Lez Try It: Flower Arranging á la “Imagine Me and You”

there’s a lot of talk in the film about what different flowers mean, as Luce is repeatedly confronted by emotionally unstable customers demanding the perfect flowers for very specific occasions. I was intrigued. Could I make my own bouquet and send it to somebody? Is this something I could do from the safety of my own home, because there is still a slow-burning apocalypse going on outside? Turns out the answer to these questions was yes.

Hil Malatino’s “Trans Care” Doesn’t Have the Answers on Meeting Trans Community Needs — But It Shouldn’t

It’s doubly oppressive that we’re denied care and then left to fulfill the care needs of each other with our own depleted resources. Transantagonism is a global pandemic of indifference and hatred – but there’s no vaccine coming. If you were looking for answers, they aren’t here. If you want to ponder the nuance and difficulty of care, though – dive into Trans Care.

The Drop: SassyBlack Makes Space for Black Women to Feel and Get Funky

“I can’t help but think, with the election so fresh on my mind, how black women are tasked with saving everyone including ourselves. What an emotional toll that takes. Like we literally are just boosting everyone up over our shoulders and no one turns around to extend a hand. For me, music has always been a healing space, so I deeply appreciate music like this that speaks to healing on that deep level.”