The Comment Awards Are Lubing Up

Hi there! I’m going to go old-school and say that your hair is looking great today! And I really like that shirt! And I just think you’re swell. It’s Friday! We made it! I love you!

This week, Rachel wrote an ode to rude women.

For the latest installment of Dyke Kitchen, Kamala brought inspiration from Chani Nicholas, Tracy Chapman & Bette Porter to the table.

Carmen’s got an master list of Autostraddle pieces to check out as we start Black History Month.

Life’s too short! Wear band t-shirts to their concerts! (I love seeing Lindsay King-Miller at Autostraddle!)

Keah’s here with a thank-you to the women who inspired her (bi)sexual awakening.

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas I’ve Had Since My Wife Left Me Six Months Ago. Lol.

Heather wrote about the TV shows giving us permission to leave the people who hurt us.

Shelli watched Shrill, and fell in love with Fran.

And then there were your comments!

On In Honor of Rude Women:

The Nominees Are Award to rachel and Snow:

Can I nominate myself? … is that too rude… / Snow: Don't ask, just do!

On Wait, This New Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara Movie Is NOT a “Carol” Sequel?

The I Volunteer As Tribute Award to Lex and Simone:

Lex: Somewhere a Carol fan with editing skills and YouTube account is losing their mind right now. / Simone: Can't wait

On The Dyke Kitchen: Dishes inspired by Chani Nicholas, Tracy Chapman & Bette Porter:

The Life Aquarius Award to Ocean Capewell

I love this so much. Also, do you think Bette is an Aries? as a fellow Aries that thing you said about her always fucking or fucking someone up made me laugh. also “give me one reason to stew here,” OMG. also I wish my sweetheart wasn’t a vegan so I could make this at home with the chicken.

On Also.Also.Also: 49ers Lose Super Bowl, but Lesbian Coach Katie Sowers Is Still a Winner, Baby!

The Double Your Fun Award to Sheila:

I laughed mid-game when Liz Sowers (Katie’s twin, also plays football!) had to tweet a list of ways for people to tell she was not her sister

On People Who Helped Me Come To My (Bi)sexual Awakening: A Short Thank You List:

The Keah Brown Fan Club Award to Dkc2017:

Keah Brown for Autostraddle? I am *totally* here for this. Disability representation, bisexual and a gorgeous smile! Yes, fangirl here.

On Valentine’s Day Date Ideas I’ve Had Since My Wife Left Me Six Months Ago:

The All Lubed Up Award to Duck and Deli Twotone:

Duck: Go out and buy a bicycle chain degreaser. Then proceed to deep clean and lube your bike chain. Bicycle maintenance is important. Also to be noted that I did this for two Valentines and on the third one I stopped saying that my ex left me and started saying that we broke up and now I only lube when I feel like it. / Deli Twotone: “now I only lube when I feel like it” Context is everything

And on Early Season 4 Crown Photos Suggest Gillian Anderson Blessedly Unsexy as Margaret Thatcher, Thank God:

The Iron Maiden Award to Tam:

PHEW. Because I already have had such confusing feelings in my loins re: Cate Blanchett as Phyllis. I never thought my loins and Phyllis would be in the same thought. It’s horrible.

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  1. Thank you QG! You look great too! We ALL look great.

    I’m at work and wearing a shirt that is older than many of my coworkers – feeling pretty impressed with myself for hanging on to at least one late 80s/early 90s piece of clothing long enough for it to come back in fashion. (usually I hang on to favorite clothes for years if not decades and then downsize them like 2 years before they come back and then I miss them).

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