The Comment Awards Are Sleeping With Their Ex. Maybe. Possibly.

Hello, my loves! Because I care so much about you, I think it’s important that I tell you this thing that I learned: you can eat Girl Scout cookies in the bathtub. And you should probably do that this weekend! Just make up a little bowl of your cookie of choice and balance it on the ledge of the tub and get all nice and warm and read and eat cookies to your heart’s content! It will change your life, I swear to god.

This week, Carmen kicked off Black History Month with some words on black queer resiliency.

Ellen Page has had enough.

Heather wrote about the season finale of Steven Universe, and healed my heart.

Kayla wants you to re-read the books you read in middle school.

This is relevant to your interests: 33 Literary Books With Great Lesbian Sex Inside Them.

Rachel loved Russian Doll, and so will you.

Courtney wrote a real-world guide to sleeping with your ex, which is the gayest thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life, and I’m so here for it. (THE GUIDE. I’m so here for the GUIDE. Meanwhile, I am QUITE ambivalent about the action. IT HAS NOT WORKED OUT GREAT FOR ME. Just sayin’!)

Because they love us and want to see us happy, the team talked about how we figure out what is — and isn’t — a date.

Reneice brought us 23 Black Queer and Trans Femmes to Follow on Instagram This Black History Month.

And then there were your comments!

On Baopu #56: Best Friends:

The Catatouille Award to

Maybe cats have just super internalized that “go to the bathroom in groups

On 68 LGBT YA Books to Get Excited for in 2019:

The Write Place Award to Sofia S.:

my girlfriend’s book is in this list and I am SO PROUD!!!! (it’s the last 8) (it’s really good) (I swear I’m not just saying that because she’s my girlfriend)

On Ex Confessions: A Real-World Guide to Sleeping With Your Ex:

The Examine Your Zipper Award to Dani Z:

Well, now I need “consider disengaging if you’re processing more than you’re fucking

On For Your Consideration: Revisiting The Books You Loved in Middle School:

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Notes Award to Isabel:

In 8th grade I was desperately in love with a girl from a different school, and she and I would pass my copy of Traveling Pants back and forth, pretending to read it, but really sending each other notes hidden between the pages. The texture of the cover ALONE makes me blush.

And the God Friended Me Award to starlit:

Okay, not only were Meg Cabot’s books my entire world throughout sixth and seventh grade, but I’ve also kept rereading them!!! And it’s so good!! Really brings me back to earlier, simpler times. BUT THE REASON I CAME TO THIS COMMENT SECTION IS BECAUSE THE ACTUAL MEG CABOT SHARED THIS ARTICLE ON FACEBOOK!!!!!!!!! AND I WANTED TO LET YOU KNOW CAUSE OMG KAYLA!!!! MEG CABOT READ THIS AND LOVED IT!!!

On No Filter: Kiersey Clemons and Her New Girlfriend Have the Most 21st Century Meet-Cute:

The Oops! I Did It Again Award to Snaelle:

Did Teddy Geiger fall into her own thirst trap???

And on 10 Queers on How They Figure Out if It’s a Date:

The Social Chair Award to Denise and Iarran mé:

Denise: Sometimes your stories of open and honest communication make me want to be a mature adult. / Iarran Mé: Whoa there! Let’s not get carried away with ourselves! I am still unable to chair properly, I certainly am not about to try for mature adulthood.

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        • Chairing is dangerous! Chairs should come with warning labels.

          “Do not attempt to chair and adult at the same time.”
          “Chairs: Not for off-label use.”
          “Chairs: Not actually an anti-grav device.”
          “Add number of legs of chair and number of legs of people attempting to chair in chair. Divide by integer of your choice. At least this number of legs (people or chair) should remain on the ground at all times.”
          “Chairs: Do you dare?”

          • Ha! This is very helpful.

            So in answer to your question on the other thread, I CAN chair in that I can use one without falling over or off. But I am a very squirmy chair user – sitting in chairs is not very comfortable and I am into being comfortable!

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