The Comment Awards Are Together in the Gay Wilderness

A small, brown and white dog peeking over their laptop screen, with a caption that says "Hey did you see that comment?!"

Hi there, butterbeans! I dated something 2012 yesterday at work, I am clearly doing fine!

This week, Kayla’s got ten yellow jackets she wants you to wear while watching Yellowjackets. This is the niche content I am here for.

At my birthday party in eighth grade, I invited eight (8) kids and received eight (8) Bath and Body Works gift sets as presents. If you ever wondered what the cucumber melon lotion tasted like, this quiz is for you.

Shelli’s here with some red flags.

Riese ranked every single Kristen Stewart movie, and I somehow! Have not seen them all!

Yashwina has something important to say about Hollywood tomboys.

Ro’s got the post-apocalypse content we need in 2022: Sex Tips for When You’re Stranded in the Canadian Wilderness Post-Plane Crash With No Rescue Team in Sight.

Something very gay happened on Doctor Who this week!

And then there were your comments.

On Quiz: Which Classic Bath and Body Works Scent Are You?

The Death By Cucumber Melon Award to Chloe:

I remember being in the backseat of my best friend’s dad’s truck as he was about to drive us to the movies in 7th or 8th grade, and we decided to apply our Bath and Body Works body spray in that enclosed space for some reason, so he stopped in the middle of backing out of the driveway to be like, “OK GIRLS THAT’S ENOUGH SPRAY” after we’d each spritzed ourselves like 15 times. Suffice to say this quiz really took me back! (Also I made a “I’m focusing on my studies” joke about being a closeted teen literally today!)

On Every Kristen Stewart Movie, Ranked:

The Nessie Award to shamblebot:

I can’t believe Breaking Dawn part 2 isn’t higher on the list given K Stew’s incredible delivery of this line

On Sex Tips for When You’re Stranded in the Canadian Wilderness Post-Plane Crash With No Rescue Team in Sight:

The On My Honor, I Will Try Award to Am I Ginger and cleo:

The requirements for merit badges are … different than I remember.

And the Bring Me Tim Hortons in the Morning Award to Kay and Iarran Mé:

Now we need an article on the official Canadian plein air sex pastime – how to make love in a canoe.

On FYP: You Really Don’t Have to Be Friends With Your Ex:

The Dead Award to :):

“Anyway, I’m looking for a wife.” 💀

On Be the Queer Rom-Com Lead You Want To See in the World:

The Nailed It! Award to Arvan12:

So what you’re telling me is I’ve already nailed this?! – my Broadway musicals playlist titled “Divas Belting” – my Autostraddle sweater, my heated blanket, and tea in my Gilmore Girls Dragonfly mug – playing Scrabble on my phone while I watch a movie This sounds like pretty much my everyday life!

And on Yaz Finally Confesses Her Feelings for The Doctor in “Eve of the Daleks”:

The Truth Universally Acknowledged Award to Kristana:

And then there was Clara Oswald. She never openly said that she was bisexual, but…

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