A-Camp September Recamp #3: Reading Dancing Spooning Singing Sewing Clubbing Dreaming

Welcome to the third of five fantastic recaps of our entire experience at A-Camp 2.0, which took place 2.5 hours outside of Los Angeles at Alpine Meadows Camp atop a mountain in Angelus Oaks, California, from September 12th-16th, 2012.

A-Camp was the genesis of an idea Riese had at 3AM in July 2010: the concept was to take the spirit of the website into three glorious dimensions and create an affordable option for queers for whom other lesbian vacations aren’t always a perfect fit. In April 2012, we did it for the first time — along with 160 campers and 35 staff members, we rented out a summer camp in its off-season and enjoyed a transformative weekend of fun, friendship, panels, workshops, classes, sports, entertainment, events and so forth. It was probably the most awesome experience of our life and we knew from there it would only get bigger and better.

So in September, 220 campers and 40 staff descended upon The Mountain for four days of much-better-organized fun, friendship, panels, workshops, classes, sports, entertainment, events and secret initiation rites.
These epically long monster-posts will do their best to explain and extrapolate upon the camp experience, from avoided-shitstorms to emotional revelations to glory/triumph. But we can’t tell you everything. We must leave some things up to the imagination.

The next Camp Autostraddle will take place May 23rd-27th, 2013 in Angelus Oaks, California, Mark your Calendars!


Friday, September 14th


I. Here Comes The Sun

alpine (photo by alex vega)

Carmen Rios, Misfits Counselor/Contributing Editor: I did not make it to breakfast this day because first my shower exploded and then I had to do some Official Cabin Mama business. But I got a coffee.

Stef Schwartz, Battlestars Counselor/OG Autostraddle: I have never seen so many hungover chicks groaning their way towards the coffee machine than that fateful morning.  If you are one of the few proud souls who made it to breakfast that morning, I commend you ladies.

Riese Bernard, Runaways Counselor/Editor-in-Chief: I didn’t drink very much on Thursday night and so I woke up on Friday feeling like a SUPERSTAR, ready to chop the day into little pieces and eat them! Just kidding, I woke up feeling like a SUPERSTAR ready to freak out all day about the Staff Reading.

breakfast is the most important meal of the day (photo by katie o’donnell)


Block A:

Sewing Square w/Carolyn

T-Shirt Cutting & Stenciling w/Carmen, Sara Medd & Laura

Career Workshop with Meredydd

Photography For All Skill Levels w/Robin

Lesbian Jeopardy w/Riese, Haviland & Jill

Trans mini-panel/discussion w/Morgan & Annika


Gabby Rivera, Catch-22 Counselor/Writer: Friday morning, I was unjustly hungover. I will blame it on the altitude and not give a shit. I will not blame it on the Maker’s.

Vikki, Avengers Counselor/Contributor: On Thursday night, I had a bit of bourbon with my cabin mates and then hung out at a campfire and then went to a party in Wolf Lodge and had some drinks and then I went to Deer Lodge and did some dirty dancing and then I went back to Wolf Lodge and had deep meaningful conversations and maybe danced on the stripper pole a little bit and then went to bed around 3 a.m. Unfortunately, I was scheduled to lead a hike on Friday morning. Sometimes you gotta pay to play so, on Friday morning, I got up and showered and dressed in my snazzy hiking shoes and showed up to do my duty. But then…a light shone upon the dining hall and an angel appeared and offered to lead the hike for me and I married her on the spot in a glorious lesbian wedding attended by all of A-Camp and officiated by a coyote. Okay, I didn’t marry her but did have a passionate love affair with her kindness.

Mary Tully, Little Rascals Counselor/Calendar Girl: Hiking on Friday did not have nearly as many people show up because I think everyone was hungover. I did not realize how hungover I was until I was ON the hike. Holy Altitude. Alex joined us this time!

