The Comment Awards Are Running Laps Around the Garden

Oh, boy. There’s a lot going on, and my heart hurts a lot, but hi pals! I love you! You are so strong, look at you! On we go, together.

Fellow white people, in particular: please read this week’s Also.Also.Also. from Carmen, and This Is on Us: 7 Things for White People to Commit to Right Now to Protect Black Lives from the Police, from Rachel.

Did you get in on Shelter In Our Place 2 yet, over on Instagram? This AMAZING week of virtual community care is going on through Sunday! Get over there, bbs!

This week, Valerie Anne wrote about my new very favorite actor in my new very favorite role: Natalie Morales playing gay on Dead to Me. It’s perfect, she’s perfect.

Tuca & Bertie has been rescued! New episodes will air on Adult Swim.

Do you need some queer joy today? I need some queer joy today. Sarah’s got the 13 books we’ll need.

If ever there was a time to subscribe to A+, this is it: Here Are 80+ of Your Collective Pandemic Sex Dreams.

Let’s read about the North Bronx Collective. 

Sally’s here with a reminder for an uncertain spring and summer: Just! Keep! Planting!

And then there were your comments!

On Friday Open Threads Are Back, Come On In & Say Hi:

The Twenty-Seven Lengths of the Garden Award to Gilbert:

Hello! How is everyone?! Happy Friday, I thought you meant it was Thursday but I’ll take it. My big news for the week is I ran a mile by running 27 lengths of the garden. So now running is a thing I can do! Almost like when I was allowed out my house! Amazing to do a thing to make me feel human. Hope you all have a thing to make you feel human.

On Boobs on Your Tube: Here Goes Ruby Rose’s Last Performance as “Batwoman”:

The Coming Home Award to Sylianne:

Homecoming season two was the perfect lesbian antagonistic content I wanted.

On “The L Word” Episode 409 Podcast: Let’s Spend The Entire Day in Bed With Alice and Carmen Phillips!

The Leonardaid Award to thatottergirl:

Listen, the lesson of this episode is that when life gives you Leonard(s), make Leonard-aid

On 60 Queer and Feminist Books Coming Your Way in Summer 2020:

The Time Traveler’s Book Club Award to Gina:

With so much instability, there’s a peculiar joy in seeing actual release dates – in addition to the many wonderful books to which I can now look forward, the certainty of calendar dates is a thing whose beauty I am newly appreciating! Thanks for compiling!

On Pop Culture Fix: Cate Blanchett Said the Words “I’m a Lesbian” So That’s Fun?

The Come On Over Award to Carmen SanDiego and Kristana:

Hi there Valerie (waves!) / Kristana: Why don't you tell her to come on over, Valerie

And the Chaotic Good Award to Hana:

That Cate/Sarah instagram live was truly the most gorgeous mess. I love their chaos.

On Also.Also.Also: Megan Rapinoe and Sue Bird Will Be the Sexiest Hosts in ESPY History:

The Veep Award to Electrickery:

As an Atlantan who remembers the voting heist of 2016 Georgia election, I want Stacy Abrams as VP (& possibly future 2024 President!) so bad it’s not even funny. It’ll be poetic justice & karmic retribution wrapped up in a beautiful intersectionally feminist bow ❤️

On The Queer Gardener’s Almanac: What You Need to Do as Spring Turns Into Summer:

The When Life Gives You Grape Leaves Award to Al:

Rhubarb juice sounds tasty. We have grape leaves growing in my backyard that my grandfather planted for us that we use to regularly to make the family recipe(which imho is better than the Greek style) of stuffed grape leaves, dolmeh. It’s very fresh & tasty.

And on Pop Culture Fix: The Last of Us Part II Is Whetting Queer Gamer Appetites:

The The She-Ra, Catra, and Ottra Award to thatottergirl:

Wow, thank you for the She-Ra princess maker link, I gave mine like five characters’ clothing all at once and I love it too much already

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  1. Out of the three musical comments I made, that is not the one I would have suspected would have won me an award….But cheers!

  2. Haha thank you for acknowledging my fanottergirling for She-Ra and To L and Back! These are the things that are keeping my spirits up during the quarantinetimes. Also, puns. Long live puns!

      • Wow, she’s great! Very scrappy, in an “I’ll save the universe before breakfast” kind of way. I have never successfully embedded an image, so who knows if this will work, but stay tuned…

        • This is my first and most Baroque princess, whose hair length is like mine in quarantine:

  3. Oh my goodness! I was not expecting this honour! Thank you so much. I’d like to take this opportunity to agree with you QG, Natalie Morales is a perfect than being, there are no other realities.

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