The Comment Awards Are Running For Mayor Of Los Angeles

Hello, cuties! Have you seen the preview for The L Word: Generation Q yet? I have some QUESTIONS. But none of my questions involve the plane we see Shane stepping out of – if that’s not Cherie Jaffe’s plane, I’ll eat my hat. (I don’t have a hat! I’ll eat Shane’s hat. It was never right for her anyway.)

This week, Carmen reviewed the third season of Dear White People, which stepped up its representation of queer Black women.

Kristen Stewart kept Stef busy, as always.

Kayla wrote about season 3 of GLOW, which was truly its gayest season yet.

Have you poked around yet in The Travel Issue? Every piece is so lovely, and every one of them has stayed with me long after I’ve read it! This week, Oliver found ways to link the past and the present, Kelsey’s baby pulled her out of anonymity on Highway 5, and Lazarus wrote about the places where gender dysphoria met diaspora.

Need a book to read? Rachel’s got 30 recommendations!

And then there were your comments.

On Sunday Funday Wants Hayley Kiyoko to Be Our Girlfriend:

The Face/Off Award to Sally, Snow, and Snaelle:

In the “Untold Truth of She-Ra

On SPOTTED: Kristen Stewart Canoodling With New Love Interest Person Dylan Meyer:

The Meyer Lemonade Award to Carina:

for someone who likened lesbianism to a diet consisting solely of sandwiches she’s quite the panino connoisseur huh

On Is It Just Me Or Is Vader Barbie a Femme Top Icon:

The Mommi Vader Award to amidola and Kristana:

Vader Barbie is the Love Child of The Evil Queen/Regina Mills and Bette Porter. This is giving me a lot of complicated Mommi feelings.

On No Filter: Even Kehlani Is Obsessed with Are You The One?

The TMI Award to Rooty Poot and Chandra:

Angela Bassett was my 4th and final (and much needed) sexual awakening into gay-dom despite her being 30 years my senior. Is it weird that said awakening always entailed me wanting her to domin… never mind that’s TMI. / Chandra: Top Mommi Information?

On Why Did We Love “Grease” So Much As Gay Children?

The Drag Me, Danny Zuko Award to Mel:

FIRST OF ALL, THANK YOU!!! Danny Zuko is my ultimate drag aesthetic. I have a Secret Side Project that I hope to manifest someday that involves recording a Summer Nights music video with all my queer pals, starring me and my wife as Dani and Sandy. I’ve already rewritten the lyrics to be gay, gay, gay. Tell me more, tell me more Where did you meet her at? Tell me more, tell me more Like does she have a cat?

And on The Trailer for “The L Word: Generation Q” Is Here, Oh So Very Very Queer:

The Fox Not Worthy Award to thatottergirl:

Oh wow, now I’m picturing Gillian Anderson’s character on Sex Education as this generation’s Dan Foxworthy…

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      • I hope so too… my mother gave my old toys away… I hope they’re happy with some kids that play with them, Toy Story 3 style…

    • She-Ra just had that expression on her face that says “I’ve made a huge mistake” but she also seems to be loving it, like she tried to climb inside a vulva and got stuck but doesn’t really regret anything

  1. “Sally, Snow, and Snaelle” sounds like a stop-motion animation spinoff about three baby queers who set off on an adventure through the forests of Eternia

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