wants BU to win (39% and the leader in 45 of the 50 states polled) and as far as “likeability”… Duke: -23… Butler: 47
    Realistically, it’s just an incredible environment on campus… I feel like everyone is just excited to be a part of this… trying to experience it all… Me? I’m just diggin’ the 24/7 events and parties and occasional cancelled classes :)

    • Duke is my alma mater and we are used to the hating when it comes to polls.

      So while I will not cheer for your team, I fully approve of your enjoyment of parties and canceled classes for basketball related reasons.

      • 3 minutes left… and all i have to say is that this has been one hell of a game… incredible.

  18. Rachel, I do not want this to end. Will you do a liveblog every single day? I mean, you don’t have to stay up until the wee hours of the morning. But just… you know… I’m not ready to let you go.

    • i think you should just encourage the team to continue taking pictures of how adorable they are doing everyday things and posting them on the internet. and/or you can pitch a column to riese called “rachel’s friends are drunk: the liveblog” and i can do this every weekend

  19. I’m watching The Shining mini-series (cause I just finished the book and heard this adaptation was spot on). If the tiger show is boring, you can come over and make fun of the awful, awful acting with me.

  20. I read the whole live blog saga and still can´t figure out who is kelsey and who is taylor.

    Secondly i can´t wait to get fucked up with a boat load of strangers in yank land. Properly not Dinah for obvious reasons. Theres a proplem tough if me and my boys wanna get fucked up in the u.s. since theres a rule in the more conservitve parts of america that if three or more icelanders are in the same place at the same time you have to call the state militia.

    We have volcanic eruptions much cooler than earthquakes.

    • Taylor is our lovely and cute tech editor and Kelsey is our lovely and also cute video maker. Did I mention they are cute?

          • hi there ziggy.

            I thought you were a boy. But I don’t like to assume anything about anyone. BE YOUR OWN LITTLE SNOWFLAKE.

            And also I think you know who taylor is b/c you comment on tech stuff too, right?

            But if you are talking about looks, then yes. We ARE THE SAME PERSON. It’s a game we like to play. Ya know, fuck with people’s minds and all.

            Also, she’s cuter.

          • Yes i was aware of Taylors existence but i´m challenged when it comes to faces and stuff. But i figured it out shortly after i wrote the comment.

            Your right by the way Tayler is cuter

          • There’s at least one photo where I still can’t sort out who is who. But both of you look adorable so it doesn’t matter.

  21. Wait, is this ending? I feel like even if I was at Dinah Shore I would probably just sit in my hotel room and read this. I’m bad at interacting with people, but I’m good at looking at them.

  22. I pretty much just wanna say thank you for sharing this whole messy, beautiful Dinah Shore liveblog experience. Imma keep this bookmarked for the next time I have a super shitty day coz desertstraddle2010 now officially = happiness.

  23. rachel your efforts this weekend have been nothing short of heroic. also your picture makes me laugh for some reason, as though it’s the face you’d make at me if i were rambling on drunkenly/incoherently. which means it’s probably the face you made at your iphone most of this weekend. ANYWAY! great job for real.


    • bcw i swear to god that was my first thought when i saw that tweet. i was like “bcw’s going to be PISSED.”

      • I feel the need to comment on the fact that I have the movie For your consideration on…and sarah shahi literally just came on the screen… i’ve seen this before and had no idea she was in it…. so theres that

  24. Rachel you did such an awesome job with this! I was lol’ing so much

    Even though I left the west coast the day they all headed to dinah..i like to pretend that I was part of it in a small way because I quite randomly saw Brooke & Alex out one night in LA and then AGAIN saw Brooke another day — which was random again (even tho it was at the abbey and apparently there was a high chance of catching her there haha)

  25. So many comments! I can’t believe I got home late last night and went to work today. I’m gonna spend tonight catching up on all you pretty reader reactions to this shit.

  26. Woo hoo, great job Rachel! You really do deserve a hooker for this live-blog business. Also, everyone is alive! So, Dinah 2010 looks like a success.

    P.S. That spooning pic is uber cute. (Even though tinkerbell is kissing Riese’s? ass… Or maybe that’s a good thing? I dunno.)

    • i have no recollection of that photo being taken or why there are mardi gras beads on my belt loop

    • I was the one who placed Tinkerbell in Riese’s ass and took the picture. You’re welcome.

  27. this live blog is pretty awesome. i’ve been afk most of the weekend friday till today being in boston but glad i could skim through.
    Also, passover is not finished until tuesday. much to my chagrin. I WANT A BEER TO GO WITH WATCHING BASEBALL. K THANKS. bravo rachel!

  28. hello, great blog, congrats! just curious whether autostraddle got their noh8 photo or photos taken at this? potentially as funny/awesome as this blog…maybe?

    • that is an excellent question, as they did mention they were going to a noh8 photoshoot. maybe once they get off their respective planes and shower someone will let us know!

      • no we missed it b/c me and kelsey were doing that interview with ourscene tv. i can’t talk about it I AM TOO UPSET

        • i don’t want to talk about it either. except that it altered my perceptions of reality in a really f-ed up way. and then the ground shook while we were being filmed and they DIDN’T EVEN CARE THEY JUST KEPT ON INTERVIEWING.

  29. rachel what to you want for your birthday/every holiday from now until forever?

    strippers can only do so much.

  30. I think Rachel is possibly the best live-blogger that ever lived? I don’t know, but I still remember those neverending Prop 8 hearings which had me laugh a lot while I would have maybe cried a lot without the liveblog.

    Anyway, thanks for going through the ordeal for us, just to deliver all the cuteness to our screens, and hopefully you will get all the hooker you deserve.

  31. I’ve been really busy lately, so I spent my night catching up on everything here…and well, here’s the thing…I’m half in love with every member of Autostraddle. And I’m only half kidding.

    Let’s go out some time. I’ll buy you a drink and tell you you’re pretty.

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