The Comment Awards are Rebooting The L Word


Talking, laughing, loving, breathing, fighting, fucking, crying, drinking, writing, winning, losing, cheating, kissing, thinking, dreaming, this is the way, it’s the way that we laugh, it’s the way that we laugh… and lovvvvvvvve.

(Oh, don’t like the new intro? Oh well. I was thinking I would just keep it for THE NEXT FIVE SEASONS).

This week, Martha Kirksey did what she could.

Nora brought us such a good installation of Style Thief! Jazzmyne Robbins is amazing.

Amazons training on the island would totally buy everything on this Amazon Prime Day list.

Faith reviewed GLOW, a show that’s suspiciously straight for how incredibly gay it is.

I don’t know if you heard, but there used to be this show about lesbians called The L Word, and I guess a few people watched it? Anyway, they’re bringing it back.

Reneice made strawberry shortcake for her new column, Femme BrûléeI am so excited for this and the title is so good!

And then there were your comments!

On This Is You: Some Things The 2016 Autostraddle Survey Told Us About You:

The Peekaboo Award to Stephanie:

What about the percentage of readers who never comment but literally read every single comment? (guilty as charged)

On No Filter: Brittani Nichols Goes Full Portland:

The Style Thief Award to Sam:

I HAVE THE SAME SHIRT MALLORY IS WEARING AND I WORE IT TO CHURCH TWO WEEKS AGO. Ugh, I have such a crush on her, and also, apparently, good style.

On Sorry, A 19th Century Woman Already Has the Best Tombstone:

The Vaguetombing Award to Chandra:

This is like the tombstone equivalent of vaguebooking

And the Queer Morgue City Guide to Katy with a Y:

Shows picture Katy took with the tomb Erin wrote about, then says "I did what I could"

On BREAKING: “The L Word” Is Getting A Reboot, Bless Us Everyone:

The Fake News Award to Allison:

satisfying sixth season

The Very Cool L Word Award to verycoolname:

I just started hate rewatching The L Word last week, so this couldn’t come at a better time. My short list of people I want to see cast in this reboot: *Samira Wiley, except she doesn’t die and it’s wonderful. *Brittani Nichols *Laverne Cox, but only if they actually write a trans character properly this time. *Lena Waithe *Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher as a unit — they have to be married and their marriage should be near-perfect and without petty drama. *Kate McKinnon *Kristen Stewart, but all of her dialogue is just rehashed Shane lines. *Erin Daniels, but not as Dana. I want Erin Daniels as a totally new lesbian. It’s never addressed why this new lesbian looks exactly like Dana Fairbanks. *Tatiana Maslany. She has to be playing twins. *Dominique Provost Chalkley. Hopefully they film in a warmer climate so she’s comfortable whilst wearing crop tops in every scene.

And the One Ilene to Rule Them All Award to Carmen SanDiego:

So do all who live to see such times, but that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us. There are other forces at work in this world, Frodo, besides the will of evil

On What Actually Useful Things Did You Learn From Your Exes?

The How You Doin’ Award to Elle:

My last boyfriends taught me that I actually prefer women! Still haven’t dated a lady type yet (hey y’all..), so I’ll let you know all of the wondrous things I’ll learn at a later date

On “Orphan Black” Episode 505 Recap: Defy Them:

The You Came in Like a Firework Award to willow rose:

That first shot of Cosima in that tux and holding Delphine’s hand made my heart explode. Like a great big beautiful firework it exploded.

And on Queer Celebrities! They’re Just As Weirdly Giddy About “The L Word” Reboot As You Are!

The Fahrenheit 45L Award to Valerie Anne:

The amount of people like “I WANT TO HELP MAKE THIS NOT A GARBAGE FIRE

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  1. Omg, I’m in the comment awards! I’m going to award myself an assist on the “Style Thief Award.” ;)

    • Lucky your comment was so important! We all know how to dress like Mallory thanks to you!

