Help Holly Miranda Record Her New Record

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Holly Miranda has started a Pledge campaign to help raise funds for the recording of her next record and if you’re a fan then this’s something you’ll want to get behind.

The motivations for the campaign are explained in this rather spectacular video:

A pledge of $10.00 will put an advanced digital copy of the new record in your hot little hands, plus give you access to exclusive songs, blogs, photos, videos etc. Pledges greater than $10.00 will score you some amazing personalised gifts, including:

– Handwritten lyrics
– Autographed CDs
– VIP passes
– Sketches and posters
– Holly’s ‘Rap Master’ Keyboard
– Commission Holly to do your portrait
– Holly will make you homemade chocolates
– Holly will play for you and your friends
– A recording of a cover of your choice
– A high five in the sun

Check out the campaign page to make your pledge and to see the full list of exclusives.

Once the target’s been reached, 10% of every dollar raised will go to I Live Here, a project which believes in the power of individual expression to transform the lives of people living in extreme poverty and isolation.

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      • i used to work in music / have a lot of friends at the labels and people she’s worked with and “i’d go gay for holly” was basically a thing that all ladies said once a week and i’m pretty sure they all meant it

  1. Pledge is a great way for bands to make money towards albums as it gives stuff back, too. A favourite band of mine (called The Blackout) had a pledge campaign for their newest album, with stuff like old guitars, drumkit, a chance to play Xbox with the band, as well as a lot of the other stuff. Not the chocolates though – they weren’t that cool.

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