12 Couples Halloween Costumes For You and Your Taller or Shorter Gal Pal

feature image of Calvin & Hobbes desktop wallpapers via comicbook.com by Nite4awk

When you’re a giantess like me, dressing up with girlfriends has historically presented a challenge: primarily, I can’t really wear heels if I want our interactions to happen at approximately the same ozone layer. But Halloween costume season is our opportunity to truly shine as the short and tall people that we are and embrace the inches between us.

Of course, all of these costumes work regardless of height, these are just especially adorable choices!

1. Peter Pan & Tinkerbell


Peter Pan is a popular choice for our people because Peter Pan has a special spot in queer hearts. For Tinkerbell, you can buy a pre-made Tinkerbell costume (not sure if those are any good), patch one together with a shiny skater dress or make your own (and do your hair and makeup like a boss.) A Beautiful Mess has a great tutorial for a Peter Pan costume — there’s plenty pre-made ones to buy, but in my experience as somebody who usually keeps Peter Pan or Robin Hood as my default costume, you’re better off getting some green felt and doing it yourself.

2. Roger Rabbit & Jessica Rabbit


This is a classic that gives you or your girlfriend an excuse to wear a red sequined bodycon dress and those opportunities are really few and far between. Roger needs a bow-tie, bunny ears & tail, bunny shoes and red suspenders or overalls. Jessica needs long purple gloves, that dress and that hair. There’s pre-made Jessica and Roger costumes too. Here’s a very in-depth look at Jessica Rabbit cosplay possibilities which also includes hair and makeup tips.


3. Paulie Bleeker & Juno MacGuff


This is especially good if one of you is already pregnant, and chances are good you’ve got most everything you need for this at home or can get it at Goodwill. Paulie’s got those yellow track shorts, wristband, terry headband and the official t-shirt. You can buy the whole costume with the hoodie, too, but your mileage may vary. Then get yourself an oversized or maternity striped shirt, dig up some old jeans, a jacket/hoodie and sneakers, and you’re good to go. Here’s a DIY guide to getting pregnant at home and here’s a different DIY guide with three easy ways to fake a pregnancy belly.

4. Calvin & Hobbes


Full disclosure: this is what my fiancé and I are going as this year, mostly because I think she looks exactly like Calvin. Sometimes I think she is Calvin. They even have all the same interests! And although she finds adults in animal onesies to be somewhat creepy, she’s letting go of that in order for us to celebrate Halloween in style (a.k.a, hand out candy at my Mom’s house after driving back from Chicago where our friends are getting married on the 30th!) For Calvin, you just need a Red striped t-shirt, black pants (you have some) and red tennis shoes. Hobbes requires simply a tiger onesie, which you probably have around the house. Who doesn’t, right?

5. Kimmy Schmidt & Titus Andromedon from The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Photo by Eric Liebowitz courtesy of Netflix

Photo by Eric Liebowitz

If you’re poly or have a big group of friends you could all dress like Titus because he wears some pretty epic outfits:

halloween 2015

But obviously the most classic (and cheap) go-to look would be the maroon robe from Pinot Noir. Kimmy needs hot pink pants, a yellow cardigan, colorful sneakers and a floral-print shirt. Plus a purple backpack for all your bounty.

6. Electra-Woman and Dyna-Girl


You should definitely get a jump-start on this costume because after the remake with Hannah Hart and Grace Helbig comes out, everybody will do this costume. I mean, look at them! (Photographed by Robin Roemer, obviously.)


This reboot is the first time anybody has heard from these characters in quite some time, so you’ll really be blazing your own path if you make this your Halloween 2015 ensemble. Seriously I have no idea what to tell you, but get crafty! Share your tips in the comments.

7. C-3PO & R2-D2


Both of these characters have lots of pre-made costume options, but they’re pretty expensive for a one-off. So get some of the inspired apparel that you might be able to wear again for some other weirdo reason in your strange life. For R2-D2, try the Modcloth You R2 Cute Dress or the Her Universe R2-D2 Dress with Hot Topic’s R2-D2 Pull Up Socks. Alternately, the You R2 Cute Top with silver leggings. For C-3PO, you can make do with a snapback, gold leggings and C3PO tank or gold tank. Or you can go DIY with these pretty intense projects from The Wishful Artist: DIY C-3PO and DIY R2-D2 — just make adjustments for the fact that you’re a lot bigger as a human than her son.