Morgan McCormick, Battlestars Counselor/Contributor/Calendar Girl:  Annika and I’s meeting before the Trans Mini-Panel/Discussion went like so: “Feelings?” -A “Feelings.” -M “Feelings!” -All of the above.

Annika Penelope, Unicorns Counselor/Writer: This was the only early (9:30am) activity that I was scheduled for during all of A-Camp. I’m lucky if my morning routine takes less than 90 minutes, which means that I had to wake up a 6:30 in order to be ready in time. The early time turned out to be a good thing though, because we ended up having a really intimate discussion of our experience of being trans* or having trans* friends/partners.

Morgan: It was really, I dunno, family-y. We all sat in a big circle and just said what we wanted to about our experiences, everyone listened, everyone waited their turn. So I guess it wasn’t like a family at all! Teehee. For cereal, though, my favorite panels are audience-run, and it was a nice change of pace to talk transy things some place other than the internet. I wuv woo, Internet. I do. But there’s a real power to hearing people’s stories live and out loud, plus if it hadn’t been for a trans panel I attended some years ago, who knows, I might not be the me I love so much right now. All hail Trans Panel!

Annika: It was really cool to see people open up and share their stories!

Camper Quote: My favorite part of camp was being a trans queer woman in a queer women’s space and not being the only one and it being no big thing.


Stef: I wanted so badly to go to the Trans Mini Panel but made a quick detour back to my cabin for a jacket or something, which was a mistake.  I was hit by a nap attack of such tremendous power that I couldn’t even make it back into my own top bunk; I passed out in someone else’s empty bunk, drooling on myself.

Gabby: I hung around Katrina’s Queer Barbershop, pretended to take pictures and mostly napped/got it together on bags of linens. Katrina’s barbershop was super mellow and I feel like when she’s an old DQ, it will exist in real life.

(photo by gabby)

Camper Quote: “My favorite activity was probably just hanging out at the barbershop listening to the banter and watching people get alternative lifestyle haircuts.”


Laura Wooley, Bomb Girls Counselor/Associate Editor: Some girls can get away with having an entire game show devoted to getting girls to take their shirts off. Those of us who can’t take other routes. At the T-shirt Cutting & Stenciling Workshop the next morning, I found myself in a room with 12 women in various states of toplessness thanks to the imprecise art of t-shirt cutting (and recutting). There’s more than one way to skin a cat, y’all.

Carmen: Many an Autostraddle-deco item was made! We listened to “Watch the Throne” throughout. I went to my next panel with one sleeve cut off of my STAFF shirt.

Carolyn Yates, Valencia Counselor/Contributing Editor: I was worried that not that many people would show up to the Sewing Circle on Friday because I forgot to mention that it was happening again on Thursday, and I was right! Also a lot of people thought we were T-shirt cutting, and/or absconded with the scissors. But I actually did teach someone how to sew! She showed me her beanbag the next day and I felt irrationally accomplished. Also someone else came up to me and showed me her cross stitch, which was both about science and finished, and which was particularly awesome because she’d never done cross stitch before.

Robin Roemer, A-Camp Co-Director/Photographer: I always get really nervous before I have to do a Photo Workshop because I’m not comfortable talking about myself. So I chatted a bit about my experience and had everyone talk briefly about their experience/skill level before getting into some technical aspects of photography and a Q&A session with the help of camper Kamila who had a lot to share with us from her own studio lighting experience.

Meredydd, Golden Girls Counselor/Business Advisor: Even though The Career Workshop was sparsly attended I think it ended up going okay! The questions the campers were looking for help with really matched up neatly with the experience Cee and I have. This let us really connect with campers pretty much one-on-one which is always great.

christie on the ropes course (photo by kelly)

Riese: I love trivia! I love Jeopardy! I love hosting things with Haviland and I love Jill! All of those things came together for a glorious game of Lesbian Jeopardy, featuring thrilling categories like “Ani Difranco Lyrics” and “Literature Featuring Hot Lesbians.”

