Here Are 80+ of Your Collective Pandemic Sex Dreams

Previously, we invited readers and the internet to share (anonymously) the sex dreams of their nights in quarantine. Over 80 of you complied, and while our analysis is limited due to the anonymity of the data, there are some interesting trends! A lot of sex dreams that are also anxiety dreams, with noticeable patterns of exes and/or sex with men despite a definite lack of interest in this in real life; some marked by fears about social distancing even in dreams, and some marked by relief and pleasure at having some physical contact after a long time of isolation. Some are super hot; some are super weird! Some are both. Thank you, everyone, for your contributions to collective curiosity, and wishing you a good night's sleep tonight.

Me, my ex, and my ex's ex were playing board games and mid-way through, to settle a dispute, my ex and I started making out while ex's ex cheered and then we ended just having sex in front of the ex's ex. Not very wild, but I almost never remember dr...

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