17 Very Good Queer Meme Instagram Accounts to Follow

I have an embarrassing confession: for a very long time, I didn’t really understand memes. I understood the concept, of course – an image, some text, a commentary on Shared Life Experiences – but I never found the memes I saw on Twitter very funny or relatable, and I assumed this was something that brought other people joy but was just not for me.

Until I found queer memes on Instagram.

Y’all! QUEER MEMES ON INSTAGRAM ARE HIGH ART! I have had some friends argue that all memes are queer, because the meme form is inherently queer (lol I love/hate us) but I would say you have not truly experienced Queer Meme Culture until you’ve deep dived into some of these accounts late on a Tuesday night, filled with despair and dread, and finally stopped scrolling at like 5am, still maybe filled with despair and dread but now sated with the knowledge that at least you are not feeling those feelings alone. I’m kidding! Or I’m like, kind of kidding? Good queer memes will make you cackle out loud while you stand in line for the bathroom at the gay bar, they’ll make you groan into your home-brewed kombucha, they’ll make you take a screenshot and send it to your group text like “OMG LOL TAG URSELF,” they’ll make you smile and laugh and cry and accept the mortifying ordeal of being known.

In celebration of queer memes and the genius humans who create them, I have put together this list of 17 Very Good Queer Meme Instagram Accounts. Is this list exhaustive? Absolutely not. Are the accounts ranked in any kind of order? Nope! Can I vouch for every single meme each of these accounts have ever posted? No I sure can’t, even I do not have that kind of time or Instagram addiction, but I can say I support the majority of content each of these accounts post!

1. @atmfiend

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2. @failureprincess

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Of course, everyone should feel free to identify however they’re most comfortable, but this is your weekly (lol) reminder that “lesbian” doesn’t mean cis white woman 4 cis white woman. If it did, I wouldn’t be one, and since hopefully you’re not an asshole, neither would you. Lesbians are trans, we are nonbinary, we are gender nonconforming, we are Black and Indigenous and POC, we are fat, kinky af, vanilla af, we’re butch and femme and neither of those things, we’re parents, we’re childfree, we’re old, we’re young, some of us are out and proud, and some of us can’t be, we’re weirdos and nerds and freaks and we like it that way. Some of us think Adam Levine is sexy and some of us are disgusted with me for that. Anyway, I’m proud to identify as a lesbian and a dyke, I’m proud of our history and elders, and I’m proud of the youth who are carrying the banner and showing our multitudes and diversity. I love our visibility so much! Our identity is not outdated and it’s not limiting. For me, coming back to proudly id’ing as lesbian has been so freeing. I hope you’re feeling free today 💕 #lesbiandayofvisibility #lesbianvisibilityday #femmefriday

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3. @samois_official_fanpage

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O O B pt. 2 💘

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4. @thegaychingy

5. @xenaworrierprincess

6. @NotAllGeminis

7. @fatgawth

8. @gay_girl_inc

9. @godimsuchadyke


10. @maddykemag

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11. @korn_but_gay

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12. @urdoingreat

13. @mediocrelesbianmemes

14. @yikesdyke

15. @lesbimemez

16. @hotmessbian

17. @thackerybinch

Did I miss your fave? Tell me about it in the comments!

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