Jill, Wild Stallions Counselor/VIP Camper: I was in charge of determining who buzzed in first.  “Yes! Easy job!” I thought.  Riese even tried to intimidate everyone by telling them I was a cowboy and would kick their ass.  But instead I ended up feeling like one of the replacement NFL refs with my cabin heckling me and trying to influence my calls.  And then I forgot that I was going to exact my cowboy revenge on them so beware next time my campers! BEWARE.

Riese: Lizz was with us in spirit by having written questions for a category called “The Seven Sisters As Described By The Simpsons.”

Hansen, Camper/Contributing Editor: Misfits didn’t win Lesbian Jeopardy. Surprise!

Riese: I think Marika won. Marika of The Yellow Team. She’s not allergic to winning, it turns out.

this is the only photograph we have of lesbian jeopardy (photo by naomi)

Crystal, Thundercats Counselor/Music Editor: Carly and I spent the morning writing anonymous notes to our campers and discussing how perfect they all are.

Carly Usdin, Thundercats Counselor/Contributor/OG Autostraddle: They were so weird. Like, the weirdest notes. For Rachel Walker, I [poorly] drew a robot wearing a bowtie. For Jen Freitag, I wrote the following—

Hey I just met you,
And this is crazy.
But here’s a cat in a denim vest,
Your spirit animal, maybe?

robot in a bowtie (photo by rachel walker)

Crystal: For the rest of the day I was on “Rover” duty, which I interpreted to mean that I should walk around the camp site showing everyone photos of my kitten.

Stef: I spent the afternoon in Falcon Lodge, rehearsing for The Haviland Stillwell Show with Marni.  Because I live in Brooklyn and Marni’s in Oakland, we hadn’t had a chance to actually sit together and practice together until the day of the show, which was a little nerve-wracking.   We were putting together arrangements and sorting out the set list when suddenly Marni busted out this amazing Ani DiFranco-style rendition of Jessie J’s “Do It Like A Dude,” which made my heart stop and my eyes bug out of my head.  Marni, you guys. Heartthrob.

marni playing her guitar on a stump (photo by cee)



Block B

Zine-Making w/Riese, Laneia & Rachel

The Truth About Cats and Dogs with Mary Tully and Jill

Design & Branding w/Alex, Geneva & Meredydd

Coming Out Panel w/Robin, Whitney, Morgan, Haviland, Carmen, Carrie, Annika & Mollie

Kickball w/Jamie

kickball (photo by rachel walker)

Alex Vega, Avengers Counselor/Design Director:
 For the Design & Branding Workshop, we all sat in a circle and talked about marketing, designing websites and the importance of branding, which may sound boring but I promise you that our super casual discussion was far from boring, my friend. We talked a little about Autostraddle and our brand and process.

Meredydd: It was great hearing Alex talk about her creative process and so helpful to hear campers talking about what they want from the site redesign.

Alex: Meredydd is a branding genius and shared some fun anecdotes from when she worked on projects with fancy pants businesses like Coca-Cola. Everyone had feelings about their jobs and office environments and how different it is living and working as a creative person and what that means for us.

Meredydd: Sharing the concept of ‘flawsome’ with everyone has got to be one of the highlights of camp. Branding is a huge passion of mine and it was great to share that. Next time I hope we talk more about the design process too.

alex vega talks to somebody about something at some point (photo by alex ackerman)

Jill: Mary and I had a wonderful time at The Truth About Cats And Dogs. Mary is an animal trainer/behaviorist and I’m a veterinarian so we’ve got this subject on lockdown.  Also – Digger was there!!! She trains animals too and had a lot of great things to add!

Mary: We talked about training and animal healthcare. Everyone that came had such great questions! I was pretty much in heaven. Then my whole cabin showed up to participate. And I died. LONG LIVE THE LITTLE RASCALS!

