The Comment Awards Know: Lesbians Find a Way

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Hi there, fireflies! I’m writing this on Thursday, which has been a rough day in Brittney Griner news. I hope that as you read this, you have love and care around you, and that you have a group chat where you can yell into the void exactly as much as you need to. I love you! So does Milo.

Bring Brittney Griner home.💔

Also this week, Niko knows which queer cover of a “straight” song you are.

Stef reviewed Michelle Tea’s memoir, Knocking Myself Up.

If you’re not yet subscribed to A+, there’s no time like the present! This is a must-read from Dani Janae: It Could Be Anything.

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin is here, it’s queer, and Heather likes it!

Sara Quin had an actual human baby that coincided with the launch of Tegan and Sara’s new album, Crybaby!

This week’s FYP headline is TOO MUCH: Is Your Grandma Dykin’ At The Post Office?

And for a new series, The Gay B Cs of Sex, Ro wrote about that old stereotype, Lesbian Bed Death.

And then there were your comments!

On Honey, I Shrunk the Books: A DIY Guide to Making Miniature Book Replicas:

The Switch! Award to biensurmacherie:

Just a plug that goodreads is owned by amazon and there’s an alternative called Storygraph which is an independent black-owned business and you can easily automate the transfer of all your data from goodreads if you want to switch!

On Hold Onto Your Butts, “Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous” Finally Got Gay:

The Chaos Theory Award to Am I Ginger and Kristana:

(Jeff Goldblum voice) “Lesbians… uh, find a way.”

On Quiz: Which Queer Cover Song of a “Straight” Classic Are You?

The Filth Award to naanie:

These quiz results read me to filth and I loved it lolol

On “Becky’s So Hot” Music Video Finds Fletcher Riding a Motorcycle and Bella Thorne Through a Screensaver:

The Follow Your Arrow Award to Tea:

My fave thing about this song and the way my friends have responded is that we’re split between “this is unhinged (derogatory)” and “this is unhinged (legendary)” but we all conclude that the song is a bop. (Personally I fall into the derogatory camp because of some of the more overtly sexual lyrics about Becky coupled with the weird implication that Fletcher’s getting off thinking of her in this video? It must be fucking horrible to hear 1000s of people singing about wanting to taste you when you didn’t choose to be a public figure, imo)

On “Enchanted Pussy” Smells Like Direct Deposit and [Redacted]:

The Scented Award to cleo:

I kind of expected this to relate to that vabbing article, but I’m delighted that it wasn’t.

On Our Buttholes, Ourselves: An Anal August Roundtable:

The Accidents Happen Award to Jill:

Firstly, I am with Vanessa on team Bare Bootyhole (which I will name my band should I ever start one). For the feel and for the extra cleanliness factor, you cannot beat a shorn starfish. Secondly, the topic of butt stories made me think of when I was trying to be sexy during a shower with my gf and ended up slamming my tailbone down directly onto the faucet. A very bad time, a great story now.

And on The Gay B C’s of Sex: L Is for Lesbian Bed Death:

The I’m Shocked, Just Shocked I Say Award to Gina:

this enduring and somewhat stigmatizing narrative comes from a study of mostly white cishet couples in the 70s? gee how very shocking 😐 but i am so excited for this series! learnin’ fun queer sex stuff from such a brilliant and thoughtful educator – what a gift 🤗

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  1. I’d like to thank the bruise on my coccyx for this award.

    On a positive note, of all the butt-related accidents in the world that this award title could’ve been referring to, mine was a pretty tame one.

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