“Detransition, Baby” Is a Book For Trans Women — The Rest of You Are Lucky to Read It

“The truth is I don’t know how to review Detransition, Baby. Torrey was too successful in what she set out to accomplish. If trans women have been and remain her primary audience then I, a trans woman, don’t know what to say from a place of supposed objectivity. The fact that this is not a PDF free on her website but a hardcover book garnering an immense amount of buzz fills me with a joy I can explain and a terror I cannot.”

Getting to an Imperfect, Queer Center: Interview with Marlee Grace

“The goal, especially in 2020, has not been to feel better or feel my best, but it’s to feel less shitty than I did five minutes ago.” Marlee Grace’s Getting to Center is the tender, lesbian self-help book to start this year off right. We interview her about the book, internet addiction, higher powers, and the moon’s creative potential.