Jill: Workshop attendees wowed us with insightful questions about their cute, silly, and crazy pets.  Mary and Digger answered questions about how to train dogs (and cats!), and how to remedy some specific problems such as a dog that is scared of cars on the highway.  I answered general questions about pet health such as why chocolate is toxic for pets and things to do for an arthritic dog.  We were having such great discussions that I think we even went over our allotted time a little bit!

little rascal chloe (photo by crystal)

Carmen: Not gonna lie, the Coming Out Panel was emotional. But a lot of people were glad we had it.

Morgan: Can I come out as being in love with all of Coming Out panel? It was like Gender Panel but in a completely different array of rainbow flavors.

Whitney Pow, Neverland Counselor/Contributing Editor: Coming out is a really scary process, and having so many people be able to speak to their individual experiences — coming out to friends, siblings, parents — was really inspiring.

Carrie, Forever 21 Counselor/Community Managarette: I don’t know what to say except that I felt like I learned as much from the audience as I did from fellow panelists. And I wanted to high-five Morgan every time she talked.

Morgan: Also it had Robin being totes adorably pumped. I know Robin’s always pumped, but still!

Robin: I shared my experiences coming out to a very religious mother.  Coming out is never easy and I really liked the focus on not feeling pressured about coming out and the importance of a support system.  Everyone had so many amazing things to share.

Whitney: I spoke about coming out to my family and how, while the beginning was difficult and sad, my article for Autostraddle, “Estranged,” ended up carving out a space in my family to talk about me being gay and about me getting married. My extended family read the article. My parents read the article. My brothers read the article. My aunts, uncles and cousins started reaching out to me — calling me, sending me emails, telling me they loved me. I never expected anything like this to ever, ever happen. I had no idea that an article, that words, could make such an impact.

Sarah Croce, Forever 21 Counselor/Calendar Girl/Contributor: Coming out is the great equalizer of our people. We have all been through it, or will have to go through it. No matter how hard or easy each person feels it was, it is something we have all had to confront and admit first to ourselves, and then out loud.

(photo by meghan foster)

Riese: I entered ‘zine-making and exclaimed “I didn’t get drunk last night and I feel SPECTACULAR! Let’s make some motherfucking ‘zines!” I was so pumped.

Rachel Kincaid, Jetpack Counselor/Senior Editor: Zine-making REPRISE. This time there was at least one camper present who knew more about zines and zine-making than I did, which was awesome and made me feel even better than I already did about all the new people I was meeting at camp.

Riese: I love it when that happens, I just wanted to hear about all her things! Also, Shannon brought stacks of old comic books for us to use, which was especially awesome.

Laneia, Runaways Counselor/Executive Editor: I eavesdropped on Grace and Shannon while they conceptualized and titled their future zines. I hope they make them all because they sounded so cool.

Rachel: Also, sidenote, I really wish ReadyMade was still in circulation. Also that Grace attended everything I did in real life, so that she could fetch coffee and exacto knives.

Hansen: I was really inspired by all of the zines we got to look through, especially Laneia’s because it’s beautiful, you guys. We decided to make a zine about our cabin, but in true Misfit nature, we basically sat in a circle and put paper mustaches I found in Bitch magazine on our faces. We then wore them to lunch. I lost mine shortly thereafter and I’m still upset about it.

Laneia: Rachel played Fiona Apple for us this time and I felt a lot more focused and centered. I think this is when we realized that zine making, like High Tea, was actually just an elaborate way to hang out with people you hadn’t met yet. In that sense, these activities are pretty important.

Camper Quote: Lesbian Jeopardy was very enjoyable and funny but it made me realize I mostly wanted to just talk to people at A-Camp– which is why I went to zine making for the next block (I hadn’t planned to go because I am not creative and have no zine feelings) which turned out to be the perfect art therapy and bonding experience.

(photo by grace ellis)

Cee Webster, Golden Girls Counselor/Tech Director: A lunchtime PDX meetup was organized by the Portlanders, and so I joined that. Us Portlanders exchanged restaurant & bar recommendations and email addresses. I hope everyone comes to the Autostraddle Portland meetups!