      • I wouldn’t even have known I had the same shirt as Mallory (and you) without you, Lucky#19! Invaluable contribution.

    • When I read “the number of people like “I WANT TO HELP MAKE THIS NOT A GARBAGE FIRE” I lol’d at my desk. It’s so trueeeee

    • Ha! Y’all are too much, now I feel like I’ve peaked too soon.

      Thankfully Martha wasn’t too hard to find. I can now confirm after spending the better part of the day outside in what my weather app would describe as “oppressive heat” that “she did what she could” is the MOST appropriate inscription for anyone living that far south before the invention of modern amenities and breathable fabrics.

  2. Can we also all collectively nominate you queer girl, for being such an amazing host?

    Queer girl: unlike religion, politics or whether to have peanut butter AND butter on toast, the indisputable choice!

          • What if I told you that peanut butter is way overrated and truly not that great?

          • Hang on I feel like I never saw the resolution to the yolk wars and now there seems to be food battles on multiple fronts.


          • Also, inspired by Chandra’s gif: Is Whip It the most disappointingly somehow not gay film ever?

            Note: Ellen Page having zero chemistry with a male romantic lead does not make a film gay.

          • Sally: I love Whip It! And yes, it deserves to be gay.

            I read the book and honestly there was something a little bit no-homo about it? Like there was this one paragraph that stuck with me, from the first time she sees the skater she idolizes, it’s like “I loved her. NOT IN A ROMANTIC WAY, but in the way that…” blah blah. It seemed a bit over the top from just descriptive? I don’t know, I could’ve been overreacting, but considering the sport, both the book and the movie should’ve been gayer!

            And yes, I for one demand ideological purity in our community, down with the hard yolks and peanut butter-butter sandwiches! Just kidding, I love you all, I can’t even jokingly be mean, you guys mean too much to me.

          • I CAN BE JOKINGLY MEAN but it’s also ’cause I love you all and I come from a long line of people who bond through teasing.

            As for Whip It, this is all I have to say about that:

          • Holy shit, Chandra, I’d forgotten about those.

            I’m bad at teasing because I’m like “haha here’s a barb that won’t even sunburn you” – waits one second – “are you ok? do you need some water or some lotion? I love you, I’m sorry”

          • Lol. If being unable to be mean to people is your biggest flaw, I’d say you’re doing fine :)

          • @gunna-see-the-light GARLIC BUTTER IS THE BEST BUTTER I WILL FIGHT YOU
            We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills. I will never surrender because GARLIC BUTTER, DAMMIT

          • Wait wait WAIT. The whole problem with this debate is the false equivalency between actual butter and nut “butters”. They aren’t the same, there’s no comparison! Nut butters don’t contain any butter! THAT’S WHY YOU CAN AND SHOULD HAVE BOTH ON TOAST.

            So in conclusion:

            Peanut butter & butter – yes.
            Almond butter & butter – yes.
            Garlic butter – yes.
            More butter with everything – yes.

            The answer to “should you butter” is always YES.

          • @carmensandiego

            Garlic butter has it’s own category to me.

            For in my family garlic is the spice of our lives, it goes on all of the non-dessert type foods.
            I can live with an allergy to onions and restricting my onion intake, but without garlic I would most surely perish.
            There’s like 3 Sicilian words I know and only one I think I can spell which is more that I can say of some my cousins so the excessive use (there is no such thing) of garlic is how we commune with our ancestors everyday.
            Can only do the insanity that is homemade cuccidati once a year after all. :P

            Also I meant to say almond butter is the best nut butter but I type faster than my brain.

          • I don’t know how we’re even having this conversation when there’s Nutella, clearly and absolutely the undisputed winner of all bread spreads. ?‍♀️
            With butter, btw.

          • I love Nutella, I spent 3 days eating nothing but Nutella and bread when I ran out of money in Berlin while backpacking but I have to say dulce de leche > Nutella.

