The Comment Awards Are Drinking Martinis with Wonder Woman


Hi kittens!

This week, Mey picked out some perfect swimsuits for trans women. I like the one with the rainbow fringe, obviously.

Marie grew out her leg hair!

Erin tricked me into watching GLOW, and I’m not sorry.

The #KenOfCenter community gallery is finally here, and my god, you all really are a bunch of perfect humans.

Not so much into the Fourth of July? Celebrate Black women instead with this playlist from Reneice.

Natalie reviewed Claws, a show in which Judy Reyes plays a butch lesbian called Quiet Ann(!), and other things happen too.

Spoiler alert: Kayla’s always been pretty gay.

And finally, thank you for this, Heather: Wonder Woman’s 10 Gayest Comic Book Moments. Look, I know it’s in her post, but can we please just take a moment to appreciate how fucking hot both Wonder Woman and Etta Candy look at what is clearly A-Camp 7.0’s Midwest Martinis pool party? Etta Candy, I want your swimsuit. Wonder Woman, I want… you.

Wonder Woman is wearing a halter bathing suit in red and gold; Etta Candy is wearing a teal bathing suit with a circuit board print. Both of them have martinis. Etta is saying "so let me get this straight: you're from a paradise island of science fiction lesbians? With a side of bondage?"

Anyway. Yes.

On to your comments!

On Your “Lesbian Ken” Community Photo Gallery Is Here:

The Dreamhouse Award to Carmen SanDiego and Glitterlise:

Carmen SanDiego: Laureline from Paris is PERFECT. ISN’T SHE?? So glad someone said it before I did because she’s my girlfriend and I wouldn’t want anyone to think I was biased BUT SHE REALLY IS PERFECT 

And the Over Easy Award to Chloe:

This is probably the most important thing on the internet. And I say this as someone who often googles “soft boil egg cooking time”

On All My Exes Live in Brooklyn:

The Inconceivable Award to Abbie:

“Barbie Never Gets Pregnant Because Ken Comes in a Different Box” is an amazing band name.

On Naomi Watts’ New Netflix Show Is Hella Bananas and Extremely Gay:

The Mulholland Drive Starbucks Award to liz:

The fact that she orders a decaf Americano makes me not want to watch this

On No Filter: Amandla Stenberg’s Precarious House Of Sugar Substitute:

The Light a Single Candle Award to Snaelle:

Whenever I see a picture of Jasika on here I don’t know whether to pull out my sewing machine and be inspired or hide under the covers in despair because it would be like using a tealight to imitate the sun.

On I Love That Heterosexual Show “GLOW”!

The That Glowing Feeling Award to Kris H:

I was 100% obsessed with GLOW as a child and I really think that explains so much about me as an adult.

And on The 25 Gayest Things I Did When I Still Thought I Was Straight:

The American Gayby Award to Heather:

This is all so wonderful. I recently stumbled upon a list I wrote in my childhood journal of the “Top 10 Reasons I love Clay Aiken” which included how he looked like he gave a great hug. Talk about weird attempts at straight crushes.

And the My Eyes Are Up Here Award to jane:

Okay here is a picture of “totally straight” me and my actually straight best friend at our high school prom. I’m going to be her maid of honor next spring 

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  1. Chloe’s comment makes me snicker every time I read it. Proper egg cooking procedure certainly is serious business. Though I have to assert that hard-boiled egg is the correct type of egg, and I don’t want to hear arguments from any of you runny-yolk heathens.

  2. Usually when I see an article with an unusually high comment count, I assume that a biphobic flame war must have broken out. I am beyond delighted that in this case it’s because of a yolk war.

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