NEXT: Get your Swag(ger) on!

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  1. The workshop on spooning is brilliant! I have always wondered, what DO you do with the inside arm?? If only I was there to find out!

    • A lot of people tuck their inside arm under their head and sleep on it, but as I’ve demonstrated in the picture, when you extend it, especially under the other person’s pillow, they can rest their head on your arm or you can slip it in the nook between head and shoulder (neck, I guess!) and then wrap your arms around them.

      It’s worked wonderfully with me, but mainly with girls smaller than me. Never tried with some of the same size or larger.

  2. I’ll be honest, I am honored to have a visual proof of my demo with Katrina on what to do with your dead arm for the Spooning Workshop.


  3. So I don’t remember if the massive exotic dance class was Thursday or Friday, but I wanted to say thank you so much to everyone who attended and Mollie for being my teacher partner in crime. I didn’t think anyone would be interested in a workshop that was created the day I was asked to teach it, but you crazy mob of sexy, sexy dancers made the workshop amazing. You were by far my biggest class I’d ever taught and you were so upbeat, so into my longwinded self-esteem pep talks and you were all great dancers! I was honored to spend time with you.

    Also, thank you again, A-Camp, for the Queer Women of Faith panel. I didn’t know how many feelings I had until they kind of exploded out of me. It was so crucial for me to be in that space at that time, to feel those good spirit vibes and the community I’d been missing. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

    • Friday was kind of feelings explosion day for me because of coming out panel and I took a feelings processing hike and basically did all the things wrong. I forgot to tell anyone where I was going, I went alone, I didn’t take my phone, and I was wearing noise isolating earbuds (so I couldn’t hear bears), and flip flops (so I could totally be bitten my a snake), but I wasn’t lost for more than an hour.

      Haviland encouraged me to go to the queer women of faith panel in her response to my question at the coming out panel and if you are ever lucky enough to have Hav tell you to show up for something I just want to let you know you will never regret it.
      Basically I shared the darkest part of my soul in that room and I am happy that I met Launa and heard her story. I learned that faith like love shouldn’t hurt and that there are welcoming places of worship if you are willing to try something new. It is scary, but so worth it.

      Staff Reading!!!! I will be back to camp specifically to hear your amazing work.
      Bright Lights Big Campground was the perfect follow up event because it felt like lesbian sing along time and I have been waiting for that forever, plus I think Hav and Have Nots are everything. (and Haviland’s Hannah Hart impression was perfect)

      I got into Klub Deer after the lube twister, but the dance party itself was a good release after feelings friday and I made hand holding happen.

    • This was definitely Friday. And as someone who would never regularly attend an exotic dance class, I had such a good time!

  4. Staff Reading is when the crying started for me. And it hasn’t stopped since.

    I had a lot of feelings about everyone’s readings, but i can’t even tell the story of Morgan’s reading to anyone without breaking down, tbh.

    • I read Morgan’s reading to my straight, cis, male roommate and he teared up a little.

      Sweetest love story. They should make it a Disney movie.

  5. No, but really when will Marni’s cover of ‘Do It Like A Dude’ be available for download?

    Also, I took about 5 pictures at camp and the best is definitely that one of Brittani as the Pretty Pretty Princess of Swag.

    • Keep your shirt on, Motes! I’ve done the initial recording; I just need to mix it and send it to Ashley to add drums.

      • So sort of obtained a ripped from youtube mp3 of your camp performance, Marni, and now I listen to it when I’m trying to fall asleep and when I’m struggling to stay awake and when I’m indulging in feelings and when I’m attempting to hold feelings off. It’s very multipurpose, basically. And I am SO EXCITED for the higher quality recording. Are you putting it in the Auto-Store or turning it into a donation reward?

        • Not sure yet. And I’m also not sure how “higher quality” it will be, because I use an old 4-track to record, but we’ll see! And thanks!