          • @amidola

            Cause some of us are allergic to some of the additives in Nutella, also it wasted on bread which is perfectly gorgeous by itself. It belongs on waffles for eggo waffle sammiches, the 3am meal/snack/maybe breakfast of champions and Stranger Things binge watchers.

    • Best application of butter is in the making of lemon curd which is the best thing on toast forever amen. Sweet, fruity sourness and thicc richness all at the same time.
      People use lemon curd in pie pastry things too which is also great.

      • Omg Lex, I was reading this thread thinking ‘it doesn’t matter, no one will agree that lemon curd and butter is the best thing on toast, but I know it in my heart’.
        But here you are, my food twin. My angel.

  3. When I told three of my straight friends that they are bringing back the L word, I was meet with three blank, vaguely guilty stares.
    Turns out they thought i meant that gay women were reclaiming the word lesbian, and that atm it should only be referred to as ‘the L word’ and that they had been very offensive to every lesbian they have ever met by saying it outloud.

    Straight people are so cute sometimes.

  4. I don’t know if I’m expecting the answer to change or if I just keep blocking out the truth, but I’ve googled “is Jennifer Beals really straight?” six times since the reboot was announced.

  5. I am honored y’all were so receptive to my cast list. In the interest of being more representative (something the actual L Word writers should focus on…) here’s a handful of non-cis people that should be involved with the show in some capacity:

    *Kaitlyn Alexander. If they’re going to film in Toronto again there’s no reason not to, honestly.

    *Asia Kate Dillon. Best known for playing one of the neo-Nazi assholes on OITNB, but they also play a nonbinary character on the show Billions and they do an amazing job, so.

    *Jiz Lee. I shouldn’t really have to explain this any further.

    *I already said Amandla Stenberg should play Angelica, so here I am reiterating it. #MakeAngelicaNonBinary2K17

    *Mal Blum and Allison Weiss team up to write a theme song that doesn’t make me want to die.

    • Verycool I appreciate that you are taking this responsibility seriously, and these are very important choices.

    • I walked into Kaitlyn Alexander in Tim Hortons in Glasgow on Canada Day the other week. I have no story to add, just bragging really.

        • Not to dismiss Kaitlyn Alexander’s appearance but since when did Tim Horton’s make it over here?!!

          I wonder if the one in Glasgow has worked out how to make a deep-fried double double yet.

          • Yes Sally! I dunno about a deep fried double double, or even what that is, but they opened a few months ago and are starting to open more in Scotland over the summer. I think theyre planning for England before the end of the year.

          • Umm I’m Canadian and I don’t know what a deep-fried double double is either, unless someone has figured out a way to deep-fry coffee.

          • The idea here is that Scottish people will attempt to deep fry anything.

            Relatedly, I’m sure I sure signs for deep-fried Coke at a state fair somewhere in the states.


    I’d like to thank the ladies and gents of the straddleverse, I would never have made it if it wasnt for you. (Call me sometime)

  7. The reboot comments were spectacular.
    I’m so excited I’m now going to be able to share the (hopefully awesome) experience of this show with the Autostraddle community (I was six when the first episode aired so I watched it relatively recently and all by my lonesome).
    My expectations are already dangerously high, but maybe that’s the only way to live. At least it is for Taylor Swift, and now she is filthy rich and dating Victoria Secret models. I may not have the power of song within me, but still.

    • Every week is a great week in the comments, which is why I don’t understand a 65% of readers that never comment. But then again you do you

  8. Whenever I see an unusually high comment count and it isn’t a biphobic flame war, I assume it must be a case of MRA trolls getting lost.

    I’m beyond delighted that in this case it’s because of cordial dialectic on multiple butter application, and everyone wanting to be old.

  9. COMMENT AWARD!!!! Yay!

    I was moving yesterday and so missed this, but I feel like I’ve made it on Autostraddle now. :)

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