8. Sue Sylvester & Santana or Quinn from Glee


I’m not sure how much longer Glee will remain culturally relevant, so if you ever wanted to do a Glee-ish costume, this could very well be your last chance. For the time being, official Sue Sylvester costumes remain on the market (comes with wig), or you could just pick up an off-brand or Adidas tracksuit, a short blonde wig (if that’s not already your hairstyle) and a cheap Glee Megaphone. Lizz has a great DIY tutorial for making your very own Cheerios uniform here, or you can get the official Cheerios Uniform with pom-poms, a Santana wig or a Quinn wig. Voila!

9. Will & Carlton from The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

THE FRESH PRINCE OF BEL-AIR -- Season 5 -- Pictured: (l-r) Will Smith as William 'Will' Smith, Alfonso Ribeiro as Carlton Banks -- Photo by: Gary Null/NBCU Photo Bank

Photo by: Gary Null/NBCU Photo Bank

Will Smith towers over his wife and also over Alfonso Ribeiro, who played his cousin, Carlton, in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. (Fun fact: Ilene Chaiken used to write for Fresh Prince!) Both of these costumes could be easily put together with a trip to Goodwill or Value World or just rifling through your closet, especially if you lived through the ’90s and have the wardrobe to prove it. Carlton is easy: some boat shoes or brown shoes, a sweater-vest, button-up shirt and pleated khakis. You can really have some fun with Will ’cause it was the ’90s and he wore some really special outfits. One possibility: Zubaz pants, Nike Retro Air Jordans, Blocked Pocket Tee and a Snapback.


10. Sophia Burset & Sister Ingalls from Orange is the New Black


Orange is the New Black costumes will undoubtedly make an appearance at the imaginary queer Halloween party I imagine you all to be having in your busy social lives — but these two characters don’t get done enough and would obviously be fantastic for a duo. Just get yourself some khaki scrubs (or the “prison costume” edition, which’s probably lower quality and has a weirder fit) and make or buy the Prison Name Badge. Here’s a good tutorial for Sophia Burset makeup and duct tape sandals. Sister will need a cross and a bible.

11. Katniss & Peeta from The Hunger Games


Yup, it’s true: Katniss is way taller than Peeta, and it’s pretty cool. Also awesome? Lizz’s tutorial on Katniss Everdeen, Three Ways, which should be your first stop in pursuit of Katniss. (Tour second stop: these boots.) (Your third stop: that mockingjay pin you’ve always wanted.) For Peeta you’ll need green canvas pants, a black t-shirt, a black hooded jacket and black outdoor boots. Or, for baker-era Peeta, a white t-shirt, a white apron, dark green pants and perhaps a loaf of bread to toss to his lady-love. If you’re really dedicated to your art, there’s an intense Girl on Fire DIY dress-making tutorial here.

12. Marty McFly and Doc from Back to the Future


Michael J. Fox, legendary shortie, clocks in at 5’4 while Christopher Lloyd exceeds six feet. I still want to be Marty McFly when I grow up, tbh. Marty needs a red puffer vest, denim jacket, a calculator watch, Calvins, the Marty McFly hat, throwback Nikes, the Grays Sports Almanac and jeans. If you really wanna splurge, this is your big excuse to get yourself a Mattel Back to the Future Hoverboard Prop Replica (does not fly) and if you really don’t wanna splurge, you can make your own or get a cheaper version. Doc needs full-body white coveralls, mad scientist wig, goggles (or wraparound sunglasses) and a weird button-up shirt. Here’s how to make Doc Brown’s signature helmet.

What are your favorite height-disparity costumes?

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  1. *Christopher Robin and Pooh Bear
    *Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher
    *Ellen Page and brandon_jacobs_34
    *Piper Chapman and Narcissism
    *Tegan Quin and her cat

    Poly/friend group option: Kim Davis and all of her ex-husbands

    • no lie i pictured you saying this while wearing a unicorn onesie from an article about your halloween last year or so. i have no idea what your voice sounds like so it was like a silent movie/ gif.