        • Ha, yes. Marni, I have been passing around the mp3 of your cover across the land.
          If anyone wants it to tide you over you can PM me your email and I’ll attach it. I ripped it from the video and cut out some of the applause at the beginning and end

  6. Friday was the day I kind of overdosed on feelings. And this recamp is making me feel almost as awesome and overwhelmed.

  7. JILL STROMBERG! also- I quite enjoyed being the biggest big spoon in the spooning workshop :D

  8. This re-camp is giving me so many feelings. Day 3 was absolutely perfect start to finish and I can’t really form any coherent thoughts about it yet and am going to have to process it all over again before further comment.

    I do want to thank Crystal for capturing that absolutely perfect “only at A-Camp” “dapper queers + bikini queers + Chloe” moment on that bench under those trees though. Living the dream.

  9. My jacket is getting so famous yo!

    That staff reading was amazing, I still remember my emotional reactions so viscerally I think everyone felt so connected and intense about that. I was upset we missed the lube twister but then they weren’t naked anyways so I wasn’t sure it was as silly to miss.

    I unfortunately was allergic to most of the foods and fortified myself on the salad bar and bread which only made the altitude experience more…interesting?

    Was this the night of the smokers cuddle puddle? This was cuddle puddle night!

    • no no, this was not cuddle puddle night, that happened after faggity feud.
      but it was the “everyone’s drinking their feelings”-night.

  10. That day was a total overload of feelings – first the Queer Women of Faith panel, then the Staff Reading. I had to drink down all the feelings at night because otherwise I had just continued crying.
    It was good going back to the cabin after the staff reading and have Diana and Dena hug me.
    I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go to the reading first, then I got tipsy and really excited about stealing the props-tiara, but halfway through Whitney’s piece I had to take it off again because I felt so dumb listening to that kind of story and crying the whole time with that shiny thing on my head.
    Thanks everyone for sharing all the stories, the reading really really was a highlight for I think everyone at camp!

  11. ‘feelings’ word count : 23
    this post already beat #2 re ‘feelings’.

    oh boi, I really need a job asap.

  12. Friday was my favorite day of Acamp!! Fister spit was amazing and I still haven’t processed all my feeling about it. I’m really sad I lost my program. Morgan’s reading was especially inspirational!! Also, Swagger 101 + Spooning workshop was very instrumental to me losing my “gay virginity” later that night so props to that

    • congrats its3amandImkindatipsy, to virginity thing and also your username.
      if I wouldn’t be logged in all the time this would probs be my go-to name w/ varying time.but ew, actually I might not want proof of my unemployed/studentlife influenced drinking habits on the interwebs.also that’s what facebook’s for apparently

  13. I love that you had a spooning workshop.
    My QSA recently went camping, and spent a great deal of time group spooning. Which was greatly instrumental in breaking down some of my trust issues around physical contact, and so now I’m addicted to spooning.
    I can’t wait to one day come spoon with some of you…:D

  14. Dear Golden Girls, I used to doubt your commitment to sparkle motion and a red team victory, but now that I know you were helping the greater good by providing extended pool time you have won my heart. THE RED TEAM IS THE WINNER OF ALL THINGS!!!

    (Thank you for being a friend)

  15. These A-camp recaps are so much fun. Wish I’d been there. Are any of the staff readings available online in print form?

  16. I totally forgot to mention how appreciative I was and am of Brittani bringing me cigs because there was a serious cigarette shortage at camp.

    you guys we had a lot of booze but we did not think about the cigarettes and that was a kindness towards my addiction.

    • yes! it’s gonna be half clothes and half cigarettes in my suitcase next time. also what was I thinking rolling my cigarretes. yes, I like it but should’ve known from experience that I always loose my fucking rolling paper

    • yes this. I was soo excited to find half a pack under my suitcase sunday morning. Bringing at least 3 cartons next time around.

