The Comment Awards Would Never Abandon Their Gay Cats

Hello winners! I’m so happy to see you! Especially since I’m fresh out of a two hour meeting about Federal tax compliance. It didn’t even include snacks. How rude. Luckily things are much more exciting here in the ‘straddleverse. This week Autostraddle was nominated for a GLAAD award in the “Best Blog” category for the second year in a row! Then Riese and Laneia also shared the website’s origin story that led to the creation of Autostraddle as we know it (trigger warning: it involves IFC).

Chelsea continued give terrible Lifetime movies the recap treatment. This week’s selection was the murder-bore Lizzie Borden Took An Axe. Then Ali tried to make sense of Dogecoin and Rachel explained why The X-Files is everything. We also shared alternative names for the Sunday’s massive sporting event which can not be named and found out that it’s hard to be a gay cat in Nigeria.

On 18 Alternative Names For The Superb Owl XLVIII:

The Award Thingy Award to sechille:


On 11 Unsexy Things We’ve Said During Sex:

The Go Ask Allen Award to Alice:


The Pickuposaurus Award to Audrey:


On XOXO Gothip Girl: Gay Cat Disowned, Currently On The Prowl:

The Meow Down Bitches Award to bra:


The I’ve Got My Ion You Award to Erin:


The Hold Onto Your Butts Award to Monique:

Number 11


On How The “L Word” Internet Fandom Built Autostraddle Dot Com: The Oral History:

The It’s Called The Chart For A Reason Award to LKeef:


The So Many Extra Credit Assignments Award to Kaitlyn:


The And So Did You! Award to Bellatrix:



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  1. I’m still not over Monique’s comment or how many people find dinosaur facts a turn on. It just gives me hope that I’ll find someone who thinks that dinosaurs are as sensual as I do.

    • Can we make dinosaur facts a *thing* in the lesbian community? Like how cats and bowties and brunch are a *thing*?

      Because by making it a *thing* we will significantly increase all of our chances of getting to hear dinosaur facts whilst naked

      • I am with you 100% and I think it just requires combining dinosaurs with something that the community already loves, like plaid or Oxford shoes. I mean, who doesn’t picture a t-rex in flannel and think ‘holy shit that’s cool and also, whoops, there goes my pants”?

        That’s all we’ll talk about and then BAM! mission accomplished, dinosaur facts during sexytimes.

    • I hear all of this and wish River Island had stocked my size of dino-boxers the day I went in because I will forever feel the loss of not owning them…although I have a dinosaur onesie…which was an anniversary gift. Dinosaurs are so a thing.

  2. Congrats to all the awardees! I super-salute you because this week’s articles overloaded me with so many feelings I couldn’t form sentences.

  3. Now that I’m on this list, my life is complete. I can die peacefully, knowing I achieved all that can be achieved.

  4. THEY DO MOVE IN HERDS i am so glad that comment made this post because i laughed so hard i think i stopped breathing

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