  2. These are all great! My partner and I don’t have that much difference in height, but I am super stoked that we are going as Princess Caroline and Vincent Adultman from Bojack Horseman this year.

    Last year we went as the Blues Brothers, but ended up not being able to get motivated enough to leave the house so we sat around in costume drinking and watching Halloween movies, which was pretty great.

    • Princess Caroline & Vincent Adultman is maybe the best couples costume idea I have ever heard? Top 5 for sure. That is amazing.

      And also, THANK YOU for helping me realize that I should clearly be Todd this year!

  3. Your choice of Root/Shaw costumes will probably unrecognizable to everyone else, but will enable you both to make the most ridiculous faces at each other all night:

    1. Relevance. Root’s in her “Veronica” white blouse, blue skirt and jacket. Shaw’s in black pants and t-shirt, black winter coat. Either Root can just lug tasered!Shaw around all day, waving zip ties, or she can brandish an iron, and also be the gayest gay as Shaw keeps taking off her jacket.
    2. Mors Praematura. They’re both in black boots, pants, t-shirt, and jacket. Again, root could lug around tasered!Shaw all day. Shaw could rock safety glasses and a spaghetti blowtorch. Root could rock zipties and a hood, or dat apple and taser.
    3. Death Benefit. Shaw’s in her Mors outfit. Root’s in a purple t-shirt, presumably black pants and boots. Gotta have those martinis with orange slice and olive. (Alternatively, Root with motorcycle jacket, Shaw in outfit described below minus beanie and gloves, both with motorcycle helmets.)
    4. Beta/A House Divided. Black pea coats, pants, boots, gloves, and most importantly, black beanies. Root also had a grey scarf in Beta. They could lug around mugs of very unsafe New Jersey coffee. Root could be jingling a set of a dead man’s keys. She could carry a tablet with a bullet hole in it that she complains to Shaw about.
    5. Deus Ex Machina. Root in black turtleneck, pants, boots, white lab coat. Shaw in a security man jacket, (motorcycle jacket will suffice) black shirt, pants, boots. Both get to have a splash of blood on their wrists, because it’s that kind of party. Bonus points if Shaw has her C4 device?
    6. Panopticon. Those iconic purple/blue and black dresses, and stiletto heels. Bonus points if Root has her fast food drink cup and Shaw has a perfume spray bottle? (Or a stapler)
    7. Battle!mode Shoot, applicable to Lethe, Honor Among Thieves, and If-Then-Else. (Though Shaw’s wearing her pea coat in the last) Root gotta dual-wield, obviously. Both are black pants and boots, and sleeveless tops. Root’s change color, though the iconic one in Prophets is Brown, and then leather jacket over that. Shaw’s got a black tank top, and then small black jacket.

    (You could also do Carter and Shaw, which might be more recognizable, especially if you include Bear.)

  4. Katy Perry and a friend went as Daria and her taller friend from the 90s MTV cartoon Daria.

    And duh, Xena princess warrior and her gal pal.

    If you want to go out on a limb, Indiana Jones and one of his many girls.

  5. Cosima and Delphine! Delphine is so tall!

    Thanks for this list! I have a short girlfriend I tower over and i hadn’t considered any of these costume possibilities. We are probably going to be either Abbi & ilana or Janis Ian & Damian but now I wish we were also doing a height difference costume!!

  6. Bert Macklin and Janet Snakehole! My girlfriend and I just decided this a few days ago, taking personality more than height into account (but it ended up working with the height anyway).

  7. my gf (who reads this website…i wonder if she will see this) and i are going as captain america and the winter soldier so i can live out all my fic dreams tbh. not really height relevant, i just wanted to tell someone else about it.

  8. Korra and Asami! They are so good for some many reasons:
    1. Definite height difference
    2. Both bi as hell
    3. Both PoC (queer PoC!!)
    4. Trending
    5. Both have a range of clothing for all the gender presentations so no one has to fight over the femme-ier or bad babe-ier costume.

    *bisexual sigh* Korrasami forever

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