  17. Currently whining to my girlfriend that we need to leave our comfy little East Coast of Canada and go to the next A-Camp because of cross stitching and feelings.

    • I didn’t notice the table behind her in that one picture, and couldn’t figure out how she was sitting/floating on the back of a plastic chair.

  18. “Marni, you guys. Heartthrob.”
    I don’t even want to talk about it. I got over my nervousness and talked to a few staff members, but I never summed up the courage to even look directly at Marni.

    “…I had to go hide in the woods for like an hour and cry and wish I had a cigarette. In a good way, obviously.”
    I could NOT STOP CRYING after the reading and had to excuse myself to my cabin for the rest of the night. It was horribly embarrassing but there’s nowhere to take shelter when the feelings wave hits. Also yes to Laneia writing a book, because her piece was perfect. PERFECT you guys.

    These recamps are really making me wish I’d been more outgoing and made more friends at camp, BUT that’s what mAycamp is for, I guess.

    • What you should do instead is have a couple of drinks or something and then harass Marni about where she gets her shirts BECAUSE THEY JUST FIT SO WELL.

      This is what Shannon and I did…Thursday night?
      Me: “Your shirt looks so great, where did you get it?”
      Marni: “A store?”
      Shannon: “DID YOU GET IT FROM H&M?!”

      that’s all I actually remember from that exchange except that Marni just seemed really confused, and then I talked dress shirts with her again on Saturday.

      • omg I sound like such a dick! Sorry Marika! I promise I wasn’t being dickish. I’m really bad at shopping and also remembering things, like places I’ve shopped. I thought I said Macy’s? Probably Macy’s men’s store.

        • Oh, I didn’t mean to say you sounded like a dick! Just that it’s confusing when two queers (who may possibly be under the influence of somethings) pounce on you and ask you about clothes, in a very intense fashion. I felt bad later when I realized it might be kind of overwhelming.

          I think later you said maybe Macy’s, and then the one on Saturday you said definitely Macy’s. Which is actually where I buy most of my shirts :) because the Macy’s credit card deal is just stupid amazing, they keep giving me discounts so I keep buying things…that’s probably the point.

          • Marika, did u know your name means “queer” in spanish? xD well it spells with “C”, Marica… But it pronounces the same!

  19. oh my god. i think every picture of me in these recaps i have been laughing super hard or generally looking like the happiest human being ever. and CARLY! a cat in a denim vest IS my spirit animal. you are the best.

  20. Wow after reading this I am soo jealous of everyone living in the States who can go to these camps. We need A-Camp closer to Canada!

    Also, Is there a minimum age to go to A-Camp?

  21. JETPACK shows how to cuddle like a boss! Also I’m so so super bummed I missed the readings, but Jaffe and I were holed up in Deer furiously writing our rap song for the talent show and having creative differences. People came over to talk to us and were having none of it. But I think we can all agree WORTH IT.

    • wait. you’re chelsea,yes? usernames and avatars are confusing. don’t know you but your performance was fucking ace!

    • I was also in Deer at this time as well as with a few other Jetpackers and an honorary Jetpacker. I had been planning to go to the reading and the variety hour show, but it just didn’t happen. One gets distracted very easily at a-camp. Sometimes it’s fun to just sit around and talk. (or in my case, sit around and avoid answering questions directed at me and listening in on conversations on topics I knew little about)

      I also got to witness the creation of Blame it (on the Altitude) and for that I am glad.

    • LOL creative differences! I heart you Chelsea and if we have to have a lover’s quarrel everytime we make music together, I think it’s well worth it. I’ll never regret those three hours in deer lodge!!! EVER.

  22. i finally made it into a picture that wasnt the cabin shots!!!!!!!!!!! (even though it is just the back of my head)

    • the best way to get into a picture would be to befriend rachel walker or katie o’donnell, those girls took maaaad pictures

  23. Now I remember that night. It was that time we were all already dancing in Wolf and people shouted the party was at Deer, when we went to Deer, it was empty, so we all went back to Wolf. Then people still kept saying the party’s being moved to Deer, so some of us went again, but it was empty, so it was back to Wolf. It was only a few moments later that Klub Deer suddenly was booming up until the raid to shut it down.

