What If Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss Are Kissing Partners? WHAT IF!

Feature image by Intern Raquel


Not that we needed a blurry photo to spur our collective Taylor Swift-related lesbian fantasies, but that blurry photo has arrived to stoke the weird flames in all our hearts:

How many blonde thin women can there be, really? It must be them!

How many blonde thin women can there be, really? It must be them!

Taylor’s Instagram confirms that she makes a habit of looking adoringly at her “best friend.” We can see your longing, Taylor, and we encourage it.


From the picture, it’s impossible to tell that the subjects are actually Karlie and Tay, and also difficult to see whether the two women are actually kissing. As Gawker reports, it’s likely Taylor went to the 1975 concert to see some boy who likes her (the band’s lead singer, Matt Healy). Taylor has also denied the rumor. But listen: what if? What if Taylor has decided to fill the blank space on her list of lovers with a woman, like Karlie Kloss, or you?

If nothing else, there are two pretty blonde women kissing and probably scissoring. It just might not be Tay and Karlie, and it might not be anyone in this picture. No matter what, you go, girls.

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  1. I’ll be the first to say that Taylor Swift as a brand or whatever has become more tolerable to me as a pop star than a country star.

    As for this “news”, I can only imagine people losing their fucking minds. I mean, I have to wonder if Tegan and Sara had any influence in this because they spread the gay like no one’s business! Bless them and their queer glittery magic.

    Coclusion: I’d ship this like Fed-Ex!

  2. I mean… I thought Taylor’s true preference was obvious to all lesbians? Plus she’s been on Ellen’s show at least 20 times already. So good for her, her new album is awesome, so why not celebrate life by making out with Karlie!

  3. It would make sense why tswift’s relationships never work out… I used to have that same problem ;) Karlie might not be into the ladies, but don’t worry Taylor, there’s always Cara ;) and personally, I think her badass ways would make tswift’s music Amazing!

  4. ok but imagine how great t-swift’s “ladies are gr8” album would be — bring on the catchy queer love songs please

    (who knows if it’s real but i just really want to live in a world where taylor is singing about ladies)

  5. If the question is really not whether it’s them but whether they’re kissing…

    the most plausible alternative is that it’s loud so they’ve got their faces real close to facilitate conversation. I’ve done that at concerts. I didn’t find covering the other party’s ear with one hand and holding their hand with the other to be very effective for that purpose, though.

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