Friday Open Thread: Misandry and Mimosas

Hi hello and welcome to this week’s Friday Open Thread, your place to share your misandrist deeds of the day or workshop those sexts you’ve been meaning to send or just come in and hang out.

My personal misandrist moment: Earlier this week I had to explain to two separate men that I just hadn’t been hearing them when they spoke to me, and what a time that was! This is a common “problem” for me, and by problem I mean “thing I really like and don’t necessarily do on purpose but also am not sad about even at all.” Actually if I’m being honest I explained that to the women who were also hanging out with their dogs, and I can only assume the men heard me. And if I’m being even more honest than that I was truly only paying attention to the dogs. There was a skateboard nearby! They could have been scared!

dog and lesbian with a skateboard and the sun in the background

look at this dog and her lesbian. so cute and not at all afraid of skateboards

Otherwise, since we last checked in in this scared space, I’ve been sad, I’ve been rad, I’ve been running, this very morning I tried out Soul Cycle and I assume I am dead now, it’s hard to say, I’ve been working, I’ve been trying to read through my to-read pile while also buying a million books while also trying to not buy a million books, and I’m really into color-coded to-do lists, now and forever.

How are you? What’s new, what’s up? Share your partners (jk) (???), share your pets, show us your gem-sized life updates or expansive photo essays or gif interpretations of where you are right here right now. Let’s talk about your week, your morning, your dinner, your mom, your magazine impulse buy, that weird thing your phone started doing and that weird thing your girl started doing and anything else. Let’s live vicariously through each other’s happinesses.

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