    Epic night of clubbing. Forever Klub Deer; I took off my wristband before realizing it was a prank. PURPLE FOREVER.

  24. the reading was the best thing at camp, ever
    it was so impressive and brave and good
    i’m really grateful that you trusted us with these very personal stories

    i miss camp so much right now

  25. Oh! I forgot to mention: For everyone wanting to either relive the reading/couldn’t go, I got most of it on tape. The pieces that are public are the ones I had permission from the readers to post (so a few are missing, either waiting for permission or, in Riese’s case, my camera died almost immediately) Still, most are here (as well as other camp highlights). Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZLt3Wu9tWLJR8QhnTy4B4xPuqvPggW3N

    Also, if any staff member doesn’t see her piece and would be okay with me posting it or part of it publically, please let me know! I think some of my emails/facebook messages about it got lost in the interwebs.

    • Did you get Rachel’s reading? I know she doesn’t like being on video, but I’d like to see it even if it doesn’t get put on youtube.

      • I do have her reading, I’m just very big on video consent before making things public or passing them around. If you can get her permission, I’d be happy to send it! I just haven’t heard from her.

  26. “Misfits didn’t win Lesbian Jeopardy. Surprise!” HAHAHAHAHAHA.

    Papi and I missed GLEE CLUB for Jeopardy. We buried our love of singing/Musical Theatre for our cabin . ANOTHER REASON WE SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN POINTS.

  27. Words cannot describe how much I wish I could have gone to this. Maybe I should start taking donations towards the next one…

  28. I didn’t realise how low my pants had gotten in the spooning workshop. That was hella healing though.

    And Whitney’s story… <3

  29. Haven’t finished reading yet, but I’d just like to toot my own horn and make a correction to this:


    I actually took the photo, since Alex is in the photo, but it was her camera? I dunno. Also – the discussion was: “Hey, Alex, your shirt is so awesome, how does one cut one’s shirt to look as badass as yours?”

    • This happens a lot but you can’t really blame them for it. The picture of the Bomb Grrls cuddle puddle is also credited to Jenna, but she’s in the photo.

      • I…I wasn’t blaming them, I just figured I’d speak up since we’re photo-crediting people and I remember thinking that was one of the best photos I took at A Camp.

      • they’re organized by who gave us the photos, so even if the camera-owner is in the photo we still credit it to them ’cause that’s who gave it to us

      • That one was from Jenna’s camera. Both of our cameras were randomly used that night by visitors, so someone probably just snapped that pic with it while we were all stashed together :D

  30. I love that blue team totally lost 100% that color wars, with like 3 points… and I think all of those points probably came from Klub Deer. hahaha.

  31. just wanna leave a drunk comment here because I told diana and @denalightningrod about probably drunk commenting on AS later after skyping w/ them and finishing a bottle of something cheap while they just woke up and where still in bed. #timedifference #skypedrinking #loveyouguys #feelings

  32. Fri + Sat = FEELINGS OVERLOAD –> missing lots of awesome parts of A-Camp because I needed to decompress, a lot. This feelings stuff is real, you guys.

  33. I feel like I was very incognito at A-Camp because I’ve been in a few pictures, but they were all of the back of my head. Also, I think that is maybe my hand giving Riese the Hunger Salute at the Reading, but I’m not 100% sure.

    The Swagger panel and the Reading were definitely my favorite things about the whole camp. Everyone was/is amazing.

  34. I am so behind on reading these recaps so no one will probably see this (maybe a good thing?) but that black & white photo of Laneia at the staff reading is making my tiny crush on her much bigger. Laneia, you are completely adorable. (I’m taken and she’s taken so it’s okay to have an internet crush, right?)

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