The Comment Awards Want to Know Your Superpower

Hello! Here’s a thing about me: I love to read YA. I particularly love to read the YA that I wish baby Queer Girl had been able to access when she was a teen – books that make me feel powerful, books that tell me I’m not alone, books that make me feel seen.

All the way back in 2016 (were we ever so young?), in a fall books round-up, Carolyn recommended Not Your Sidekick, by C.B. Lee; last week, I finally managed to buy and read it! I don’t want to spoil the plot, but it made me feel all of the things I mention above, and it (and a conversation with Straddler Katie) got me thinking about every day superpowers. Like how I can always grab the exact number of envelopes I need for a project at work, or how I always manage to catch the eye of babies, who then beam at me (and I beam back, it’s a whole thing), when I’m out in public places. Ordinary superpowers: everybody’s got at least one, and I KNOW you’ve got one too. Want to tell us about it?

This week, activist, model and The L Word: Generation Q actress Jillian Mercado came out!

It’s the end of a decade! (What?!) Rachel brought us 80 of the best queer books, Abeni rounded up 50 of the best queer and trans albums, and Drew put together 50 of the best queer movies of the decade. We are so blessed!

For You Need Help, Abeni answered a letter from a trans lesbian who isn’t sure where to begin.

This is EVERYTHING: The 12 Queer Sex Positions Of Christmas.

Autostraddle has a new Deputy Editor! Hi, Kamala! 

On Good Trouble, Stef and Lena returned to the Coterie!

Want to have phone sex? Vanessa’s got everything you need to know.

Ooh, mocktails!

And then there were your comments.

On “The L Word: Generation Q” Episode 102 Recap: Less Is More:

The Unvarnished Love Award to Deli Twotone:

I MADE YOU A SEX BENCH The question is, who’s gonna stain it. So far I’m kinda loving these truly wacky people.

On 8 Cute Queer Holiday Romances to Snuggle up with this Holigay Season:

The Eight Crazy Nights Award to Chandra:

Hets: There are no new plotlines, everything has been done before Queers: Magical lesbian Chanukah fairy threesomes!

On 17 Very Good Queer Meme Instagram Accounts to Follow:

The Spiked Award to Morgan le Gay:

Omg the sandal chart X) I’m going to add spikes to my clogs for sure

On The 12 Queer Sex Positions Of Christmas:

The Dreams Come True Award to Archie:

I never thought foot play content would end up on Autostraddle, and I never in a million years thought I’d have the PRIVILEGE of drawing it, yet here we are! What a bangin’ way to end 2019!

On The 50 Best Lesbian, Queer, and Bisexual Movies of the Decade:

The Minority Report Award to Tam:

I need a poll about spitting into each others’ mouths because the preponderance of such in queer lady movies is an enigma to me. Maybe I’m just a weirdo with dry mouth?! THAT SAID l am so bad at keeping track of Movies I Want To Watch and here’s like…. all of them. Bless you, Drew!

On Welcome Our New Autostraddle Deputy Editor, Kamala Puligandla!

The Oasis Award to shamblebot:

most of what’s online is basically a collection of virtual mall kiosks

And on Pop Culture Fix: Hallmark Accidentally Started a Lesbian Christmas Movie Avalanche:

The Thanks, I Hate It Award to Kristana:

Look, I know that we love women and we love cats, but that we’re not supposed to mix the two up. Still, that picture does something for me. [Image of Taylor Swift in CATS]

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  1. That final picture is also doing things to me but non of those are good things…

    Ah well, whatever floats your goat!

  2. Wow, thanks QG ! Truly it’s all down to Riese and her wonderful captions. They lacquer for nothing.

    And gratitude to everyone in the Comments’ comments for showing me exactly what I want to be in my next life. But you must come with.

  3. Honestly you come up with the very, very best award titles, qg!

    Everyday superpowers: fitting 3 x more into a carry-on than it holds. Getting tea and toast to be ready at the exact same time…lol neither close to as good as yours!

    • Oh this reminded me of the David O’Doherty song ‘Very mild superpowers’! It’s very funny!

      I’m surprisingly good at lifting heavy furniture. I’m also really good at looking at a crocheted item and recreating it without a pattern. In return I got some super-weaknesses too. Often when I sing babies start to cry and I tend to walk in to things a lot.

  4. My superpowers: cake wrecks, and ability to orgasm within 60 seconds if required. But I’m all about separation of the powers so I don’t multi-task with these gifts.

    • I’ve been trying to figure out in what situation having an orgasm within 60 seconds is required. Fun? Convenient? Sure. But required?

  5. This created an image in my mind of an adorable character in a Miyazaka film catering to a more adult crowd. Whimsical and magical. Now we just need a small conflict to drive the plot, and a cast of quirky but charming support characters!

  6. I had a feeling Chandra’s Chanukah fairy comment would get a comment award when I read it – brilliant literary analysis!

    One of my super powers is making things fit – I’m excellent at packing suitcases and moving boxes and cars etc.

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